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Today is a very, very special day for us. This little man has officially been at home longer than in the hospital. 110 days in the NICU, 111 days at home with mom and dad, right where you belong 💙. I love you handsome. I'm so proud of all you have accomplished and how far you've come! God is good!

The only time we set the bar low is for limbo. 💁🏻

Paige @dark_cocolove has been featured on the site before, her beautiful girl named Eden showed the world just how well a child with Down Syndrome can learn sign language. However, this time I asked Paige what many mamas have talked to me about...their fear of wanting another child after having a baby with Down Syndrome. Her story is up on the site today, link in my profile.

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Strike a pose 😋

Eric got home tonight a little after 7pm. I was rushing around the kitchen trying to throw (a very late) dinner together. The girls greeted him wearing nothing but dirt on their faces and our house was (and still is) a complete disaster. Crap everywhere, countertops covered in dishes, and an entire bag of shredded cheese was dumped in the middle of our kitchen floor (thanks P!). He looked at me with big surprised eyes and said, "Hey mama, how was your day??" I felt so bad he came home to such chaos. I mean if I worked all day long and came home to that I think I'd be pretty annoyed. I'd tell me to get my shit together (😂). But Eric is kinder and more patient than me and I honestly don't know what I ever did to deserve him. Most times I feel like I don't, but I'm keeping him anyways.
Social media isn't Eric's thing. He doesn't even have any social media accounts! I try to be really respectful of that and keep this space a fun little outlet for me as a mama. But sometimes you just have to break all the rules and give credit where credit is due. Eric works A LOT and has a really intense job, but he comes home and picks up the pieces that fall through the cracks and takes care of us girls. I'm just so so thankful for him and I love him so much and I just feel so lucky to get to make babies with him 💗💗💙.

Dzień dobry! 😘 Kto wypoczął w weeekend? Na pewno nie my. 🤦‍♀️ Nie lubię tego robić, ale ponarzekam sobie dziś troszkę.
N I E Z N O S Z Ę P R Z E P R O W A D Z E K ! Kartony... Od soboty wszędzie widzę kartony! W bonusie mamy jeszcze raczkujące, wspinające się na wszystko i ząbkujące dziecko. 👶 Całe szczęście, że nie ma ich więcej. 🙏 Wczoraj obliczyłam... W przeciągu ostatnich 7 lat zmieniłam mieszkanie 10 razy. 👍 Średnia całkiem niezła, prawda? Czy ktoś da więcej? 😎 Żeby było śmieszniej... Za pół roku kolejna przeprowadzka! 🤦‍♀️ Przecież nie może być zbyt nudno. 😜 Miłego tygodnia Kochani! 😘 A sobie życzę więcej czasu, cierpliwości i turbodoładowania na najbliższe 5 dni. 😉 #rodzinnie #rodzina #ig_motherhood #rodzice #family #instafamily #roma #rzym #piazzadispagna #ohheymama #momentslikethese #uniteinmotherhood #instamatka #instamatki #vscomom #polishmum #polishgirl #parents #mommybloggers #l4l #mommylife #stokke #stokkexplory #spacer #walk #kocham #miłość #kiss #mytinymoments #thatsdarling

I'm sharing some tips on how to choose what to wear for family photos on the blog today -- and a bunch of photos from a few different family sessions we've done through the years since E was born! Putting this post together made me all the more grateful we've made getting photos done each year (or more!) a priority - the kids grow SO fast and these pictures mean so much to us! The direct link is in my profile if you want to check it out!

Shark week is upon us! Stay safe out there - these guys, particularly this one, can be quite feisty! #sharkweek #restingbitchface


Its open again! Want to read a whole bunch of blog posts about Down syndrome? Check it out today, If you are a blogger be sure to stop by really quick and drop in a link @babybrainmemoirs has the featured post today on what we all though a life with DS eas going to be like and what it really is.

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If you did anything else it wouldn't make sense! Do the best with the resources you have because that's all you can ask of yourself.

My little laundry helper ☺ I mean who wouldn't want to snuggle up an essential oil infused wool dryer ball?! ☺😂
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Yes that's right we are looking for pictures of you rocking your favourite denim for the chance to be featured!!! 20 days left until our blog launches!

Congratulations @bakemeind
Wish you lots of success
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First of many firsts: This Monday we became 1K stronger and to share our happiness with our insta family we will be giving away one of our Rakhi Cupcakes kit to the contest winner.
This is a photo challenge and is fairly simple to enter:

1. Repost this post on your wall by using #bakeme1k

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3. Like the image and comment by tagging friends who love to bake or their children love to bake on this post. More the tags, more the chances of winning.

4. The contest will be closed on 28 July at 1 pm. So all the best, look forward to more love. All entries will be checked and the winner will be announced the very same day and will get our BIG RAKHI CUPCAKE BAKING KIT in the following week so they can celebrate Rakhi Bake Me way.

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"Studies show that a woman's body can go back to normal in the first 6 months after labor. Smoking, multiple pregnancies and old age all affect a woman's body." Dr. Rami Kilani - OBGYN

You're my happy place ☄
🌿 Heute haben wir nicht viel gemacht, perfektes Wetter um auch mal Zuhause zu bleiben und die Hausarbeit zu erledigen. Mein kleines Helferlein war auch ganz fleißig heute. Er hilft mir unheimlich gerne damit, obwohl ich nichts verlange. Lediglich beim Spielzeugaufräumen soll er helfen, alles andere find ich in dem Alter eher nebensächlich. Sie sollen ja auch noch irgendwo Kind sein dürfen. Oder wie sieht ihr das? ☘
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Hhhheyyy yalll!!!! So funny thing about technology. ..it doesn't always work!!! Lol I had the hardest time posting the Monday Mojo....soooo I'll just post it today!!!! View full video but clicking link in bio!!!

Cute little mess maker. Luckily her siblings adore her, and they clean up after her.

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That awesome moment when you find a podcast that speaks to you and you can't stop writing! I'm totally binge listening right now---excited to test out these simple tips

There's just something about knowing where you belong. A sense of place that draws you home and grounds your feet really settles the soul. .
Our new contributor @morgandscott loves our beautiful city of Albuquerque. She's decided to live here all the way, two feet in. No looking back. (You can check out her introduction #ontheblogtoday)
Share what you love about Albuquerque (or wherever home is for you.)

some fresh new projects on the horizon for us here at dale + peonies and we can't wait to share what we've been working on 🙌🏻

😩💙 J.B

I strive to keep this smile on his face 😫💙

When a Tuesday feels like a Monday and yesterday felt like a Friday? 🤔 My mom brain is all over the map today. That's ok! When I have this cute babe next to me 💛 Also, we just received the cutest bows by @cialaco handmade with love all the way from Hawaii 🌴 Her leather bow designs are so clean and unique! Go show her some lovins 😍😍

I remember when the one on the right was the big girl.... 😭

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