Crown wheel from fantastic Genghis Khan exhibition at Moesgaard Museum. Reflecting stars from above made it look oknlike it was sprinkled with fairy dust!
A remarkable museum that kept from 5-70 entertained and informed on prehistory.
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Den her søde fyr har inviteret mig på Moesgaard Museum.

Liam ved nu alt om Djengis Khan

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21m oppe💪🏼❤️#moesgaardmuseum 🎊

Flot opvisning af Dansk Danseteater med moderne dans og ballet på taget af Moesgaard Museum. Der er ny Forestilling kl. 15 og i morgen kl. 12 og kl. 15 - det er gratis!! #danskdanseteater #summerdance #moesgaardmuseum #modernedans #ballet

Besøg på Moesgaard, 5. og SIDSTE del 😁 fortsætter fra jernalderen og direkte videre gennem vikingetiden og middelalderen i Danmark 😃 tak for denne gang, Moesgaard! 😄👍

Besøg på Moesgaard, 4. del 😁 Fortsat bronzealder, med glidende overgang til jernalder 😊 skulle iøvrigt hilse fra Grauballemanden 😜

Besøg på Moesgaard, 3. del 😁 tager et kig på bronzealderudstillingen her

Besøg på Moesgaard, 2. del 😁 fortsat Djengis Khan udstilling og til slut en lille spisepause før vi ser resten af museet 😜

Besøg på Moesgaard Museum, del 1 😁 spændende udstilling om Djengis Khan

Dansk Danseteater præsenterer moderne dans og ballet på taget af Moesgaard Museum fredag den 17. og lørdag den 18. august. Forestillinger begge dage kl. 12 og kl. 15 - det er gratis!! #danskdanseteater #summerdance #moesgaardmuseum #modernedans #ballet foto: Søren Meisner

Chess has its origin in India, during the VI century and arrived in Europe during the XI century: legend says that was introduced by an Indian king that had lost his own son during a bloody battle; he was so sad about his loss that he passed all his days simulating the battle again and again, to understand if it would have been possible to save his son.
The European (western) tradition has two factions, the white and the black while in the Mongolian version the factions were green and red, with green corresponding to the white pieces. The greens were led by a Mongolian prince (as the king 👑) while the red by a Chinese minister; the chart was the rook ♜ , the chüu ("the boys") were the pawns ♟ and were depicted as wrestlers (both sides), the camel was the bishop ♝ and the horse was the knight ♞; the queens were rather original because they were represented by the sacred lion-dog for the Mongolian-green side and by an evil tiger for the Chinese-red side.
Chess was tought to me by my father when I was 7 and from that moment I always liked any strategy game, real and virtual, as they keep your mind trained for the expected and ready to act for the unexpected.

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The City of Smiles, aka Aarhus, is the second largest city in Denmark, and a most recommended place to visit. Even though Copenhagen takes most of the attention from turists, Aarhus, the European Capital of Culture in 2017, should not be forgotten. Because of the oustanding architecture, splendid art and historical museums, as well as it’s dynamic and friendly nature, the city continously proves to be a most wonderful destination.

Aarhus’s new library Dokk1, Aarhus Art Museum ARoS, The Old City in the Center of Aarhus and the etnographic and archaelogical museum Moesgaard, are all attractions one should experience when being in Aarhus.
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Marshall Lens, Pearl Film, Jolly Rainbo 2X Flash
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