My friends were waiting for me inside. It was really cold that day and I asked one of my friend to take picture of me outside. The place is really catchy and it’s all pink. Unfortunately I totally forget the name of this cafe 😬

I really like this Dutch specialty. It’s called Febo, basically it’s fried croquette and it’s a must “food-to-go” here. The method of buying is also so unique, you enter in the coins and voila the shelf opens by itself and you can get the food. It works like vending machine but much more simplified.

Amsterdam was the first country I visited back then right after I got my Schengen visa approved. Assisted by my friend, I have no idea Netherland would be this great. Well apart from the legalized shit, people smokin eatin everywhere, there are a lot of Indonesian people here. So whenever you guys feel like eating Indo food, go to Netherland! 🇳🇱

Amsterdam, entre tulipanes y coffee shops ... 🇳🇱

got the d in amsterdam

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