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The city didn't turn out to be what she had expected. A little more hustle and bustle would have been nice.
Perhaps it was her own doing.
Perhaps not.
She felt dormant.
The routine, the job, the isolation…
It’s a cliquey city they’d tell her.
Yet as the years went by, one by one, she found the things she sought.
Like anything, good things tend to come to those who wait; more so to those who don't.
So she changed.
Changed her habits.
Changed her hobbies.
Changed her hair.
Changed herself.
Not for better or worse, just different.
To adapt.
We all adapt.

Or perhaps it was the city after all.

He was reminded of the little forest by his childhood home. The large eucalyptus trees that seemed to grow wild in the center of the city.
Relics of another time.
He recalled the day they all went out in search for bats in the tree tops.
They were ten.
And all they could think of back then was that the danger was real.
It wasn’t.
Nevertheless, adventure called.
Now, twenty years later, the trees seemed smaller, those friends long gone.
But the bats were still there.
And adventure was still waiting just around the corner.

She picked a spot in the horizon and gazed straight through it. ‘Between here and there lies eternity’, she thought.
All of life.
All of love.
Between here and there we exist.

Bring it on, he thought to himself.
Bring it on.
Bring on the bills, the rent, the fighting, the illness. Bring on the headaches.
Bring on the early mornings, the late nights, the overtime and the shitty job.
Bring on the casual racism that everybody got used to by now, bring on the friend that comes and says, it’ll be all right. Fuck him, he doesn’t know.
Bring on the fatigue. The hunger.
Bring on the loneliness.
Bring on the pain.
Bring on the struggle.
Bring it on.
Because without it, there is no journey.

The constant motion made him feel like he was traveling far away.
Across the ocean.
To new shores.
A place where he would settle his imagination.
Visible but never present.
Always just out of grasp.
For a moment, he was there.
For a moment he free.


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