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Starting off the new year with SWEAT 💦. The holidays are now officially over and it's time for me whip myself back into shape! So I am loading myself up with cardio and doing around round of CIZE! I even remembered to take before pictures because I always seem to forget to do that part. Here's to day 1 of cize with crazy 8s.
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So holy cow I can't believe this was me...the first three pictures are from the heaviest I've ever been and the last three are from within the past week.
#thankyoubeachbody #hardworkpaysoff #mombodturnedmilfbod #cantstopmenow #slightlyaddictedtoworkingoutnow

After tomorrow's workout I will be 1/3 of the way done with Core De Force! I am feeling so much stronger and more confident about myself. All my work, all the weight I've lost, I've done from the comfort of my own home. My accountability falls on me and I get pushed by a lot of amazing ladies 💪😘😍! I can't wait to see where ill be in 20 days from now!
#coredeforce #day9of30 #powersculpt #mombodturnedmilfbod #bestrongerthanyourexcuses #dripsweatdaily 💦 #beachbody #beachbodybeliever

Anotha day anotha sweat dripping workout 💪💦💪💦💪💦
#day4of30 #coredeforce #powersculpt #feelintheburnbaby #mombodturnedmilfbod #cantstopwontstop

MMA Speed complete ✔ shower ✔ melting into my couch now after a long day with my kiddos and killing my work out 🙌✔
Feeling pretty great right now. I had zero energy for the hour before the kids went to bed but still forced myself to hit play because I WANT THIS! Let me tell you, I ain't even mad!
#day3outof30 #coredeforce #mmaspeed #crushedit #beachbodybeliever #mombodturnedmilfbod #drippingsweat #iaintevenmad

Really needed today's workout to feel better. Honestly I was looking forward to my workout all day! Now I am feeling a million times better👊💪🙌
I must have picked the worst week for myself to pick up working out again because for like 3 days in a row for real reasons I wasn't able to get my workout in. So today I decided to just start my program over from day one. I picked this program for a reason to stick with the plan so here is to day one all over again!
#coredeforce #day1of30 #mmaspeed #workouttofeelgood #workouttolookgood #drippingsweat 💦#mombodturnedmilfbod

Yesterday due to an active family day I wasn't able to get my workout in but did enjoy playing outside with the kids as they rode their bikes. Today I made sure nothing would set me off track further because once I start letting days slide without reason I know myself, and I quit too easily. Yes this has happened countless times! But I want this and I am not giving up! So today I did yesterdays workout which is day 4 for me. I was dreading pushing play today. I have been tired all day long but I knew that sitting on my couch I'd be mother fucking myself for not just doing it. Because I wasn't excited for this tonight, I was really hard on myself the whole workout. I got mad I wasn't able to do this one fucking reverse round kick that just looks so easy on the program. My arms from the past 3days of pushups (and before this i couldn't do a push up) are jello and I bitched and cried yes I cried tears during this workout but I got it done. Taking this selfie I was still feeling like crying because I felt like I was working so hard but not getting it. But I completed today's #powersculpt and now that my heart isn't racing anymore i feel so accomplished 💪👌🙌
#coredeforce #ididntquit #ifeellikejello #mombodturnedmilfbod #drippingsweat #strongerthanyesterday

Special shout out and thank you to @thekindafitchick for her workout post that made me have to push play and not just sit on my couch another day! #accountabilityiskey #sheismymotivationmonday 😊😊

Day 3 done and I can feel my sides and pecs so much! #coredeforce you are a champion and I am on track to becoming a #champion 💪
#itworksifyouworkit #pushthroughyourexcuses #mombodturnedmilfbod #gettingstrongereveryday

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