Nothing is as spectacular or as miraculous as creating a little being and carrying its beautiful soul within you. Even if being pregnant was hard and had its toll on me, I’d do it again and again just for the incredible love and joy of seeing our very own newborn child’s face for the first time. Chills. 💕

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A cousin a day keeps the boredom away.

When we moved to NC we had no idea that we would be part of this bus conversion 🚌 (Skoolie) community! But here we are documenting our day and meeting inspiring people along the way! The theme that I see when we meet people in this community is that we are all being intentional about searching for a better quality of life. Saying that we don’t need a huge mortgage or a big house to be happy. We need community, life experiences and kindness. Things that will make this world a better place for ALL. • See this Bus in our latest @youtube video with @blueridgeconversions 🚎✌️

My happy when I'm sad
My high when I'm low
My strength when I'm weak
My spark when I'm flat
My goofy, my loving, my thoughtful, my charming.
Love you for who you are. Love you for choosing me. Love you for the Daddy you've become and how wonderful you are at caring for us. Love you for loving me. Love you unconditionally.
So much to be grateful for... so much to look forward to!
The best is yet to be.

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I’m thankful today for my husband, who takes excellent care of me, and for my friends, who have refused to let me be lonely, even though I don’t have energy to get out of bed or even speak. Also, the blender. I couldn’t be more thankful for a blender that will effectively liquefy whatever! I’m also thankful for flowers and peppermint essential oil. 🌼🧡👌🏻

I first met Lindsey from @ryanandrose in 2015. We quickly became friends, bouncing business ideas off of one another, and met in person a year later. Since then, I’ve seen Lindsey’s dedication to her family, the Lord, and her business bloom at an exponential rate. I am so blessed to call Lindsey a friend and excited to announce the launch of her newest product PATpat. PATpat is a pacifier and teether, in one. I ordered mine this morning 🤗 I encourage you to support this small business and order yours, today! Ryan’s wearing a Mauve Ryan Bow from #livieloos 🎀 #ryanandrose #shopsmall

Meanwhile in the living room the sideboard is quite naked. On a side note - picked this mirror up yesterday. What do you think? #newin

Start to a busy week, sending calm and serenity vibes your way 🌊 #SelfcareBeauty
Blue agate for much needed stress relief, new beginnings and antidote to a hectic start.

Fight your case of the Mondays with macarons. 73% proven to lift your spirits. Orrrrrr something.

i’m a sucker for amazing skies. 😍

All my children bring me joy. But these two little girls at the end of the line of children are just so fun. If you can plan your life to have two little girls last, I highly recommend it.😜 #WildHoneysuckleDays #littlegirls 😍

Sunlight is therapy. ☀️

It's quickly become a tradition here that when we date, we get ice cream. And im really ok with that.
I'm learning to hold on tight to all those small moments, because time is so fleeting and we never know how much of it we will get. And even still, the "last time" will come and we won't know it until it's passed.
Date your kids.
Cherish the small things.
Hold them close.

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