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Port Alberni posh wash compared to a luxury Victoria carwash... get your shit together Victoria 😑 #unicorn #halfass #getit #together #mofos #posh #favorite #carwash #thick #tricolor #foam

Ridin' Dirty #mofos

A couple of #clown looking #mofos

GM world!!! it's a lot of gang shit going on in the triple DDD#mofos getting killed left and right on some real gorilla shit going on out here in these down south streets.the code out here,is everybody for there self if you really in them streets and about that life.its a big city and ain't shit country about it!!!now I've been to many city's and they have some kind of code.Dallas is unpredictable!!!!!if you can survive in Dallas you can survive in any city in the United States.the biggest business in Texas is the penitentiary because there is so many of them. Being friendly get you killed out here, especially where I'm from, Oak Cliff Texas in Dallas. A motherfuking wouldn't last a mile in my shoes.no friends zone!!!! Everyone is an enemy!!!! I mean everyone. When people say they out there! now for real I'm out there. I can't even trust my bihh!!!!!#uuuuuugggggghhhhh

I really need to stop leaving my phone on the table when I go to the bar or the toilet #mofos

6 months later...i visit this wonderful places again...it reminds me on a good time ....my REHAB .... and my FRIENDS @justme_dana @innsen78 #grlpwr ❤....9 months after my bikecrash ...the POWER is BACK !
_________________________________________HAPPY SUNDAY instas 🖤
#snowwhite #bergedorf

Haha I’d so do this #lmao funny don’t steal my light #mofos

gm nigge

this brings me back to childhood

this nigga got sum 🔥🔥

... and there are those who are so free to describe about gays and lesbians. I wonder what research will be implemented for this dude here🤔 or perhaps some description? Maybe? #mofos

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