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The city didn't turn out to be what she had expected. A little more hustle and bustle would have been nice.
Perhaps it was her own doing.
Perhaps not.
She felt dormant.
The routine, the job, the isolation…
It’s a cliquey city they’d tell her.
Yet as the years went by, one by one, she found the things she sought.
Like anything, good things tend to come to those who wait; more so to those who don't.
So she changed.
Changed her habits.
Changed her hobbies.
Changed her hair.
Changed herself.
Not for better or worse, just different.
To adapt.
We all adapt.

Or perhaps it was the city after all.

He used to liked traveling.
Each trip used to be an adventure, the process itself was, even as an adult. He was always excited to go and see something new.
Mostly he kept to himself on these trips, traveling alone. Every now and then he’d meet a friend between work engagements, but for the most part it was his little getaway.
He liked people watching in foreign cities. He felt like it was a window into the soul of the city. It’s life blood. By looking at them, at their faces, their eyes, their wrinkles, he’d connect to the world in a way that transcended his everyday existence. He’d absorb their stories, their history. He’d become one with them.
But not this time.
This time he’d take the plane back to his hometown. To his parents house. To the hospital.
The eyes he’d look into wouldn’t be of strangers. And the wrinkles would tell stories he knew very well.

She spent most of her time catching up on missed opportunities. Her list went on for ages. Years of goals never reached, books never read, people never met.
That’s not to say that she hasn’t accomplished a lot during her life. She raised a family, traveled, built a career, and loved - more than she ever thought she could. When she decided that this would be the year she’d make up for all that lost time, her husband laughed. ‘Always look forward, never back’ he’d say. He really didn’t get it, that’s what she was doing.
When she finished the book she didn’t get it.
She felt old.

The constant motion made him feel like he was traveling far away.
Across the ocean.
To new shores.
A place where he would settle his imagination.
Visible but never present.
Always just out of grasp.
For a moment, he was there.
For a moment he free.


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