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A little after hours fun @tntgunrange. It’s taken 2 weeks of driving around with this rifle to finally be able to re-zero after swapping optic mounts.

I hate to get political on Instagram but it seems there are people trying to talk about weapons who have never even shot one, nor know anything about them. Actually, it’s not really politics, it’s defending the constitution and the ability and right to bear arms.
I keep hearing the ridiculous argument that AR15s are designed only for killing people, and that there is no reason to buy one if you're not planning on shooting a person.
You could make the same argument that nuclear bombs are only designed to kill, and there is no reason to build them if you're not going to use them... and yet we haven't killed anyone with a nuclear bomb in over 60 years. Without them in our arsenal, America would more than likely have suffered attacks several times, and our allies would have been attacked as well. They are a deterrent against attacks from our enemies.
There is a reason unbalanced people attack schools, movie theaters, and military installations. Lots of people, and no deterrent. Those are gun free zones, and easy targets. You can walk into a small church on a Sunday morning, block the only exit, and kill to your black heart's content without worrying about anyone shooting back. Guns are made as much, and more for defending your home as they are for offense. Many people in our country own guns that have never been fired even one time. Why? Security in having a deterrent available. There are 40 million more guns in this country than there are people (over 300 million guns—these can NEVER get confiscated without starting a war!). If the owners of those guns had purchased them for the purpose of killing, half the population would be dead now.
#MolonLabe #2A #2ndamendment

IWI Jericho 941 PSL9 with Olight Valkyrie PL-Mini Weapon Light #israeliweaponindustries #iwius #jericho941 #9mm #handgun #pistol #olight #weaponlight #firearms #2ndamendment #molonlabe

Dear company that built this upper: you gotta put in the right gas tube man!! The gun really won’t cycle without it.

Savage 😂
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