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My Lil dude is a real life savage lmao awww man this is classic #MomentsThatMatter

long weekending likeee

One more at the big grad party of my husband, myself & our daughter, Racheal. My focus has been 99.9% on family lately because time goes and we never get that back, ever. Racheal was not into the hoopla of the banquet(I'm grateful for that) & chose a backyard BBQ with family. #momentsthatmatter #familyfirst #makingmemories


Weekend gateaway just got even prettier with this metallic Amber Orange friend 😊
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"Sunsets, like childhood, are viewed with wonder not just because they are beautiful but because they are fleeting."- Richard Paul Evans

long weekending likeee

Today for a little bit of time I had this peaceful and stunning beach to myself. Perfect book reading conditions I must say. Super grateful to experience this place. .
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Holiday weekends are my favorite. My other half puts in such long hours at work regularly that when a log weekend comes up, it feels like we get to just relax finally. That extra day is such a stolen joy. Tucking into bed and knowing that we've got another day of enjoying him before it's back to work is just the best... I hope you are enjoying some extra time with your loved ones as we honor the loved ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. Happy Memorial Day all. To those who serve or who have served, thank you. And love to all who've lost someone in the line of duty... XOXO

Sucre, the white city. Things I did here : strolling, visiting museums and renewing my travel visa, which turned into an epic adventure because it was in a remote part of the city and I couldnt speak very well Spanish at that time. I got lost, took several different collectivos and when I finally got there they told me I had to make copies of my passport. It was in the cars & mechanics neighborhood and it took me like an hour to find a copy shop. There was no other gringo of course and everybody was looking at the me like wtf is she doing there? I returned to immigration and waited in line with my copies only to be told I was at the wrong floor. Another 30 minutes in line hoping everything would be fine this time and thank God I was out with the holy stamp on my passport. To return to the center I was going to take a cab but then I thought...after all I've been trough this morning I think I'm perfectly able to take the bus. Overall it took me way more time than what I had planned but...mission complete!(Didn't take pics of that expedition so here are the museums & city roofs) #travelmemories

Ready for the next adventure.. _________________________________________________
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