I love a visual schedule! Check out my previous post! 😄So I can’t resist sharing this. I got the scruBEE as a gift for my son’s birthday this year and he loves it. Thanks @parrisachambers 😉Real talk, he’s hated baths most of his life and with this he tolerates being washed so much better. It’s easy to hold for bigs and littles and it’s so, so soft. #notsponsored Just passing on a #momhack - the scrubber and the visual schedule! 🙌🏼 Repost: @bigbee_lilbee Download, print, and post “How to Wash Your Hands" by the sink to help make sure they wash their hands. Like actually WASH their hands—as opposed to just swiping their little hands as quickly as possible through the running water. Please feel free to share it! Download Link: https://www.bigbeelittlebee.com/resources/

We had a little incident with permanent marker tonight!🙈 Nothing a little elbow grease & Lemon essential oil won’t fix though! (Swipe left)

So thankful I can reach for these natural alternatives on a daily basis, because Kids!🙈.
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It’s a mood.
Side note: my bambino sleeps at least an extra hour when he is swaddled up nicely! #mood #swaddle #muslin #sleep #babysleep #newborn #infant #momhack #momhacks #mom #hack #hacks #mama #mother #mommy #singlemom #baby #boy #babyboy #bambino

Barf bucket diaries. 🤢😷This flu has hit our family so hard this year. She wore her icekap for 3 days straight. My little girl asks for her icekap every time she has a fever. I’m feeling grateful. #icekap #fever #kidshealing #momhack #flu #barfbucket

“Chip Clips” are expensive! And if not, then they are cheaply made and the springs break and you’re out of luck! These Binder Clips are heavy duty, built to last and can be found in bulk at Office Depot for cheap or even at the Dollar Tree! They work even better if you ask me! And not just for chips! For any bag you need to close back up. We even use ours in the freezer for frozen veggie bags, you name it!

Just today I’ve had texts requesting 4 of these protocols. Is everybody dealing with something, or what? 😕.
Go ahead and bookmark this post and you’ll be set with the top 7 most requested protocols.

1️⃣Immune Support: Diffuse On Guard throughout the house, inhale in your palm, or apply to the bottom of your feet. I have a roller bottle pre-made with 15 drops of On Guard topped with carrier oil. Rub on the bottoms of my feet when I need an immune boost. Kids at school? Rub this on their feet every morning before they head out the door.
2️⃣Sinus Steamer:
1 drop Oregano
2 drops Peppermint
2 drops Lemon
2 drops Melaleuca

Bring a mug of water to a boil and then add drops of oil. Cover your eyes with a cloth (this mix is strong, especially with the Oregano!). Inhale. Don't start directly above the steam either. Start high then bring your nose closer to the mug. I learned that lesson the hard way!

3️⃣For stomach discomfort take 1 drop of Digestzen, and rub it on your abdomen. We have a roller with 15 drops of Digestzen topped with carrier oil. This way my kids can just grab and go and I don't have to worry about over use.


Stuffy nose? Put one drop of Breathe in your palm and inhale. For a cough or chest congestion, add some carrier oil to a drop and rub it on your chest.

5️⃣Body Aches:

Apply Deep Blue topically. Dilute with coconut oil to cover any large areas, increase absorption and extend the life of your oils.

6️⃣Ears (Lavender/Melaleuca): Rub diluted along your jaw line and around your ear. DO NOT put oil directly in ear. Place 1 drop of Melaleuca and Lavender on a cotton ball and gently place in ear.

7️⃣Everything: Use Frankincense daily (1 drop under tongue) for immune support, anxiety, inflammation, headaches and more. Frankincense is a driver oil, which means it makes other oils more powerful.

All starter kits that include these oils also come with $50 in free oils of your choice this month. DM me for details. 💜.
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I got the black lung, Pop.
Nah, our lungs are okay so far. Lots of diffusing and four DIY air purifiers that kind of really kick ass. I’m pretty impressed with them so far. 💁‍♀️
We went to Michael’s the other day and the boys found these headlamp hats and declared that they were in their favorite video game, @spelunky_spelunky. .
#MomHack // When your kids want all the things in the store, tell them that you’ll take a picture of them holding it so you don’t forget what it was and they can ask Santa for it. Also, you can stipulate that the picture to Santa only works if they’re smiling, and that way you have a bunch of pictures of your kids smiling, even if they are holding junk from all the stores. 🙌✨

HAPPY Friday & welcome to all you new faces!! 😍 It’s been a seriously long time since I’ve done an introduction post or ahem some #funfactswithcab 🚕🙋🏼‍♀️ so let’s get to know each other...ready?! 😆
1️⃣. I’m Christi-An but all my friends call me cab therefore you really should too! Totally like the 🚕 but it’s strictly due to my name’s initials...
2️⃣. I was born and raised in Canada but by American parents. I so love being a dual citizen (and having a dual citizen baby too!)! 🇨🇦🇺🇸
3️⃣. I’ve been married to my high school boyfriend for ten years now! We met when I was 3 and he was 5...true story! ❤️
4️⃣. I’m a mom of two girls, Brooklyn Allison and Blake Robin. They are six years apart just like me and my only sibling/sister are exactly six years apart! 💕
5️⃣. I LOVE putting outfits together but working from home/being a mom has changed that up big time! On any typical day you’re gonna find me in a graphic tshirt and ripped jeans and/or leggings. Here however I spruced things up with...BLACK! 🖤
6️⃣. There’s not much a solid run with some seriously loud music can’t fix! Hit the pavement some time - you’ll thank me! 🏃🏼‍♀️🎶
7️⃣. I’m obsessed with all things coffee and target! Surprised? Pretty sure, not! Oh and I’m a sucker for beautiful, overpriced handbags! 😍🙌🏼
8️⃣. A good lip and sunglasses is my super hero #momhack! Seriously, what would you do without me? That tip is gold! #yourewelcome 💄😎
9️⃣. I wasn’t looking for @beautycounter or anything like it for that matter. It was literally gifted into my life and it still BLOWS MY MIND how! A God thing for sure and I’m beyond grateful to be a safer beauty advocate and #workfromanywhere 💁🏼‍♀️📲
🔟. I LOVE people! I love seeing people thrive as individuals while working together to create better communities at large. I LOVE Instagram and these squares we get to share life in!! You’re my people!! 😘😘
Phew 😅 OK you’re turn — tell me something about you that I don’t know!! 🤗 || #lifeinsquares

I'm preparing for an essential oils class that I'm teaching in the morning, and it's so hard to capture and convey how essential these little glass bottles have become for me (see what I did there 😆?). I started using oils 3 years ago at the recommendation of my sister-in-law. I was dealing with some life stresses. Mainly, moving to the burbs, which resulted in a TERRIBLE commute. Sometimes, 2 hours one way 🥴
I found that a swipe of Peppermint on my temples helped me stay alert while driving, and that Lavender lessened the stress of Atlanta traffic. From there, I was ALL in. If those two oils could help so much, what could all of the others do?
So I experimented. I leaned into my oily Facebook community and kept learning. I'm still learning! That's what is so FUN about this. You don't have to know everything right away. You don't have to switch out all of your products right away. You can just take it one oil at a time.
But, you do have to start. Who's ready?? I'm ready to help you along the way!
Link in bio 👉🏻 @missoilery .
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1. Would you like to be famous? I have to shamelessly admit yes
2. If you could have just one superpower, what would it be? Time-travel teleportation. Lol sea what I did there I made it a two-fer?
3. What would your perfect day look like? Waking up to the sun kissing my face, my love kissing my neck and my children hugging me, all next to the ocean in my home I dreamt, going for a long walk and hike through green forest, coming home to a bath and long moment in a big chair, reading something inspiring. I would pick my daughter up and we would go to dance class and celebrate with dessert first and tacos, coming home to enough daylight to paint and watch the sunset in serenity. Finally I would tuck my dear ones into bed and read them a magical story then to my bed and turn it into our ocean, and sleep with my angels.
4. When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up? Paleontologist
5. Favorite ice cream flavor? Vanilla (so basic)
6. What is your favorite song? Wow you gonna hit me with this ? I have to choose? “Naive Melody” Talking Heads
7. If you could define your personality with a color, what would you be? Turquoise
8. Your biggest pet peeve? Dishonesty
9. If you could teach one topic, what would it be? Empowerment
10. Your most important life lesson? To trust myself @rogue_mermaid11

I have to share a secret with y'all...take your littles to the mall to meet Santa on a week night!!!! This has to be my best idea yet!!! We were the only ones there!!! The kids got to chat with Santa for a while and there was zero mom stress!!! Happy mom, happy kids, happy day!! 🎅🤶 Best day we've had in a while!!!

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Ok peeps...now let’s talk #monat #juniorline
First off - it smells AH-MAZE-ING!! It is like a crisp freshly peeled apple, and who doesn’t love that?! Especially in the fall! 🍁 🍃 🍂
It comes with a #shampoo #conditioner and #detangler
AND our detangler is also great for adults. It works magic on knots, AND doubles as a make-up remover 😱
I heart #2fers #momhack #winning 🙌🏻
My lil’ guy’s hair is so... soft and shiny now👌🏻I am obsessed to say the least. Before I found Monat, I was wondering what I would try on him next. His hair was so dry after I washed it, and it was making me sad 😞 #SebastianZane #blessedmama #boymom #toddlermodel #tubbytime #toddlersofinstagram
The BEST part? These products are #tearfree #sulfatefree and #parabenfree
#nontoxic 😍❤️ #yourlittlesdeservegreathairtoo and #mommasneedpeaceofmind
#MONATstyle #MONAThairCARE #crueltyfree #vegan #glutenfree
Comment below, DM me or click the link in my bio to order 😊
Happy FRI-YAY 🎉 🎈 🎊 💃🏻

Where my allergy peeps at? We have the hardest time preparing for a quick outing these days but @creminelli packs are a total game changer!! Our household fave is the Felino Salami & Manchego (sheep’s milk cheese) paired with @crunchmastercrackers Rosemary flavored crackers (GF and totally amazing!) Trust me when I say, pre-made options are not easy to come by for a kid with 30+ food allergies, so these saved the day at Disney 🙌🏻 #momwin
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