I didn’t choose the SAHM (stay at home mom) life
It chose me... Kind of. Lol

Today marks SEVEN YEARS and four days of it!
The longest “job” I’ve ever held.
Have we been super blessed for me to stay home?
OF COURSE! 🙏🏻 Is it hard?
ABSA-FREAKING-LUTLY!!! 👊🏻 Did I lose myself?
You betcha! 👌🏻 Is it isolating beyond belief?

Did I find a group of badass chicks that have helped me find myself, a purpose, and accountability outside of being a housewife?
Thank God....YESSSSSSSS!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Do you too need some of that?
Like my shirt says

Say YES to new adventures! 🙋🏻‍♀️ You ready?
Have questions? 📥📥📥

Once I became a mom, mindfulness practice became one of the most anxiety producing activities I could think of. I could wrap my conscious around physical activity because exercise = health = energy = longevity for my little guy ⚡️👌🏼 When it came to practicing for my mental well being...I felt like I was taking time away from him, being selfish, or wasting time I could use productively. .
Because it felt so hard, meant it was one of the things I needed most as I was regularly blaming myself for my baby’s NICU stay. Now my chocolate faced monster is ✌🏼dos años 😭😍 and I can’t even describe how much better of a place I’m in. Of course, life gets easier as you get the hang of #momminghard 🔥 but a lot of that growth and content is the result of listening to what I need on a soul level. It sounds so weird to want to connect on a deeper level with yourself, but sometimes we require that attention to find our deepest desires and rawest self 🧜🏼‍♀️ 🌵#firsttimemom #millennialentrepreneur #yogamom

Ruby and I hopped in the car today for some unplanned adventure. Somehow we ended up at Parrish Pioneer Apple Ranch in the Yucaipa mountains. The air was cooler, the clouds ominous and it began sprinkling. With the taste of unsweetened apple butter on our lips, it was just what we needed. ❤️

Just sayin’ 😏 2C oats/0.75C Splenda / 1T baking powder / 1t baking soda / 1t vanilla extract / 0.5t salt / 1C almond milk / 2 eggs / 0.33C applesauce / 0.5C mini semi sweet chocolate chips - BLEND ALL INGREDIENTS AND FOLD IN CHIPS. Bake 400F 15mins #iifymfam #breakfast #iifym #mommyiwantchocolatemuffin #momminghard 💯 🤤🍫🍪

Sometimes I think that Mick and Emmett are the two that stick together. Then I think no, Tucker and Mick. Then I see her with Q or S. 🤷🏻‍♀️ M doesn’t pick favorites. 😉 These are my favorite moments- watching my kids play together.... nicely! 😂

When a concert at The Orpheum turns the photo op into a 1993 throwback... @angiefoulds @lesterb941 @kristygilljames #erasure #orpheumtheatre #grad93 #momminghard #ohlamour #lovethesegirls (Shout out to @rumblearoundtheworld who made my day. Love you baby. ❤️) ❤️❤️❤️

Vision therapy underway at our house. It was sort of a struggle just figuring it all out- where to set it up, remembering exactly how to do the exercises! My anxiety levels rose today trying to make sure we were doing everything right! She did fantastic and worked hard. I thought she might fight me a little but it’s all still new, and “fun”. 😂😉

Omg!!! Didn't realize there was yet another #sleepregression around 18 months ish!!! She has been sleeping through the night for a whole 2 weeks (finally) and now we're here! #parentingfail

After having our baby and bringing her home, there was something that surprised me greatly.

Yes, everything had changed, but I was still me.

I didn't magically transform into a different person, we didn't transform into a different couple. Somehow everything was different, but we were still the same.

This is a part of parenthood, that I think is not often talked about. That balance between being different now that you are a parent, but still having passions, dreams and goals outside of being a new parent.
It took a long time for me to realize this.
It took a long time for me to understand that it was OK to still be myself outside of my role as a mom.

It took a long time for me to understand that wanting to work or have hobbies, and interests outside of being a mom was normal.
It took even longer to realize that it didn't make me a bad mother to feel this way.

This is something I want to talk to all of you about more.

You are allowed to still be yourself even though you are a parent. For me, I was the best mother to my daughter when I allowed myself to pursue my passions and live them out. I absolutely love being a mother *and* I am very passionate about my work!
Tell me something that you are passionate about outside of your role as a parent.
What do you care deeply about? What are your goals?

Share them with us below!
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I’m legit blown away by not only my own results but these ladies results so far too w this new badass program!🙌🏻 and we’re not even done with it yet🙀💪🏻 honestly what more could you ask for in a program?? Only 4 days a week✔️ only 30-40 min a day✔️ 3 rest days✔️ and you still get to treat yo self!✔️✔️✔️ if/when you’re ready to make yourself a PRIORITY like you deserve, we will be here to CHEER you on the whole time because YOU ARE WORTH IT!!👭👭👭💯💞✨

Are you kidding me with these results?!? 😍 I wish I could hi-five her thru my phone! She looks decades younger....and looking younger is a combination of the right choices, a healthy lifestyle, and incredible skincare products also help!😉 It’s a process that may take some time, but oh so worth the wait. Our R&F travel sizes are still available with the purchase of a full size regimen! Score big with this deal.🤗Message us for info or ask us how to get the best skin of your life.💙
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I don’t talk a lot about what my job is but you know what… I NEED TO SPEAK UP MORE! ⁣

I’m not just a coach for the money (although it’s pretty amazing that I’ve been full time for 5 years now and it’s my primary source of income)⁣

I do it for the FREEDOM. ⁣
I do it for the ACCOUNTABILITY. ⁣
I do it for the FREE TRIPS.⁣
I do it for the INSPIRATION. ⁣
I do it for the FLEXIBILITY. ⁣
I do it for the FRIENDSHIPS. ⁣
I do it for the EXCITEMENT. ⁣
I do it for my BABIES. ⁣

I do it because every single day, I get to wake up and live life on MY TERMS. I’m not sure what would have happened over these last couple years if I had to work for someone else. #thankfulAF⁣

CLICK THE LINK in my bio to hear more about how YOU can join my tribe of amazing life-changing ladies (and a few cool dudes too!)

Holy guacamole it’s hot out here.
My son started kindergarten today and I cried after I dropped him off, then I meditated, pulled up my big girl underoos and got to work! #humpday🐫

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