Hi, Mama! Are you expecting?

So are we! We are getting ready to reveal our newest FIT4MOM program - MamaWell (a program made just for pregnant mamas) to our FIT4MOM Village! MamaWell is a 42-week prenatal and 6-week postpartum guide with custom workouts and nutrition plans created for each and every week of your pregnancy this program will teach you how to thrive and flourish through each week of your prenatal journey - what to eat, how to move, and where to connect. [Link in bio to be the first to know when MamaWell is available]

Catch me mommy!

Action shot!

As we head back home and we’ll soon be getting back to our routine, I’m thinking this would be the perfect time to do a FREE GROUP that is geared around some BUSY GIRL HACKS! 💁‍♀️
The group will start Monday the 23rd and run for 3 days! Quick and to the point with some quick HIIT workouts for you alongside some quick snack ideas! Also, giving away some of my new beachbars that came in as some prizes! Seriously, THE perfect snack option👌🙌🤗
Since you’re a busy girl, just drop your favorite emoji below to be added to the group! 🐒 [this is one of my mine 😉]

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“we’re not meant to bounce back after babies. we’re meant to step forward into a more awakened, more attuned, and more powerful version of ourselves.” - a quote i saw recently. i’m twelve weeks postpartum today ✨ i have zero interest in “bouncing back” or getting my pre-baby body back. there is no going back - my body created a human and is sustaining that little boy (with the help of a pump + formula). i do have an interest though in creating a new stronger body - one that can resist kid germs, make milk and run after a toddler (or 3 😉). it’s hard to see in this photo, but i still have a 3-finger width gap between my abs (that apparently creates enough of a belly that a woman at target asked if i was expecting 🙄) so i’m working to heal that first so i can get back into the swing of things!
i’m also currently writing a blog post all about postpartum so if you have any questions (my homebirth to c-section, breastfeeding struggles, postpartum healing diet, anything!), let me know and i’ll answer them in the post!

Day 30/80
Can’t believe I’m already on day 30! Only 50 more to go 😂😂This phase 2 is definitely challenging me more mentally. I catch myself thinking “i can’t do this” or “this is too hard” more often so far in this phase. But that’s always how it’s been for me, working out has always been more of a mental struggle than a physical one.
What about you? Do you find it’s easy to get going but hard to do the moves? Or is it a battle just mentally getting yourself to do it?
Whatever your struggle, know that you CAN do it. A sloppy messy workout on the struggle bus is better than none at all! And no matter what it looks like, a workout is gonna get those endorphins flowing no matter what. Do it for that after-endorphin-happy-high!

“Walk with me...we’ll figure out where we’re going later.” That’s motherhood sometimes, right? Double tap if you totally feel me? 🌾

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So excited to see this munchkins face!!! He’ll be asleep by the time we get home, but we’ll be ready for him first thing in the morning!😍
We know he had lots of fun with the grandparents from park time, to show shopping, working in the garden, and showing up at Grandma Su-Su’s work. 🤗
One more flight and a little drive and home sweet home 🏡 💕 🏡 .

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Finally getting over our stupid stomach bug, but so glad it’s almost the weekend 🌿

The cutest day of the year by far! Love him so, so much! #greysondoesfive #mothersdaybrunch #slowdownlittleman #thesearethedays #momentsofmotherhood #boymom

Moments like this are why I desire to learn to play and fill my home with music 🎶😍❤️ #abrampaultillman

Sweet Mara is three months old today! We have had the best three months with her, she is such a good baby. We are still nursing which has been an amazing experience so far. And she is even sleeping through the night! Which is amazing for mama! She loves music and her mobile in her crib. She has been “talking” a lot more and loves to kick her little legs. Which is one of my favorite things about babies at this age. 😍 Life with two has gotten much easier, and we are loving every (ok.. most) minute of it. We love you so much little sister! 💜

When I was younger I always wanted to go out to eat. Now all I crave is home cooking. Does that make me officially old? I think it makes me officially old 🤷‍♀️ #homecookedmeal #homebody #doesthismeanimgettingold #fishtacosftw

Make the road by walking 🎵#bowmanfamilytravels

We all struggle and we are always looking for relief of our struggle. But if I've learned anything the last few days is struggle and pain are hard but it doesn't change the glorious mighty power of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am going on day 5 with an on again off again headache. I just can't seem to shake what's going on. I have, however, pushed through the day by Gods grace and made it to two women's groups this past week. Teaching on contentment and how precious our faith is to the Lord. Two areas of my life that have I didn't think I struggled in until I really looked deep into my heart. 5 days of a headache makes it hard to be content with life right now and the constant pain which then makes my faith lack for my prayers are not being answered in getting relief. As I thought about all of this I kept thinking "what is the Lord trying to show me?!" Where the Lord has me (even in the pain) and how can I bring Him glory? Ask yourself these questions when you are facing trials. The Lord truly cares and through it all, I can praise Him! I can praise Him for saving me by sending his son to die on the cross for my sins. I can Praise Him for his goodness in my life even through the head pains. I can praise Him because He is good and I may never know why I am dealing with this, it doesn't change his goodness. Through it all, I can find the joy to praise Him rather than sit in my sorrows. May you be encouraged today that through the pain and sufferings we can praise the Lord for the greater things He has done and is doing.

When her sleepwear matches her doll. On a side note, how is she already 3 weeks old? #EmilyRita #3weeksold

So, Emarie and I are usually connected at the hip while Kevin and Kaison are off living their lives so I hardly get a good shot of my little man. I want to shine some light on my firstborn because he’s been rolling with me since my very first day of motherhood. This kid is full of light and has the coolest spirit I know. Being his mom taught me not to sweat the small stuff. I love this guy. This one is for you, Kai. #mamalovesyou

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