Did anyone else’s kid inform them they’ve changed their minds on their Halloween costume? After you’ve purchased them for the whole family already? Just mine? COOL. This kid, y’all. Challenging me every single day of my life. #toolatedude #sorrynotsorry #babyboybarcus

“She makes parenting seem so easy, it’s not easy at all. She just posts the good stuff.” —-> I’ve heard that people have said this to others about me and I’ve had people say it to my face as well.
Here’s the thing... Parenting is NOT easy.

BUT...it’s a whole lot easier when you start babysitting at the age of 10. It’s a whole lot easier if you help your Mom with babies & kids even before that. It’s a whole lot easier when you start nannying when you’re 15 & continue to do it pretty much nonstop until you’re 28.
Maybe for me it might be easier than it is for most just because I’ve had A LOT of experience!
I wouldn’t go into an auto body shop expecting to know how to build a motor. They make it look pretty dang easy! BUT...Here’s the thing, the mechanics go to school, they work hard & practice their profession every single day.
Pro sports players sure make sports look easy right? Well, they’ve probably been practicing since they were little & hellooooo...they train every day.
I could keep going but you get the point!
Not many people know what the heck to do with a baby!! You have to learn!! AND....you have to relearn if you have more than one!
For those of you who’ve thought the thoughts above or said something... Remember...I’ve had A LOT of practice!! Do I get frustrated sometimes? YEP! Do I get annoyed? YEP. I’m human!
If you ever find yourself ever thinking that about me or anyone else...they’ve probably just had more time with kids && they truly love being a Momma. Nobody is a “better” parent than someone else. We’re all doing our best & we’re the best parents for our children.
P.s. YES...I also am extremely obsessed with being a Momma && I don’t give an F if anyone thinks I fake how much I love it! It’s real, complete insane love. Even the messy parts. 😜✌🏼 Think about this too - Nobody makes a career out of hanging out with kids who isn’t obsessed. (And if they aren’t, they’re cray, because we all know kids can be just that!!) Also...I did a thing and bought a domain name!!! —> Let the blogging begin!!! For now go follow my Mom insta that I share with my Sister who has 3 kids - mom_swag_and_diaper_bags 💫 📸@Shines Photography

Good day for dolphin spotting in the Richmond river Ballina. Been hanging with a pod of about 22 dolphins with young at the river mouth but too exciting to take photo. 🐬 thank you out of the blue adventures #outoftheblueadventures #richmondriver #richmondriverballina #ballina #dolphin #dolphins #dolphinspotting #momentsofjoy #momentsofmine #life #bigblue #naturelover #naturegirl

caffeine + kindness

Here’s to a better day tomorrow... 🌸

The BIGGEST reason I haven’t given up on my goals, is because I have the accountability of others. Because I know others are counting on me to show up, just as much as I’m counting on them.

Today in my accountability group we talked about staying committed past the honeymoon stage. See, for most people everything is exciting when it’s fresh and new. We are all in on something for the first week, 2 weeks even month, and once reality starts to set in, once the honeymoon is over. Once shit starts to get real...😳
We start to question,
”Can I really do this?”
The answer: YES YOU CAN!
If you quit now, chances are you’re quitting before the magic happens! Before it starts to get really good.

For me, on the days that are really tough, in the seasons of life that feel extra challenging, I lean into my accountability groups even more. I lean into the hard, and embrace it for what it is.
If I don’t show up for my girls, what kind of message am I sending them?
What kind of message am I sending myself?

This season of life for me, has been a season of major change. It’s been tough. I have had to readjust and change some things up so I can stick to my goals. In this season of life I am grateful to my accountability groups more than ever!💜

So, to all my challengers. Past, present, and future, thank you for showing up for me! Thank you for letting me show up for you! You all have been monumental in my dedication and my commitment to being the best version of myself!✨

Are you someone that is looking for a little extra motivation? A little extra accountability to stick to your goals? Message me ladies! Its always more fun when you link arms with others!💛

the two people I love most ✨

~Hey there pumpkin~ .
Which are your favorites? I love the white and blue ones but the traditional orange pumpkins are forever my favorite🧡😍
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There are some new followers here, so I think now is a good time for a re-introduction. That’s me in the photo, I’m Valery (aka @valerybrennan), and I run Fiercely. This is a lifestyle brand established to celebrate feminism, women’s empowerment, and the productivity of women’s rage. That last part is new, but it feels right for me today. And I know a lot of you are feeling the same way. Everything is designed by me, ethically made, and every sale also includes a donation to an organization that supports women. You can read more about the donation process on shopfiercely.com, but you do get to choose from one of five organizations at checkout which is pretty dang cool. Fiercely also charges the same price for all sizes, because different bodies don’t have different price tags. I currently live in Denver with my husband and two dogs, most days you can find me with a laptop and Netflix on the TV. Right now my current binge is Better Call Saul, but I just finished Dancing Queen yesterday. What about you? Tell me a little bit about yourself! How did you find Fiercely? Where do you live? How’s your day going? 💕

We’ll be here, enjoying all the fall weather we’ve been having 🙌🏼🍂🐶

Junie girl, I hope you always know how treasured and loved you are.

He knows how to say no😳

Just a cozy little Tuesday night downtown with Ruston Kelly. • hey @newportfolkfest can we bring this guy to the fort next year please?

Starting our mornings with a quick coffee run! Usually an instant coffee will get me by (even though I dream of a proper coffee all day) but not this morning so we treated ourselves! .
Happy Wednesday! 🌻
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Missing these people tonight. ❤️
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