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It's been a while since I was able to get some extra money out for a @superstreet mag. (I'm broke.) Glad I was able to get my hands on this special issue. Great job SS Editor in Chief Sam Du @duspeed , you made the right call on your trip. I literally want to read every article in this issue. Sometimes I skip over some on other issues but this time it's different, I actually want to read every single word and not miss a single thing. I've been dreaming of going to Japan since I was 6 y/o and I hope I can in the near future with my friends and team, hoping #ModifiedStatus gets more recognized and we have our own magazine and products. Great mag, best ever.

Just wanna thank and give a shoutout to @modified_status for the hookup on these sweet decals. Best of luck to you and your upcoming store

Fear the Beasts!

About to get these mailed off. Thanks for participating in or free decal giveaway. We hope you continue to support us. For those who did not win, the decals will be available soon in our online store. www.modifiedstatusonline.com #modifiedstatus

I will now live by this quote. #modifiedstatus


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