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The cutest fight?! 😂 [ @officialbck for more ]
#siblings #love #siblingfight #pregnancybeyond @officialbck

A lot of us are pretty good at celebrating our growing bumps 💕 I've definitely perfected the baby bump hold. ☺️ But then SO many women want their body to bounce back like that whole 9 months didn't just happen. Do you know that it takes your uterus 4-6 weeks to shrink back down to normal size? My body is also recovering, producing milk, sleep deprived and toddler chasing. My belly is still round and I have zero idea how much I weigh. My postpartum mindset is to lead with grace and self love. Not to rush it, but focus on nourishing myself to nourish my little person. I'm showing my belly in pictures to help normalize the process for other mamas. I also wanted to grab a nice photo with Trey, but he absolutely refused to leave my boob all day, so this is what we got. This is mamahood for me right now. 🐮💙

Will do crunches for pizza 🍕
While Jaxin sleeps, I try to get little at-home workouts in. I could probably use the little meatball as weight!
Tank + joggers: @live_fit_apparel
'BSKYLVFT' saves you $ 🖤 | #LVFT #TEAMLVFT
Yoga mat: @lookatdatmat

No matter how many times I tell 👶🏼 “hair is not for pulling”, he still loooves to yank out the little baby ones on the back of my head 🤦🏼‍♀️. So, I am pleased to see all these little regrowth hairs in this video 🤣💁🏼‍♀️🙌🏼.
Okay, on to bigger and better things!👇🏼
-Angled Glute Leg Lifts- Double/Single leg
Watch the direction my feet and knees are traveling 🗝. Your chest should be resting on the bench. I have to modify because I am nursing 🐮.
-Glute Flutter Kicks
-Glute Alternating Leg Lifts
-Smith Machine Quadruped Kickback
This is done very slow and controlled or you will rack yourself 🤦🏼‍♀️. You should be driving hard through the heel of your foot and NOT the arch. I say this because I hear many of you feeling it in your hamstrings and not in your 🍑. I also prefer to be on my elbows, personal preference.
-Matrix S-Drive Performance Trainer 🙌🏼
Sideways stepping- Cranked up the sled resistance and am driving my weight through the heels of my feet. My glutes were shot after this 😭. More to come regarding this machine, esp. the parachute attachment 🤐😓.
Link in Bio for supps! @legionath
Legion Whey+ Protein ⚡️

37 weeks pregnant vs. 6 days postpartum. My baby girl is almost a week old! How did that happen?? Now I just need time to slow down. I’m enjoying every bit of the baby snuggles. This thing called momlife is pretty great. 💕
Repost from @kaysewhite .
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Wasze Must Have na zimę ... 😉
Dziewczyny co macie na swojej modowej liście Must Have na ten sezon? .... Ja szczuczne futerko! mam nadzieję że dziś je upoluje 😂😂😂
miłej niedzieli kochani 🤗🤗🤗
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The 7 differences:
▪️ 39 weeks / 3 months.
▪️ Open jeans / closed jeans.
▪ Two hands free / One free hand.
▪️ Ironed hair / Hair with air drying.
▪️ And the most important Luca inside / Luca out 😍
📷 @mamasandia
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I bought these jeans a couple months ago with the hopes that I could fit into them by Thanksgiving 🦃 Size 8!!! Not stretchy! 😂 a lil snug but hey I’ll take it 🙆🏼‍♀️ what’s been REALLY working for me is •working out in the morning so I can start intermittent fasting earlier. •I’ve been strictly intermittent fasting from 5:30-6pm till 7:30am •intuitively eating 🙌🏼🙌🏼 •focusing on protein •not weighing myself 💯
I haven’t been logging my food or fretting over any thing specific &...mind blown. It’s been amazing. Back to the basics of how I first saw all my results & guess what I’m seeing results again in my lifts and body. 🖤

A little repost to celebrate #gratefulformybodynov (@deliciouslyfitnhealthy)and #bodybethankful (@sarahaleyfit). ❤️❤️❤️❤️
As I was doing some stretches this morning, I looked down at my stomach, rolls and lines and skin, and thought, "Holy hell, that is so much skin. I hate it!" I took my pouty ass into the bedroom to check on my boys. They were playing peacefully. I glanced in the mirror, the same spot I stood more than three years ago for a picture, so proud of my body then for making it so far into that twin pregnancy. Remembering that pride and what my body accomplished, I reframed my crap attitude and said to myself..."Dude! You had 7 and 6 pound twins. Healthy, beautiful twins. And there they are." Why would I ever do anything other than celebrate that?
Sometimes a little self-reflection is in order, mamas. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we are meant to carry the story of our children on our bodies. That is the NORM! Can you imagine if our culture celebrated a mother's body for all it has accomplished instead of celebrating her "bounce back"? What if the magazine cover in the grocery store read: "How (insert celebrity name) celebrates her new mom bod." -----------------------------------------
My body is freaking epic and so is yours. Just a friendly reminder on this ordinary Sunday. -----------------------------------------
#getmomstrong #takebackpostpartum #mombod #mom #momlife #twinmom #momofmultiples #momof3 #boymom #postpartum #bodyafterbaby #selflove #bodypositive #loveyourself #motherhood #fitmom #momstrong #mommyhood #mommytummy #newmom #postpartumbody
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Zurück zu gesunden Gewohnheiten🌱
Nachdem das Wochenbett bereits seit Monaten abgeschlossen, der Alltag längst wieder eingekehrt ist und ich es geschafft habe in 4 Monaten des Stillens ernsthaft nochmal zusätzliche 5kg draufzupacken #ooops 😰....wird es nun Zeit etwas zu ändern.
Ich befinde mich mit 86kg (177cm) weit oberhalb eines gesunden Gewichts und von Wohlfühlen kann keine Rede mehr sein.
Wie es soweit kommen konnte?
#dasfrageichmichauch 🤗
Nein, nicht wirklich.
Ich ernähre mich vollwertig und gesund zu den Hauptmahlzeiten, ABER zwischendurch nicht.
Tschüss Mitternachtssnack
Adieu tägliches Stück Kuchen
Ciao "...och, da passt noch ein Eis rein"
Die Ausnahme ist längst zur Regel geworden. Und das hört jetzt auf. ▫️
Die kleinen Dinge machen den Unterschied 😄
Schönen Start in die neue Woche💖
#gesundheitistalles #herbst #tragebaby #marsupi #übergewicht #abnehmen #mombod #afterbabybody #weightloss #overweight #health #change #momlife #motherhood #vegan #healthymom #potd

Post pregnancy body. 8 weeks since I gave birth. My body has changed and I have a little tummy, but I'm quite satisfied.
#postpregnancy #postpregnancybody #mom #mommy #mombod

I used 200g of yesterday’s chicken from my mealprep to make dinner for hubby and I so I wouldn’t have to cook again 😅
Kinda did a take on a poke bowl again, minus the fish and plus the chicken 😝 so I guess I’d call it a 🐓 bowl haha. Anyway it was super quick and all you need are 6 ingredients: (1 serve)
-100g chicken breast diced
-50g green beans
-50g frozen corn/peas mix
-pickled ginger
-125g brown rice/quinoa mix microwavable
-1-2tbs soya sauce
-Pan fry diced chicken breast (can add your own seasoning if you like)
-Slice green beans into halves and steam for 3min
-Blanch frozen corn/peas.
-Microwave rice/quinoa for 90sec
-Then throw it all in a bowl!😋😋
Macros: 429Cals, 34P, 48C, 10F

I say this so often. It's how you carry yourself not how you look. I think some of the sexiest people are ones who smile 😄say hello to others 🙋🏻 are kind and laugh often 😂 That is sexy as hell to me 💋Point is, don't beat yourself up trying to look like a VS model 👙 (they're scary as hell anyways) just be you! Xo #loveyourself #bekind #laugh #smile

Late post from Veterans Day. 🇺🇸❤️
#pinup #USA #mombod #supportourtroops #3monthspostpartum #2under2 #wegogo

LET'S KEEP IT REAL: Here's a pic of me sitting down where you can see the folds of my skin. Sure when I stand up, my skin is stretched/pulled enough to where my stomach looks tighter then it really is and like my body didn't change too much after having a child but that simply isn't reality. I have tons of stretched out extra skin and no matter how lean I get, I will always have it. I get frustrated or insecure like the next mom but as my boyfriend reminded me of the other day, the fact that my body has given life and has sustained another human being in it, is something that makes me me and is absolutely beautiful. Moms and non moms, let's keep it real. Let's encourage one another. Let's love and embrace our squishy, foldy, beautiful and ever changing bodies. #fitmomsofig #momswholift #igmoms #momswithabs #mombod #mombodies #womenwholift #mealprepsunday #giveroflife #mamabear #pregnancy #afterkids #loveyourself #flawsandall #keepitreal I had to filter this pic because of the bags under my eyes but you can still see them. Oh well 🤷🏽‍♀️ more #momprobs

Shamelessly loving myself. I am so amazed at what my body can do. Birthing three living children and providing them sustenance from my body, continuing every day to be fierce and strong and be my true self and live my truth. #lips #eyebrows #selflove #bopo #bodypositivity #woman #mommy #mombod #momof3 #motherhood #breastfeeding #strong #fierce #beautiful #real #confidence #killingit

Rest day today after workouts for 7 days straight and being awake from 1 till 4.30 this morning for no reason 😴😴
Have a great day and never skip a Monday... unless it's rest day 😂

#instafam #instafit #inspiration #exercise #lovelife #momof3 #livewell #fitness #fitnessmotivation #selfbelief #weights #girlswholift #momlife #momspiration #fitspiration #fitspo #workout #bod #bodypositive #strongnotskinny #weights #girlswholift #momlife #momspiration #rest #eatcleantrainmean #nopainnogain #loveyourself #momtummy #mombod

Feeling on top of the world! 36 hours ago I was doubled over in the worst pain imaginable (and no, it’s not worse than childbirth, ain’t nothin’ worse than that😝) passing a kidney stone- check out my stories for all the gore details. And today I finished my last workout of this round of Shift Shop! Ok, here are the facts (according to me) about this program. Hands down my FAVORITE program so far! This program has the PERFECT mix of cardio and weights AND compound movements to work the entire body! I’ve seen more changes in my body in 6 weeks than I have in nearly 2 years! This program is EVERYTHING! Now, I just have to figure out what I’m doing next.... 🤔
#fitmom #fitfromhome #fitafterkids #fitat40 #fitatforty #mombod #postbabybody #betterafterkids #homeworkouts #beachbody #beachbodymom #beachbodycoach #shiftshop #shiftshopround2 #momswhoworkout #momswholift #dubaimoms #dubaimums #dubaifitness #dubaifitfam

REGISTRATION IS OPEN!!! The FREE 21 Days to Fit Mom Challenge starts Monday 4th December! Eeekk! 🙂. Save your place NOW! Link in bio!

This is your Plan to A Holiday Season Feeling Fit, Healthy and Confident. This Challenge is the perfect set up to start 2018 feeling great inside and out.

We will be working towards feeling fit, healthy and confident this Christmas and New Year.

Suitable for during pregnancy, new moms, intermediate and advanced moms!!! Breastfeeding moms welcome. •
Here is what is included:
🔹5 NEW fat burning and toning workouts each week - written schedule, written plan and video demonstrations so that you know exactly what to do when (workouts can be done at home or in the gym with dumbbells)
🔹Nutrition guides to help you stay on track and fight off the temptation of binge eating and too much snacking leading up to the holidays
🔹Weekly bonus fitness challenges to keep the Challenge fun and challenging for all levels
🔹Weekly bonus nutrition challenges to help you really stay on track and motivated
🔹Daily support and motivation via a closed Facebook group - I personally will work with you through the whole challenge along with a great group of moms.
🔹Modifications for during pregnancy and postpartum to help you stay safe from injury and continue healing after birth.
🔹Live coaching calls from me, your coach on health, fitness, motivation and more!

Sign up via my website! www.thefitmomsplan.com or link in bio

Make sure that you add my email address to your contacts (thefitmomsplan@outlook.com) so that you don't miss out on all of the information and workouts and be sure to request a sign up the Facebook group (details of which will be in the first email you receive from me after registration!). Check your junk mail if you do not immediately receive an email after signing up!

Please share with friends, family and followers so that as many moms as possible can benefit from this exclusive offer! Plus it will make it more fun and motivating to do it with moms you know!


Gratitude requires awareness and effort not only to feel it but to express it. #attitudeofgratitude

Traveling 🚗
Family 🙈
Out of your everyday routine 🗓
Lots of temptations around🍫🎂🍰🍦🍭🍪 I mean thanksgiving should NOT make you feeel like you NEED to eat 3-4 plates of dinner!

I just got off a call with 50 other leaders in the company and Autumn Calabrese!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 We all know the holidays can cause stress. Stress literally lives in your gut! Making it that much harder to get healthy and lose weight!
Do something for yourself that will help to de-stress.
Workout 🏋🏼‍♀️
Eat a healthy meal 🥗🍗🍠🍌
Read a good book ( personal development ) 📖
Have a dance party when you " should be " cleaning 💃🏼 Whatever it is prep what you can and expect some extra unexpected chaos! ENJOY your holiday week!

I'm sorry for my annoying belly posts but I can't help that I wanna share my excitement of her growth with you guys 🤗🤣 #babybump #29weekspregnant #7monthspregnant #mombod #bellybump #almostthere #thirdtrimester

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