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(follow if viewing & tag friends♡) ; the end lmao | @salicerose

salice if you see this can you please check dms? i hope you read it, it's important thank you ♥️ | @salicerose ft @aahleee_

(follow if viewing & tag friends♡) ; 🐸☕️ |@salicerose

Hahaha😂 I love this video😩🙌🏻💜 @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose #salicerose #mommabiscuit

I’m reallllllyyyyy exited because my mom said that I can buy the IPhone 8 in January 😩🙏🏻ANYYWHOOOOO!! What were y’all up to today🤪 @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose #salicerose #mommabiscuit

(follow if viewing & tag friends♡) ; hello 🤙🏼|@salicerose

Hope you all have an amazing Sunday💫 If anyone wants to participate in my birthday gift to Salice from us biscuits dm me😘🌈 @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose #salicerose #mommabiscuit


my power is to feel ppl’s energy through texts

Omfg😂😂😂😂😂YA’LL ARE THE CUTEST😩💕 @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose @ashandale #salicerose #mommabiscuit

So excited!!!! What do y’all want for Christmas?!?!? I want endless happiness for Salice😌♥️ @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose #salicerose #mommabiscuit

(follow if viewing & tag friends♡) ; check my story and go leave something, it's all anonymous! (i'm NOT salice don't ask things only she would know lmao) |@salicerose

Ummm yes😂😂😂I take an hour to brush my hair cause I get so distracted😩😂 @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose #salicerose #mommabiscuit

Heyyyyyy!!! So sorry for not being active😩I just don’t know why I haven’t been posting😂😭 But imma start posting much more now😌 @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose #salicerose #mommabiscuit

(follow if viewing & tag friends♡) ; happy friday 🌻|@salicerose

posting this again cuz its important: everyone that send hate to salice can cHOKE. like ok if u think she can’t sing but u see that it is her passion, just leave something like « ur voice is good, but there are little mistakes that u do, try to practice more by doing some singing lessons » «try to control your vocals, cuz sometimes it cracks up a little » « take deep breaths like that u will hold ur notes longer » « try to change your tone, make it less deeper and calm so it will fit the song better ». dont send hate or insult her cuz it is WAY different. you don’t even know how it is gonna affect her. it’s not by sending hate that she is going to learn, it’s by teaching her. y’all be saying shit like « i hate this world » and i can understand now, it’s cuz y’all pollute this damn air with all of your bullies. i don’t even understand how salice’s singing can harm u in any way. im done with humanity. @salicerose you deserve all the love

(follow if viewing & tag friends♡) ; 🐸☕️ |@salicerose

(follow if viewing & tag friends♡) ; hello 🤙🏼|@salicerose

So excited!❤️
@salicerose -
Qotd: favorite fast food place? 🍕🥞🍟🍔🌮
#saliceroseupdates #salicerose #salsarosa #mommabiscuit #teamsalsa #teamsalice #omgpage #salicerosa #gainpost

Hahahah definitely the crazy one😂😂What one are youuuu?! @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose #salicerose #mommabiscuit

(follow if viewing & tag friends♡) ; the end lmao | @salicerose

salice if you see this can you please check dms? i hope you read it, it's important thank you ♥️ | @salicerose ft @aahleee_

uh hi i'm back it's been like two weeks woah. i just needed a break there was a lot going on in my life, school, and i needed to get my phone fixed :) dm me! | @salicerose

this picture just told me « rawr xD » // SHE LIKED

i’ve been really inactive but can we just admire how beautiful my mom is 😍
#salicerose #mommabiscuit #biscuitfamily

Can u hear me screaming😂😂😂😂😂Salice ur wayyyy to funny😂😂😂😂 @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose #salicerose #mommabiscuit

i hate science, what did i do to deserve tHIS // SHE LIKED

SAlSA UR SO CUTE😩😩♥️♥️ @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose #salicerose #mommabiscuit

salice rose is literally a lil strawberry cake // SHE LIKED

Sunday dinner on fleck
#notapro #cooking #foodlover #mommabiscuit

whoever invented net neutrality can cHOKE.

Hahaha! How has ur day been?♥️♥️ @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose #salicerose #mommabiscuit

the caption in my last post was about how much i think of vine. 2 days later this happened...so lemme bring back some iconic vines while we’re at it

Omg😂😂😂This is very tureeee😂 How are y’all doing?! @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose #salicerose #mommabiscuit

i still think a lot about vine until this day

Salice your rants help me in ways you can’t imagine. I love you ❤️ @salicerose -
#salicerose #mommabiscuit #salsasquad #popeyesqueen #biscuits #salsarosa #salsarosasquad #music #dance #throwback

Low key VERY relatable😂😂😂😂Ily Salice♥️ @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose #salicerose #mommabiscuit

everyone nowadays wanna be a singer so bad lmao

Congrats to whoever gets Salice’s follow tonight♥️♥️ILYSM SALSA SQUAD🧚🏻‍♀️💕 @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose #salicerose #mommabiscuit

Omg yes😩😂This is me right now because Salice just liked some of my posts♥️SALICE THANK YOU🌈🤙🏽 @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose #salicerose #mommabiscuit

yet u still make it look good smh

Y’all I’m so annoyed😩I was refreshing Salice’s insta page non stop so that I could try and comment first. Then I was literally the first one to comment but then god damn Instagram fucking blocked my comment UGHHHH😩😭😂 Anyhoooo Salice IM SORRY FOR YOU HAHAHA @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose #salicerose #mommabiscuit

My saviour♥️Momma you deserve the world and more🌈 @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose #salicerose #mommabiscuit

Omfg yes😂😂😂I’m really excited to start driving lmao😩😂 @salicerose @salicerose @salicerose #salicerose #mommabiscuit

a concept: salice with green eyes

's edit • first velocity !! -

ac: @fvk.audios
cc: mine
ib (sorta): @solarnique
dt: @salicerose (I love her sm), and anyone that loves her too -
#salsarosa #salicerose #velocity #cutecut #ccp #omgpage #edit #mommabiscuit #grindcreaterct

Ohhh, this is very veryyyy relatable😂😂😩😩 Hahaha! How has your day been?!?!! @salicerose @salicerose #salicerose #mommabiscuit #salsasquad

19 and 20 had a fight......21. // SHE LIKED

Goodnight fam!! Ily all soo soooo much♥️♥️ @salicerose @salicerose #salicerose #mommabiscuit #salsasquad

salice have so many dogs can she just adopt me next pls // SHE LIKED

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