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#Moldylocks from #Berkeley WeAreTheNewMedia.com

Lmao biology wins

First of all, the woman being punched in the video punched first. Second of all, she and a few other were screaming how they wanted to "get nazi scalps" and "punch Nazis in the face." So instead, she got punched in the face. Third, (Rebel Media had a good video on this) the woman is part of Antifa, a group who wants communism and censorship. This woman is now being referred to as #moldylocks now. Not sure if that has to do with the fact that she is a porn star who does weird fisting stuff. It's kind of weird how Antifa is putting women on the front lines who are the ones getting punched in the face, while the people talking a Burkley were making sure the women on their side were safe. #gavinmcinnes has a good point on this topic. Link in bio.

Note the bottle in her hand. #moldylocks

#moldylocks leader of the #antifa #femmes let the meme war win in peace #lovetrumpshate lol

When you're so edgy you have military style pics made but your only battle experience is getting punched in the face
#MoldyLocks #antifaarefascist #antifasnowflakes #antifabeatdown #antifaarepussies #antifirstamendment #antifascum


#Moldylocks has been spotted 😂 #ANTIFA

We got caught in a rip current while boogie boarding and thought we were going to die! Then had to wiggle and squirm out of our wetsuits. Wandered around soaking up all the lovely cold air after eating lava-hot clam chowder. Then the kid got to try his hand at co-piloting on the way home! Sunday was an eventful day! 💕 #chuckphin #moldylocks #beachtime #dontdieintheripcurrent #sundayfunday

'Moldy Locks' circa 2001-ish!!! I just felt this picture deserved it's own post! My Fairy Godfather: Ultra Paul aka Apaullo, gave me the name 'Moldy Locks' cuz my dreads looked like moldy cheetos! I wish I had more pictures/video from that radical fraggle era (this was before camera phones people). If u have any photos/video/flyers/zines from that epic epoch I would LOVE to gringe/see them! Unless they're super cringey!! Thanky for the evidence Vern! #radicalfaerie #genderfuck #moldylocks #anarchyCheerleaders #fairyGodfather #flashbackfriday #fraggle #diyvibes #nastfromthepast

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