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Creative Diaper Drop! We don't always have tables where we go to drop diapers. So, sometimes we sit down and use our legs as tables. The amazing @delaney_craig made it happen for this family!! DriButts.com #happybaby #haiti #changelives #dogood #pictureoftheday #changingdiapers #diapers #diaperssavelives #clothdiapers #momma #mom #baby

I delivered my baby Dean the day I took this picture after working out in the gym lol Each time I look at how my body has changed after having a baby I look back at where I started; the journey to motherhood. I might not weigh the same, my hips might be a bit wider, and I might have more curves then I did before but it was all worth the little human that changed our lives for the better. Each week is a milestone. I'm embracing this new life, new body and could not be happier being a mom 😊🤗 ❤
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People say we look alike...not!

#momma #momlove #missingher #missyou #loveyou #tothemoon
(I'm missing her a little extra. Could you tell?!)

Gym buddy #momma 💁🏻😎👑

Happy birthday to my favorite person #momma ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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I don't want to scream at my kids, i don't want to wish they were at school or somewhere else. I don't want to freaking loose it and start whooping some ass on my kids.
I want to show love, give love and grace like God does to me all the time.
It's easy to point the finger and say it's them, but in reality they are kids, and it's our duty to teach them right from wrong and consequences. I noticed loosing it with my kids, and so if I'm loosing it, there's something off in my system that's triggering me to not act in love. The problem, disconnected from God, the higher intelligence, the source of Love. God. 30 days into meditation, journaling, and healing with God, I am more grounded, protected, and loved. I felt led to involve my kids in my spiritual journey, I make it fun for them, we bought crystals, researched about the powers god instilled in them. Setting intentions by meditating and cleaning crystals.
Look at these smiles, this is what being full of spirit looks like. #peace #love #joy kids are a direction reflection of you.
#momma I get it, momming is hard and stressful, but I'm telling you, you need some tlc baby and you'll be alright. #mommylife #spiritualgangster #spiritualaf #woke #wokeaf💯 #yogamoments #spiritualjourney #transformationalcoach #sahm #selflove #fly #homeschool #jesusfreak

My favorite woman on this 🌏 ❤️ #momma #myfave #weddingday #champagne #france #bestday #velo #bohemian

#Repost from @pitties3 with @regram.app ... REMEMBER THE #MOMMA WHOSE #BABIES WERE ALL PTS (sick😢) SHE'S STILL #URGENT‼️
#FAITH aka #LEAH ID #A506906
Available August 19
LEAH is a #4year old sharpei mix
Pet Harbor Link:
#SanBernardino City Shelter, #CA doesn't have many networkers, we really need your help sharing our dogs. The local rescues are full and we're in big trouble!
San Bernardino City Animal Shelter
333 Chandler Place, San Bernardino, CA
Closed Sunday and Monday
Telephone: (909) 384-1304
Rescues please email Jennifer , the SBC rescue coordinator with ID asap if interested in helping .
Adoption Policy:
The animal will be available for adoption at 10am on the available date. First riority goes to the people on the waitlist. Phone adoptions start at 10:30am (if you can get through), but adoptions at the shelter have priority over phone adoptions. Partnered rescues can pull starting at noon on available date, and at any time after the available date.
A COMMITTED foster, will save a life!
If you want to foster please contact a rescue near you and fill out an application to foster. If you don’t know a rescue near you please send a message to the SAVE SBC SHELTER PUPS Page and we will try and connect you with a rescue.
Anyone wanting to foster an SBC dog can look for information and fill out the form at http://sbcdogs.nvecs.com/ Apps are shared promptly with rescues.

Foster me application ;

If you are out of state in Washington or Oregon please pm the page and we will try and connect you with a Rescue that has support in those areas.
DISCLAIMER: We DO NOT work at the shelter. We network this shelter's dogs on Facebook to give them more exposure in the hope a good rescue or adopter will see a post that is shared and save the dog's life.

#Repost from @pitties3 with @regram.app ... 🆘🆘 STILL LISTED AND VERY #URGENT🆘🆘
~~ #Momma needs help. Her babies were sick and had to be PTS. She needs a plan on her exit date~~ My name is Faith/Leah and I am a female, tan Chinese Sharpei mix. Shelter staff think I am about #4years old. I have been at the shelter since Aug 12, 2017.

For more information about this animal, call:
#SanBernardino City Animal Control at (909) 384-1304
Ask for information about animal ID number #A506906

San Bernardino City Animal Shelter 333 Chandler Place, San Bernardino, #CA. PHONE (909) 384-1304.

Hours of operation: Tuesday-Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (Adoption and Rescues at counter stop at 4:30 PM)

A few of my most precious moments and things that I well hold dear to me for years to come #BMW #jeep #momma #mygirl #wranglerunlimited #3series #atlanta #mylife #lifestyle #comingup

Independence day of UKRAINE 💛💙
#park #nature
#momma #squirrel & #babies 🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿 #squirrels #family
#HappyIndependenceDay #Ukraine ( #Kharkov )
P.S. #allwehaveisnow #tobe #united

Momma will never get tired of hearing ur stories or playing with you 'til midnight or even answering ur lots of "noh to?" And "sino to?". I love you to infinity and beyond my Daldalito!!!😍😘👦👶💋❤
Im missin' you everyday

Princess and her Momma for her 30th birthday shoot. ❤👸 Make sure you read her thoughtful words too! @blushbymakki - Yesterday was my last day in my 20's and as I thought about the the past few years in my 20's - I've learned so much!!! 30 is not scary y'all never underestimate how far your passion can take you - you don't have to accomplish certain things by certain age - Everything is on Gods Timing!
Life is too short and your purpose is too important to keep minimizing yourself. Be giving with your encouragement, knowledge and positivity. Surround yourself with people who are making moves that you admire. Don't keep a single friend who doesn't inspire you to do and be better as well as encourage you to do both.
You will never fulfill your purpose if you shrink yourself in order to stay connected to certain things!! Bless them and move on... My biggest blessings are my family - LayLay and Jojo are full of pure joy. They make us laugh and smile at any situation! They're so full of love and gratitude and they have a heart to serve. They teach me a thing or two about serving joyfully as they do it all!
My husband is my best friend and a man who is nothing short of my prayers!!! 8.19.1987 📸: @irismannings

#BLESSED #THANKFUL #30on30 #GoldenBirthday #TheBGL #Thebourgielife

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