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Do you do Culottes? You'd be cooler if you did 😂😎👊🏼 •
But seriously, these pants are the 💣. Retro style that's comfortable enough for mom life and elegant enough for adult life. Plus that trim is everything! 😍

Mein Herz, gerade brauchst du mich so sehr und ich genieße das ❤️
#cuddletime #momandson

Let me be honest with you: I'm not a good housekeeper. 😅| But with that being said, I also want my kids to have memories of a safe, happy and structured home. So even though I dislike doing any house work really, I try my best for them. Same with laundry. ☺️ It usually waits for me in various locations, and I usually look at it for days. 🙈 But school have started for Lili, she really needs her clean clothes and she wants to look nice. So I decided to up my laundry game with @persilproclean and try to be more on top of things! And I must admit, I really love how it smells and how the 10 dimensions of clean really shows! ( If you'd be looking for it, it's available at retailers across Canada!) And Rose who stays with me at home twice a week, well she wants to help me with everything lately, and I think, we should teach them young , right? 😂#persilproclean #Ad #sponsored

When my eldest saw this photo he said: "Wow, look at Theo he is dancing!" And then he continued saying: "And I am thinking: 'hey that's a great idea' and you, mama, are thinking 'Theo looks just like Noah!!' " 💞 I just love those two little ones and their lively imagination! .

Bottomline, Dance is always a good idea 💃🏼 .

Here we are just enjoying a beautiful september afternoon 🌞. .

Happy wednesday to all of you!

You know #pottytrainingsucks but did you know that incomplete elimination is the #1 reason for bedwetting? Even if your kid is pooping regularly that doesn't mean they are getting it ALL out. #squattypottymus is here to help! Check out our website for more. #pottytraining #momliferocks #momlifebelike #squattypotty #healthykids

@jeffreyverweij je bent alweer drie weken max aan het overwerken, thuis ben je in opperst humeur, ben je de beste pappa en keihard mijn hartje. Zo trots op jou! Heeeel veeeel liefde!

We all are unique in our own ways! 💚💛💙💖 DSJ's Signature!
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Last day of summer but it's already fall inside. 🍂

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IT'S TIME TO UPGRADE YOUR BOTTLE! Get your Ice Shaker engraved today with whatever you want on it!

Homeschooling going well this year, finally!
#homeschool #Christian light education #momprenuer #momliferocks #schoolday

Grapefruit bum.
Rafael aime tellement m'aider en cuisine.
Cette fois si il était nu, car on essaie de lui apprendre la propreté.
Je doit mon idée de cette photo 📸à l'inspirante: @chicmominthecity

Sick kids , laundry, and a mile long to do list ... literally had a full on panic attack this morning! .
Every excuse in the book not to do a workout today ... Forced myself to do a 3 mile 🏃🏼 & breathe ... it saved me every time ✌🏻

#nursing has always been an important part of my #mommyplan from day 1 of my 1st babe when I was just 21 years old. Now at babe 4 and 37 years old it's even more important because it's the one on one time she gets with me ❤️ The best part is the pay off of the #milkdrunk faces after and the content and full belly she gets and of course the rest we both get after! ❤️#momliferocks #momlifeisthebestlife #mommyof4

Kid at heart❤️ 📸 cred: Jude 😂

Baby human, meet baby watermelon. You are both delicious, each in your own unique way. 👶🏻🍉
Tomorrow marks the first day of fall, evidently making today the last day of summer. Time is fast escaping me, and I'm constantly reminded that this baby boy — far sooner than I can bear — will soon be a baby no more. 😔 How nearly seven months with this perfect mini person have already passed I have no clue, but I can wholeheartedly say that I've enjoyed every lasting moment. 💕 One of my greatest joys on our journey so far has been #babywearing, which we're so fortunate to have started from week one. We quite literally live in our carriers, and this @sollybabywrap is one of our favourites (isn't the 🐫 colour just 👌🏼 for fall?) Wearing my little on a daily basis has made the #newmama transition feel almost seamless, allowing me to nurture him with ease as I go about my day-to-day. Together, we prepare food, do laundry and clean the apartment (just kidding, the mister gets full credit in that department). 🙋🏻‍♂️ We also navigate NYC's crowded sidewalks and its sometimes not-so-accessible transit effortlessly, and without overstimulation from the city's endless sights and sounds.🗽 As for naps, he just takes them whenever he needs to, right next to my heart. And that, admittedly, is my favourite part. 💙💤
Hope you enjoy the rest of summer! 😎☀️
P.S. Not gonna lie; these @freshdirect watermelons have been sitting in our fridge for several weeks, and they are still fresh. I'm still deciding whether I should be concerned or amazed, but first, let me wipe the watermelon juice dripping from my chin.. 🍉
P.P.S. Still reading this rambling post? Whoa. THANK YOU! 🎉 I'd love to hear about your favourite summer snacks, and any babywearing experience you might want to share!👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Mama 🐻, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!! I am sooooo grateful & honored to see another year of life. This is how 35 years of life looks for me at this moment.. Despite the nausea at times, fatigue, and pregnancy insomnia I STILL FEEL & LOOK FABULOUS!
Thank you Lord for the Mom Power 👊 and allowing me to grow another life inside of me while still being able to celebrate another year of mines. For that, I am grateful 😘😘😘🙏🙏

#allsmiles for Jude 😁😁😁

Going on a walk with Papa and helping Nana vacuum

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We now have a drunken sailor! This month Finn has learned that diaper changes are literally the worst thing in the history of ever, that rebel yells during dinner make it taste better, and that stumbling around on his feet can be quite fun 💙

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Poor twins...just picked them up from daycare with fevers😕
Sickness comes in pairs when your a twin
When I told them the picture was for daddy they still gave a smile

Today was wear gold in honor of children battling cancer. The princess didn't want to wear a hat because she had a gold bow instead. She still wanted to donate to help St. Jude's Children's Hospital and Gavin of Wellsville who's battling cancer. I love my daughters heart. ❤️
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