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Jed isn't ready for Monday clearly 🤣. Smile and don't let anyone or anything steal your joy! Today is what you make of it.

I was busy yesterday soaking up all the sun with Gems I didn't even post my SUNDAY FUNDAY ☀️ these sunnies are everything 🕶 you must check out @diffeyewear....Not only are they so fun for summer they also give back 😍😍👏🏼👏🏼For every pair of sunglasses sold, @diffeyewear donates a pair of reading glasses to someone in need 💁🏻 so treating your self feels good 😊 If you are in the market for new sunnies, use code Balancing25 for 25% off! These are the Astro frames and I also have a few pair of the Cruz frames 😎 have a great day and WEEK babes!

How wonderful life is now you're in the world. 🍯🐻

Little girls make the world sweeter...😍 Can't believe our 2nd Princess aka Baby Kiara is arriving in a week! 💕👸🏻👧🏻👶🏻 #PrincessKiara #39weekspregnant #PrincessAnaiya #girlmom #mommylife #babysprinkle #loveher #forevermybaby #mommy #moments

#Ontheblog I've posted a full recap of my adventure to @lowesfoods last week! Can't wait for them to open! It's 4am. So if you see a typo, shoot me a message and I'll fix it after a nap and some coffee. ;-) You are going to love them! I sure do ;-)

When life gives you lemons... you lick 'em! 🍋
I can't stop laughing at his face. 😂
Disclaimer: no babies were harmed in the making of these photos!

How was everyone's Monday?!! My 2 year old decided she wanted to go #2 on our carpet today while I was washing dishes. Potty training is going just stellar over here. 🙅

On Saturday we were able to attend my sister-in-law's white coat ceremony for becoming a P.A. I was able to wear this cute little number from @neesees_dresses to the event. I was swooning over the dress as soon as I saw it. The cut is so flattering and material is high quality (I am wearing xs for reference, I recommend going down a size). I linked our outfit details here ➡️ http://liketk.it/2rrZV @liketoknow.it #liketkit or on the blog under "Shop my Instagram"
#ltkbaby #ltkfamily #ltkunder50 #kidsfashion #thebachelorette #mondaynight #ltkunder100 #ltkstyletip #ltkkids #nyfashion #mommyandme

Sunday's spent at home are the best kind of Sunday's. Making homemade quesadillas & a corn/black bean salsa for dinner with our little helpers assistance ☺️ Watching a movie together as a family, cleaning up the house, and relaxing. My heart is full 💗

She loves the smell of coffee, fresh bloomed roses, and new beginnings. I love my mama.


The kids and I went around to each new neighbors house yesterday and brought them homemade cookies and wanted to introduce ourselves.

We really love our new community- great location, friendly people and very #diverse!

One neighbor asked me if Makkedah's hair was really that long? (I recently put #boxbraids in her hair.) I giggled and told him no. "It's not all her really hair, I just spent 7 hours braiding it this past week."
He jokingly replied, "You have nothing better to do with your time?"

Why yes.... I actually have a million and one other things I could be doing. And I would not expect a middle-aged white man to have the fondest idea of the how much effort I put into managing my #mixedkids hair. #mixedhair
Truth is, there is money, energy and TIME put into taking care of my children's hair. And I am glad I can learn and do it myself. Experiment and fail, and try again.

And believe me, I certainly have needed to learn. I have stayed up late at night while the kids are fast asleep just to watch YouTube videos and tutorials to learn how to best take care of their hair. Because they didn't teach me that in #cosmetology school. They only taught me how to do hair with the texture of my own. So, it's been a process of growth.

I love using @frizzfreecurls for my kids' hair. The scent is incredible and their great selection of products makes my style choices so much more manageable. As you can see, the kids are also huge fans 😆. Go check them out and their fantastic product line and wonderful vision for their brand. #CURLSmom #frizzfreecurls #curlyqs

We're chatting today with @ginazeidler about being real and her journey through infertility, miscarriage and how her cute little son wouldn't sleep through the night for 2 years!!! Please share this episode with friends if they are walking this journey. Link in profile. 💜

Emilia is adorbs in her boho chic crown!!! This is part of the Mommy & Me set! Can be ordered separate, just send me a message! ❤❤

"No No bugs bite Bravely Belle!!" 😍 My little one loves to play with bugs and slugs, (who's kid is this?! 😳) so I have to make sure while she is out chasing her "little friends" that she is protected from both the sun and the bug bites. That's when we put our trust in @babyganics because of its 100% natural formula. ☀️☀️☀️ #gonatural #babyganics #ad

a l w a y s b e k i n d || this cute snap was just before my sweet babe fell asleep in my arms & I knew it was time for a visit to the Dr. She was happy this morning and then so not herself!! When the Dr said she had tonsillitis + an ear infection, I nearly burst into tears it's so hard they can't tell you, I thought it was just minor sniffles 🤦🏼‍♀️ buuuut I have had so many snuggles all day from my little bug & daddy came home early to be with his girls, so here is to a better day tomorrow!! #familytimeforthewin #thanksdaycare #thirdweekpresent 😩😓

"Underneath the palms you can leave your worries, listen to the waves" 🌅 @brooklynhawaii

Nervous fliers are but a chance to get creative and have some fun at JetSetGo. When flying an adorable duo of first-time jetsetters, a 5 year old brother and 3 year old sister were frightened by even the thought of take-off. That's where our magic came in. With a bank of the best @Pixar movies in tow, an unlimited stock of all their favourite snacks, and a fluffy blanket, we were able to successfully turn their experience into a fun night of laughter and smiles. To our young explorers - as Dory always says, "just keep swimming!" (Or, well, flying). 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🌛

For #teamuptuesday this week @thespeechteacher and I wanted to discus one of our favorite toys for pretend play, the dollhouse🏡 ‼️ Research shows that girls👧🏽have a left brain advantage for language. A great way to close this gap is to provide rich language contexts during pretend play. In this way, boys👦🏼 can also practice language that is tied to everyday routines. Pretend play is wonderful for imitating a variety of novel actions and using narrative language. We love ❤️ working on commenting👄(i.e. baby sleep, baby go potty, etc.) for toddlers, and perspective taking for kids over 2 (i.e. talking about feelings, changing voices for each character, etc.).✅

Tropical life 🌴☀️💗

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