From Steblevë I followed the trail to Raduč peak, made an enormous detour through the forest (arghh) to escape some approaching dogs (arghhh) and went down to Modrič. On the way down two huge white dogs suddenly blocked my way. No idea where they came from or where they were heading to but they were there. Barking. ~

I got so extremely mad that I started to scream with an voice I didn't know I had in me. "GA WEG! GA NU WEG!" I picked up some rocks and threw them at the dogs. I hate doing that, but I was all alone and totally done with my stupid fears. "ROT OP!" They listened. They listened! They turned around and run away! ~

In Modrič I could put up my tent in the village and got to join the locals in a clubhouse kind of place - drinking beer. All night dogs were barking, two times they attacked my tent, but with my new found confidence (and voice) I yelled them away. ~

I'm reaching this point that I really have enough of being afraid. I'm so done with facing and fighting my fears. I know part of it is my head, that it will get better and I also know they smell my fear but on the hand, hikers are warned for the shepherd dogs. They are there to protect the sheep and somehow they do see me as a threat. Perhaps it's different when you're in a group, but they give me a really hard time. ~

I'm constantly thinking of giving up. Quitting. To go for the safest (whatever that is) instead of bravest way. I don't have to prove anything to anyone, so why go on? ~

It's a fine line between hunger and fear, but as long as the hunger to explore is here, I have a reason to find a way to deal with my fears. #hikingthebalkans #raduč #BeyondBorders #highscardustrail #fearlesslyfearful #choosemountains #UPanddown #stebleva #Modrič #jabllanicë #longdistancehiking #outsideisfree #hike

ئەزانی برینەکانی سەر دەموو چاوم لەبەر چیە؟
من ھاوسەرێکم ھەبوو،قومار باز بوو،زۆر قەرزداربوو
خاوەن قەرزەکان ڕوخساریان خەت خەت کرد!!
ئێمە پارەمان بۆ نەشتەرگری نەبوو
ئەمویست باوەربکات کە برینەکانی دەموچاوی بۆمن گرنگ نیە من دەم ھەوێت بەم شێوەیەش
لەبەر ئەوە موسم خستە سەر لێوم و بڕیم
ئەزانی دواتر چی ڕویدا ؟؟؟؟!!!!!
نەی توانی بەرگەی ڕووخسارم بگرێت "ئەو منی بەجێ ھێشت"...!!!!!! یەکێک لە باشترین و پڕماناترین فیلمەکانی مێژووی سینەما ....
یەکێک لە دیلۆکە جواناکان ..
You know the wound of face because of what?
-I had wife,she was gambled,and she was debt so much And own of debts make her face wounding, we haven't enough money for surgery, I wanted to make her understand that wounded of her face not important to me,I want her like that as well.i put shave on my lips and cut it , you know what happened then????
She can't bear up my wounding face and left me alone...!!!! -one of the best and meaningful movies in the history of cenima....
One of the most beautiful quotes...! #the_godfather. inspiration #legend #heat #robertdeniro #michaelmann #classic #90s #film😍🌷😍#قورئان_هه_ويني_دلانه #قورئان #muslem #kurdm #kurdish #kurdistan #iloveyou #islam#feeling #happy #fans #madrid #modrič #james #cr7 #benzema #bale #mhãmêd #classic#peakyblinders

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