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Дорогие мои лапуси, среди очень теплых комментариев о моей книге «Тысяча “М”» я встречаю к сожалению, и неприятные…о качестве некоторых книг. Для меня важно, чтобы у каждого был качественный экземпляр, и мы придумали как исправить ситуацию и поменять бракованные книги!
Подробности в моем видеообращении и в группе MOLLY в «Вконтакте»! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #molly #1000М

Кто бы рядом не стоял, всё равно смотрю только на неё 😻 #molly #seryabkina #serebro 💎 А кто у вас любимка? ❤️ #goodmorning #goodday

made this
fc; 2416
ugh school starts tomorrow for me😒
#Qotp : Fav kind of filters?
#Aotp : I love colorful filters

Какая у вас любимая песня группы? 😍🤗 #serebro #seryabkina #molly #temnikova #малотебя

Хорошего вечера 🌇❤#seryabkina #molly #mylove #serebro #goodevening #goodmood

Give me angel kiss💞
#serebro #molly #favlav #katekishchuk
Пост выложила #masha 💋


Amores 🐕👧 .
#sun #day #sunday #molly #lagoa #pampulha

I just took a Dab of sum #Molly 🤷🏾‍♂️🎯🚀 #PowerUp

This outfit always creeps me out especially when I'm fucked up...
...Anyway this is the part where I finger the girl
Yes, you are reading right. Bro I can't even make this sh*t up I swear. My imagination is not that good...I wish!
So I'm there and my self-diagnosed ADHD is looking at Bunny, DC, visuals, & paying attention to my surroundings all at the same time
When this girl accidentally brushed up against me, she was wearing a thin sundress (sundresses are life 😍) and my right hand went straight into her pussy. So I turned around to say I'm sorry only only to find this babe smiling at me, I'm like no way! Let me try this again & make sure it's not me being high.
So now I brush my hand up on her pussy. You think she told me something? You think she moved from that location? Fuck No, she got even closer to me!
So I continued to brush up on her pussy, each time, harder n harder until it turned into that I was straight up fingering her (through her clothes)
This went on for a good while, like 15 min
Dude and after all this time of me fingering her, I guess she woke up from whatever she was on bc she just lashed out, "stop touching me!" I was like wtf. You had to be there to really get it. I would always look back n check out her face n she would be smiling.
I wanted to ask her what was she on bc I've been fingering her for a long time now & now she just lost her sh*t?!? #weird
Idk what she was on but it was heavyyy

The love of her life #molly#

Малыш 😘✨🙌🌟💥 #seryabkina #molly #serebro @serebro_official

Группа #SEREBRO #molly

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