Part of the process is believing in yourself.

If you don't believe in yourself, who will?

Eating my trail mix, talking with the girls.
This is what it's about.
Can you text the gym & get personal about how you feel?
Tell them your struggles,
Tell them you feel defeated?

Prob not.
I am here for my team. When in doubt I reassure them why we chose this particular battle.
Nobody said it would be easy.
..but are we supposed to let fear immobilze us to the extent of never stepping out of our comfort zone?
Are we supposed to let that fear of rejection hold us back?

No! - We feed off of it. We use it as gas. This is our new zone.
Rejection - ah yes the key in doubt. Do we ever really face rejection if we don't quit?

We are accountable to one another not ourselves but each other.
We tell it like it is.
This is real.
It takes courage.

Not in the moment courage, real courage taking initiative. There is a difference.

We are the difference.
This is our story.

My morning run before attacking the day with my own terms, thinking only on each movement and working my body.
Run on 🏃🏻‍♀️
A vibrant yellow and brown butterfly darted through the flowers and by my side. As fascinating as they are eye catching, butterflies have always delighted me, especially their glistening appearance as they fly. I stride purposefully and lengthened my stride. I smiled as the butterfly and I ran on. And before I finished my run, the butterfly fluttered away.
Today is the start of a new academic year for college students, including my son. I thought about my college life, reliving in my memories. I loved many things about my college life; I loved learning (still do), the camaraderie, the freedom. But I believe we learn best by experience, by trying, failing, trying again. This is our natural journey. We get by with what we know and add more with each experience.
I slowed down, I was tired. I should go home. I made a huge to-do list for today.
An ordinary day with an ordinary insect. The butterfly counts not time but moments. 🦋 #morningrun #myfitnessjourney #fitnessgoals #moments #mindfulness #ateneodemanila

August plants.

My heart melts every time she holds my leg... it’s such a genuine gesture of wanting to be close and I treasure these moments 💕 because I know the years are short and before I know it she’ll be a teen wanting to hang with her friends over me. #motherdaughter #momentslikethese #loveher #futurebigsister #30weekspregnant #babybump

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A long walk home #mycityadventures

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