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Sweetest lil filler for the sweetest gal, thanks Dia it was so good to see you again!! 💘💕✨#momheart #neontattoo #uvtattoo #blacklighttattoo

My little heartbreaker. •

But for real, sometimes being a mom breaks your heart. S/O to all the moms just doing your best to raise these little humans. It's easy to feel inadequate with such a huge task. The tears dry and broken bones heal. Eventually, I hear, they grow up. We won't get these days back! ❤️ #brokenarm #momheart

Good morning my friends. I fear this may be a long post. I'm only a little sorry 😀 Welcome to a bit more of our story. **********************************
Today is one of those days. A day that started me on my journey towards finding every day lovely and redefined what that looks like. An anniversary of sorts that you kind of wish wasn't your story but couldn't imagine any other way. You see, 2 yrs ago today we handed our sweet son Caedmon over to the surgeons at Boston Children's Hospital for his bilateral amputation surgery .
Sitting there in that waiting room, surrounded by dear ones, I couldn't help but feel like I was looking at them thru a hazy tunnel. My mind so far away, was aching to hold my sweet, chubby almost 8 month old. Shield him from this world. It's one of those things, that leaves an imprint on your soul and you are forever different. We all have seasons like that, I am not unique, where we stand there, eyes heavenward, screaming "do you see any of this?" My Job season and really, it started much earlier. At 12 weeks finally pregnant with our miracle baby, the doctor looked me in the eyes and said, "I don't think I see legs." And the wind leaves your lungs and you start to sink.
At 15 weeks pregnant he had a name, Caedmon, old English for 'wise warrior' because you could tell he was a little fighter and we wanted him to fight all his days with wisdom from above. 6 weeks earlier my momma had found out she had metastatic breast cancer. A season that changes the way you navigate life. And you realize, even in the storm, that lovely is there if you seek it, a difficult thing to do when you're working hard just to breathe. But the choosing to seek it can change you. Our faith buoyed us, Community held us. And we kept breathing. Moment by moment, day by day. Even in that waiting room. .
For you Cade, my smart, kind, agile little warrior we celebrate the day, 2 yrs ago that took something away in order to give you the world. My little prince running through life on bilateral below the knee prosthetics. You do some things differently but don't we all? You are lovely.
I wish you all buoying hope and tangible lovely today ❤️ #motherhood #momheart

These are a few of my favorite things! #mermaid #smallhouselove #momheart

A Mother's Day #momheart surprise for @geiger_mcelroy775. Thanks dude!

My #industrialdesigner #momheart #explodedwithjoy, to watch @understatedsexy installing Zia's new big girl bed (that I designed and built). My girl is sound asleep in it right now. 😴 #adventureswithzia

Thankful for friends willing to explore with me and let me take their pictures. 🦋#momheart

"Put a smile on your face. Life is not as hard as your mind makes it out to be. All is well."
#motherhood #momlife #momheart #mygirls #dance


These are a few of my favorite things! #mermaid #smallhouselove #momheart

At #VBS today everyone is dressed up as nerds. I sooooo love my nerd baby.

Love Locket..... #AngelWings #MomHeart #SistersKeeper #BabyBoy #SilverBling #MemoryGLockets #CustomLivingLockets #BlingLetter #BlackGirlMagic #Charms and #Birthstones Display memories from the past, through the present, and onto the future. Great for every occasion! More information email: memoryGlockets@yahoo.com
Subject:Living Lockets

I'm never gonna be ashamed that I work on myself. I'm never gonna be afraid to look at the hard parts of my life and ask myself "how can I get through this?" Stress management is one of the hardest things for me to continually remember, yet it's THE most important thing for me to remember. What's your go-to stress reduction technique?
#momlife #momheart #stressfree #selfimprovement #oneyearpostpartum #postpartum #postpartumdepression #postpartumanxiety #postpartumjourney #holistichealth #bethechange #noshame

Tech tickets in action. Already helping them create rather than consume. Here's to a #low-tech, #high-adventure #summer!

Don't give up🤗

Not all feelings can be trusted. They come and go as the wind blows. They can lead you astray. Feelings are not your true north.

God will never leave you or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5). He has compelled himself to obey His own Word because God never breaks His promises. God’s Word says He will never leave you, so He won’t.

Tools to help weave space to think and breathe and adventure into these summer days. 🍃

#vemodig. Må si det er litt vemodig at idag er siste gang er sykkler denne morgen ruta mi 🙊🙈
Siste gang jeg leverer Dex i den barnehage ☹ Nå går det fort mot sommerferie og Dexter starter i helt ny barnehage fra august 🙈 hvor blir tiden av 😥
#mammahjerte #sykkeltur #hortenlove #morgentrim #sad #lasttime #cycling #kindergarten #trim #beautiful #bicycle #trip #Momheart #son #sun #morning #sunshine #summer2017 #sunmer #summerlove #norway #motherandson #love

Uma mãe não ganha para o susto! Em casa há + de 24h e o nó continua... #kids #crianças #myboy #fright #susto #momheart #coracaodemae #momlife

My least favorite assignment is housework, although I do love a clean home. I can feel very unimportant pushing a mop around the floor or cleaning toilets. But I’ve learned these are things I’m physically capable of doing … and I’m grateful for it. Even if no one else in my family notices, I can still whisper with a tiny smile on my face, “I’m doing this for you, Lord.”

I started this new keto way of eating, I'm realizing that my body is really reacting well to it. I'm so thankful this Sunday I can still enjoy pancakes and coffee. #happymama

Sometimes sometimes sometimes it’s easy to lose us and our happy in the midst of this crazy life journey with fifteen plus years of motherhood tucked in the middle. Tears. You’re not alone, sweet mother, if you’ve ever felt this way. Listen, please, please, please. You are not the only mom who has ever stood in the kitchen with kids running around and dishes piled high and loud noises and tears have filled your eyes as you wondered what happened to happy. It’s okay. For real. I know those moments hurt and can make you feel like you just want to throw your hands in the air and that sometimes you just want a break and sometimes just a hug or to be loved and told you matter.
So listen.

It is okay. You are a good mom. Even in all those moments. 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷It is so important to find our joy even if it's just something like taking a long bath after the kids go to bed or find a good movie. All the stuff can wait, you need this, trust me🤗.

This little man is the best thing that could have happened to me. Before I became a mom, I dreamt of rocking a little boy, I was singing "go to sleep my little kabien". 4 girls and several years later, God gave me my little kabien.

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