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To all hard-working women. May Allah protect you and grant you ajar and hasanaat for all your good efforts. Amen 🙏🏽❤️

Last week 358 people were killed in a terrorist bombing in #Mogadishu and dozens are still missing. No one is talking about this and we need to be. My heart goes out to all the people affected by this tragedy ❤ #Somalia

Explosion in #mogadishu #somalia killing nearly 200 people and injuring more 😓😓😓

As we send prayers for my hometown of Mogadishu on social media from the comforts of our homes in the diaspora - here's what the people of #Mogadishu are up to: moving forward. Mainstream media will ALWAYS show you the giant plume of smoke, the charred bodies, the buildings demolished by the explosion - but they NEVER show you how people manage, how they come together, and how they keep it pushing! Here's an image from a local in Mogadishu right now, reclaiming the people's narrative with grace, and a clean conscience, and showing the world just how resilient they are. This senseless act has brought the people and government officials together queuing to donate blood, and cleaning up the aftermath of the explosion. They are not waiting to be saved, they are moving towards healing and recovery as only the resilient and the resourceful know how. Hangaraarac lug uma dhutiyo baa la yiri umadda Xamar na waa sidaas. Sawiraddaani waxay muujinaayaan shacab iyo ciidan oo midooway islana hagaajinaayo halkii la qarxiyay.  Sawiraddaani waxaan ka helay bugga @ali_dualle aboowe howl wacan baad umadda u haysaa ee halkaas ka sii wad baan ku leeyahay. Waan ku taageersanahay walaal Illaahey ha idiin xafido ❤❤❤ #Mogadishu #Xamar #Somalia #Onwards #Upwards

Vigil for Mogadishu bombing last night #mogadishu #somalia #calgary #yyc #my252

Mamia ya Wakenya pamoja na raia wa Somalia wanaoishi nchini humo leo wameshiriki katika shughuli ya kutoa damu ili kuwasaidia wale waliojeruhiwa katika mlipuko wa bomu nchini Somalia uliowaua takriban watu 276 Jumamosi.
Kampeni hiyo ya kutoa damu ilizinduliwa kupitia mitandao ya kijamii katika eneo la Eastleigh mjini Nairobi kufuatia bomu hilo.
Picha/Bashkas Jugsodaay, BBC
#somalia #mogadishu

On Saturday, October 14th the capital #Mogadishu of #Somalia suffered its worst terror attack in ten years. A truck bomb caused 500 casualties, hundreds were left wounded, and many families are now forced to search through rubble for loved ones. These are sad times but, at the same time, I'm inspired to see people, cities, and entire nations coming together to give, donate blood, and stand in solidarity with Somalia. We will rise from the rubble and rebuild our kingdoms
#GreenBeauty #IAmMogadishu #PrayForSomalia

​Eiffel Tower goes dark in tribute to the more than 300 people killed when two powerful truck bombs exploded in Somalia's capital Mogadishu. #eiffeltower #paris #somalia #mogadishu

Nothing will dim our spirit! Saddened by the loss of over 300 innocent people have lost their lives in the biggest terrorist attack to ever happen in Somalia #Mogadishu


Soomaali waa mid 💪🏾🇸🇴 (1/3)

That day at Jazeera beach. This miracle happened.

This made me smile 😊
Shoutout to all the people from Philippinen 🇵🇭 #FeDelMundo

The number of people killed in last week's devastating bombing in the Somali capital Mogadishu has risen to 358, according to the government 💔🇸🇴 May Allah grant them Jannah Firdaus🇸🇴#somali #mogadishu #somalia

Islii oo maanta looga baroordiiqayo dadkii ku waxyeeloobay Qaraxii #Mogadishu #Nairobi

Taarikhda Geeska Afrika
(Qarnigii 16aad - 19aad)
Buuggan waxaa Qorey Cabdullaahi sh. Axmad.
Waxaad ka heli kartaa @Zaylabookshop
#Somalia #Mogadishu

#Mogadishu bajaj 🏍

During the meeting, the #UAE Ambassador conveyed to the #Somali official the condolences of the UAE leadership, its government and people, on the recent terrorist bombings in Mogadishu which killed and injured hundreds of innocent civilians.
Last week, the UAE announced it is to cover the medical costs of 100 wounded victims of the terror attack. It has also urgently begun providing hospitals in #Mogadishu with large quantities of medicines and medical supplies to strengthen their healthcare capacity.
The #Emirates_Red_Crescent also announced it is to offer around 300 children, who were orphaned as a result of the attacks, and their families, a six-month comprehensive care package which will cover all costs of living.
Jawari expressed his thanks and appreciation to the UAE for its humanitarian initiatives following the attacks, pointing out that the UAE's charitable stance at this critical time reflects its generosity towards supporting and assisting the Somali people.

#uae #sharjah #sharjah24 #الإمارات #الشارقة#الشارقة24

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