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That Tangy Egg Masala - in the making 🍳

I'm posting an "In the making" shot after ages. I got messages telling me that they weren't liked & that people just wanted to see the "Done" posts. Some were even mean enough to tell me that these posts bored them to tears (to tears🤦‍♀️) & that I was spammy. 🍳

But looking at @abitwholesomely Bina's post of yesterday, reminded me why I started Instagramming in the first place. 🍳

First & foremost it was to spread awareness of how much food can heal us & secondly, it was to document MY food journey. So when @beingbengt felt like eating eggs for dinner, I decided to take an "In the making" shot & post that tonight - just for me. 🍳

If you stay tuned, you'll see that I will post the "Done" picture soon enough. 🍳

Sometimes it's nice to listen to yourself & stop trying to please the world. What do you say? 🍳

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Those who know and follow Indian mythology would recognize Karna, the brave warrior in the epic Mahabharata. He was not just known for his loyalty towards his friend “Duryodhana” but also for his never-ending generosity as he had always donated gold and money to the needy.

When he died, and his soul reached heaven, he was offered gold instead of food by the King of Gods Indra. When Karna got hungry and craved for food, he asked Lord Indra for it. But he was told that although he had always donated gold, he had never distributed food in the memory of his ancestors. Karna, the unwanted son of Queen Kunti, never knew who his own ancestors were. So he was permitted to return to earth for a 15–day period, to perform श्राद्ध Shraddha (a ritual for the dead) and donate food and water in their memory.

According to the Hindu calendar, this 15 day period is known as पितृ पक्ष (Pitru Paksha). Today is Sarvapitri Amavasya (all ancestors' new moon day) and is the most important day of Pitru Paksha. Many Hindus offer prayers and cook food, especially dishes that were loved by the ones that are gone.

Since I am not very religious or follow any customs or rituals, I felt that atleast today I need to take some time to make an effort to thank my ancestors for giving my family and me the opportunity to thrive and flourish.

Because whether we, believe it or not, being grateful to those who play or have played a part in our existence and well-being is the most important thing we can do their souls.

This Satvik thali (No Onion/no Garlic) contains:

Toor Dal

Boondi Raita


Sooji ka Halwa

Aloo ki sabzi

Koshambir (Cucumber & Tomato Salad tempered with Mustard seeds and Peanuts)

I did not make any Rotis, as I am sure that even my ancestors know what a terrible roti maker I am.
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Oh, welcome to my morning! 6:22am and the baby decides it's time to get up! Great. Let me finish getting ready... oh, yeah right! This toddler defiantly refuses to be anywhere except in my arms/on my lap. Sooooo.... we make it work. #parentingissoglamorous #multitaskingalways

😂😂😂 wie ich meine Mama liebe❤️❤️❤️❤️ oh, how I love my mom😍😍😍 #bestmomintheworld #momknowsbest #funtime #purelove

Obsessing over these colors of my Plush Pumpkins! My mom keeps saying how beautiful they are and she has never seen anything like them. She has always had great taste! #plushpumpkin #velvetpumpkins #falldecor #momknowsbest

I mean....I wish I could video her and our conversations all day😂👵🏼 #momknowsbest #family #momlife #appledoesntfallfarfromthetree #loveher

Tomorrow at 1:30 @mamamondays we have a very special guest! Come meet @leahgarradcole 🙌🏼 An entrepreneur, mother, and former special education teacher, Leah is the author of the acclaimed cookbook It All Begins with Food: From Baby's First Foods to Wholesome Family Meals: Over 120 Delicious Recipes for Clean Eating and Healthy Living. Leah will give a talk about introducing new foods to babies and how and when to introduce solid foods. She'll be handing out samples and raffling off a copy of her book!

Coconut-jaggery burfi- My go to food during monsoon for energy, immunity & essential fats. Simple & effective! I don't need a vegan-gluten free muffin to do the trick!!!
It's funny to see people replacing simple local foods with exotic imported foods. Visiting super markets instead of a veg vendor is not a sign of healthy/conscious/clean eating. Replacing cucumber with zucchini or Gobi with broccoli may give you the feeling of getting fitter. But it's only your wallet getting leaner ;) #eatlocal #simplefood #coconut #resultoriented #momknowsbest


Was their first word a woozy?! Did they do the cutest thing?! Share your favorite baby story with us! We wanna hear.

"Don't have your face all pretty and your house looking like a chicken coop ". Words of wisdom from mom ❤️#mom #momknowsbest #wisdomfromthewise #loveher

My Mom knows me too well!🙌 She goes on a road trip🚗 and brings me these beauties.🤗 And it couldn't be more fitting!💃 It's rainy/snowy🌧❄ I'm exhausted,😥 my body is tired😴 and I crushed another day!💪 So right now, I CAN'T EVEN!🤷‍♀️ You will find me relaxing on the couch taking a moment of quiet🤐 before the madness sets in for Hump Day! 🤹‍♀️🤸‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏃‍♀️💃🚗🍓🤷‍♀️👟

A moms intuition is always right. ❤️ We have been back and forth with doctors and having to fight to get a proper diagnosis and it's stressful. It's frustrating. And most of all it's annoying. This gal right here is a huge part of my health journey. Lab tests don't define her. Lab tests don't pacify a moms instinct of knowing there's something more to the story. I've had to do my own research and be her health advocate. Today was just another one of those moments where pushing back on traditional lab tests and rationale has paid off. Unfortunately we have to be our own health advocates or that of our child's. We know our bodies. We know their bodies too. So always pay attention to your body. Always listen to your instincts. I know this journey isn't done and it's only renewed my passion and vigor for all things health. My daughters are my WHY. ❤️ They're why I'm where I'm at on my health journey and they're why I'll continue. #momsintuition #momknowsbest #gutfeeling #labtestsdontdefineyou #knowyourbody #passionforhealth #whyidowhatido #lovemygirls #healthjourney #ahealthyhappylife

G: Maman why are my eyes blue? M ( having an emotional day) : Because I gave you eyes just like mine so you would always remember I am your mommy 💙. #twinning 🤗#blueeyes #greyshirts #fouryearold #questions #answers #momknowsbest

My mom knows what I'm craving 🤤🤤🤤

I have been seeing SO many posts today about this beautiful weed and wanted to give a quick PSA about it to my fellow homesteaders: Goldenrod (Solidago sp.) is a tall, native plant with bright yellow flowering stems. The pollen on it is heavy & sticky therefore does not spread and is not an allergy concern, but instead has been long known in herbal remedies for its usefulness. Both the leaves🍃 and flowers 🌼are edible, and can be made into anything you can think of really- tonic/tea, ointments, antiseptic/anti-inflammatory and diuretic agents for HUMANS….⚗️
✨HOWEVER, as my mother informed us when she first came up to the farm, heed warning because this invasive species is T O X I C to livestock! Horses 🐴cattle 🐃goats 🐐and sheep🐑 As little as 1-2% of their b/w a day can cause the onset of trembles-muscle spasming, and eventual death if allowed to persist. ☠️🚫Now that I’ve said all that, it does still have some serious health benefits for us, the bees love it, and according to the ’plant lady’ //ahem, momma dukes🕵🏻‍♀️// it dries very easily, making it the perfect ‘pick’ for fall flower arrangements too. 💐We have wild thriving fields of it in NEPA that almost look like canola at times (and if you’ve never seen a canola field you’re missing out).
Do you have a favorite way to harvest this stuff?? Post it here as I would love to do some fun things with it myself!!!(trying a mix of this with lemon balm and chamomile for tea first)🌿💛🌿💛🌿 #gardening_feature #knowyourplants #horticulture #sunset @gardeners.of.ig

My mom always told me not to say anything if I can't say anything nice. So I'm going to sit here and eat my apple (when I really want a piece of chocolate!) and try to reign in my attitude on these emails. The struggle is real today🍏🍏
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