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My two peas in a pod.
For every similarity they share, there is a difference that sets them apart.
Comparison really is the thief of joy and I have spent an afternoon in that groggy mindset. I sometimes get lost in the messy details that make an experience with one of them, more challenging than my projection of what I experienced with the other.
Im refocusing on the beauty in both journeys and revelling in their individual personalities.
After all, it's what makes them, them.
It's what makes my relationship with each of them so unique.
And it's what makes their relationship with each other exactly what it is... pure magic ✨

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Sometimes I do my workouts solo, but usually I have a little monkey on my back making each exercise 40 lbs harder. 🐒😅
Love using @persilproclean Intense Fresh to get my workout clothes smelling fresh again after even the most intense workout (attempting planks and push ups with Isabelle on my back definitely counts as intense haha 😜). Available at retailers in Canada. #PersilProClean #ad

Still desperately trying to get my kids to wear flower crowns.. Norah refused to even come into the room, even after me begging "pleeeaaase, it will be sooo cuuuute!" 😆

Sliding Doors. When a moment can change your life! 🚪✨ ~ Ci avete mai pensato a come sarebbero andate a finire le cose se avessimo preso strade o decisioni differenti? È l'effetto sliding doors, quello che prevede la costruzione di un destino diverso per ogni scelta fatta. Quello che apre e chiude continuamente possibilità di vita, quello che ti fa svegliare pieno di rimpianti o assolutamente appagato ✨ [Se oggi incontrassi la me medesima di dieci - o anche quindici - anni fa, quella ferma davanti ad una porta che sta per chiudersi, le direi di stare tranquilla e che tutto andrà bene. Le direi di seguire il suo istinto, perché la porterà lontano. Di chilometri e non. Le direi che la catena di anime umane ritratte qui - la mia famiglia - è la risposta e che con loro oggi aspetto il prossimo treno dove salire o forse no 🎈Se poteva andare diversamente non lo saprò mai ed onestamente, non mi interessa.]

Tale madre, tale figlia: due pagliacci 🤡😝. Grazie per i sorrisi che mi fai fare anche quando è l'ultima cosa che vorrei, spero un giorno di ricambiare la forza che mi dai 🤞🏼💪🏼.

She still calls a rash a radish ("oh no Mama, Harry has a radish") says scoop instead of scoot ("can you scoop over") and exciting instead of excited (I'm so exciting to go to preschool"). I think these are the last three and I know there is a part of me that will mourn the day she says rash instead of radish. My funny, emotional, fierce & sweet, little La La girl. #thingsiwanttoremember #holdthemoments #threeyearsold



🎀 NEW TO THE SHOP 🎀 Where's all my girl moms at!!! Here's your new fav tank!!! Remember all designs can be put on t-shirts too!! Also sweatshirts coming soon!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 can't wait for that Fall weather!!!

Stripes galore! Ashley (@ashleywbrickner) and her little ones are too cute. Shown here: Madison luxury leather changing bag.

C L A S S I C S 🍃
Our P O P P Y bow clips now come in Lemon, Red, and Pale Grey...Featured here are our White, Navy, and Scarlet Red. Several of the colours have Sold Out but I will be restocking these next week. They are perfect clips for newborns and babies with fine hair. Although; my 5 and 7 year old girls love wearing these also. A perfect clip for fringes for all ages 😙😙
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There she is!
My Apryl is up on Nutmeg clothing site and she looks beautiful....i am sooooooo super proud of her.
She's an absolute natural, I now have to buy that outfit for her 😋

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spread your wings baby

Cactus sweats and drool covered shirt kind of day 🌵💦 #hellohughes

This babe😍That bow😍Oh my!

The Rices 👨‍👩‍👧 - MR x
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I’d like to take this opportunity to make clear that I do not consider motherhood to be a horrible burden or life sentence 😂 (in case anyone were thinking that I do 🤔) I will also admit that I have a flair for the dramatic 💥💥💥But the reason why I am sharing so many seemingly ’negative’ experiences from my life as a mother, is because I do not very often see people speaking about what’s REALLY going on within them, especially in relation to motherhood. In fact there is a stark tendency, both on social media and in physical social circles to present oneself as perfectly ok at all times and as ’on top of the world’ as possible. And I have seen that same tendency within me. It doesn’t help anyone, especially someone struggling, to think that everyone else is just super perfect and together, so therefore I am committed to share all the taboos of motherhood and break this veil of illusion, because I can and I'm not afraid to. I also share the ’bad’ and ’shameful’ things as a form of self-support. Because to stand with my own struggles with my head held high and a solution in my hand to share and perhaps inspire others with, is incredibly empowering. 👊👈I’ve also been careful not to share the ’good things’ in my life in such a way that others might react to it or feel like I’m flaunting something in their faces that they perhaps can’t have. But you know what? That’s totally over thinking it, and as this project progresses, I am more and more leaning towards a F*** it perspective inside myself, because I see how, the more transparent I am, the more open and vulnerable I am, the more the message goes through to someone who really needs it. And that’s what matters. Not who it might P*** off in the process. (And yes, I do swear. Often. A lot. If you don’t like it, just imagine I’m saying FUDGE and PEACHES instead 😜.) Anyways, here’s a photo of my gorgeous child whom, tonight as she was drifting off into sleep, would half asleep, half awake giggle and goof around for over an hour. It was rather cute. ☺️And nice practice of patience for me. 😅So there you have it folks. Nighty night. ❤️

Catchin bubbles ❤️

"Love doesn't make the world go round, love is what makes the world worthwhile" - Finished up these gorgeous rose gold🌹 letters for an upcoming wedding in September! We love that our humble creations are a part of so many homes, families and special days ✨

»» Bella obviously is in love with the kitty but I didn't expect Jake to be ABSOLUTELY head over heels for Rosie!! His face says it all!! He looks like a proud dad with his newborn 😂 #rositathekitty

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