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Our time on this earth is short, but when you surround yourself with the right people, time just seems to stand still.
#surroundyourselfwithlove #bekind #loveeitheveryfiberofyourbeing
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🎶It's the dawning of the Age of Aquarius!🎶
Sorry I couldn't help myself! Today is the last day of the Capricorn season and my Garnet + Pyrite bracelet is still available! I can't believe it's still in the shop.
Amazonite + Amethyst
📅January 20 - February 18
💧Symbol - Water Bearer
🍃Element - Air
✨Planet - Uranus
💎Stone - Amethyst
#Aquarius #Zodiac

Some day I'm a bitch but mostly I'm chill 😂🤣 Not everyday can be a good day but everyday is an opportunity to live. Although I deal with a lot of ups and downs I choose to try to be happy. I don't stay bitter because it's not worth my time. Baby I'd rather smile. 😘😍🤗😁😁😁😃
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Session 2 in the books with @timpac next session will be adding around the skulls 🖤💜 yay for tattoo therapy! Also I’m in love with my sugar skulls for my kids! #tattoo #inkedmom #modifiedmom #forevertattoo #teamtimpac #blessingsonblessings

Because who doesn't love sparkly things?!
I have teamed up with @belovedminerals to give you a change to win some beautiful pieces!
All you have to do is follow myself & @belovedminerals, like this photo and tag some crystal loving besties! Tag as many friends (in separate comments please) as you want, each tag is an entry!
A winner will be announced Saturday night.
Good luck!
#GiveAway #CrystalLove #Gems #Gemstone

No matter who your with in the end I was the best thing you had and worst mistake was losing me now I'm someone else's treasure #happiness #girlswithplugs #girlswithpiercings #modifiedmom #alternativegirls #snapchatfilter #likeitup #beyourself❤️

Personal cook
Full time Student
Single Mother
Where is that spare time I put in my back pocket?! *looks around frantically*
OH WAIT! I don't have any! .
Hang on then, how on earth do I *have* time to work out? To run an at home business? There must be a secret to it right? Since were all always just SO BUSY !! .
Nope. No secret. I MAKE the time. I PRIORITIZE. I SACRIFICE. .
Two hours a day is what I dedicate to a healthier happier me. A more financially free family. More time with my kids making memories.
Ok but I don't have *two hours* I want to watch TV, I want to read a book, I want to scroll Facebook, I want I want I want. .
Guess what, I build my business with ONE HOUR of time. One hour is for my 25-30 minute workout and recovery/shower lol the other, work. Also *gasp* you could get up 30 minutes earlier. Or, use your lunch! .
Truth is, you do have the time you're just not choosing to use it for something that will improve the quality of your life or your family life. .
So ditch the time on the couch eating junk and complaining about your weight. Wouldn't you rather build a second income in that hour instead? Wouldn't you rather have the energy to go out and run around all day with your kids? The patience, and healthy life habits for them?
What are you waiting for? Seriously, what is stopping you?
#singlemom #studentlife #busy #tired #homemaker #hustle #life #mama #modifiedmom #witch #choices #wildwoman #pagan #momof3 #freedom

Cold days call for lots of coffee! I'm on cup... I can't even remember! 😂 Perfect day for my 'Does this coffee make me look alive?' tee from @thepinetorch!
They have a new design and bundle (50% off) up NOW! You can use code 'MERYOGI' for an added discount!
P.S. I HATE how short ams fat my legs look in jeans! Why do I ever put them on?! #YogaPants for life! #Yoga girl problems!
#OOTD #Coffee #WinterFashion
🖤Boots by @aquaburns - Use Code VEGANBOOTS30
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23 today 🎉🤭

Throwing it back to one of the first pieces I created! I have decided to ✂cut✂ the price of beauty for the next 24 hours. Click the link in my bio and find this babe for just $23!
#ThrowBackThursday #TBT

Post yoga lunch complete with a stump for a table and a few of my favorite ecofriendly products!
Brrrr! It's cold out today!

Guys! I am I'm desperate need of a work space! I have a very small spot set aside and have no idea how to design it! #InteriorDesign is not my thing. I need haaaalp! Here are a few of my @pinterest inspos! Simple and classic. What do you think?

Today is baby day! Last bump picture! Being induced tonight :) #babyday #letsgobaby #babyclark2 #inductionday #babybump #babybelly #modifiedmom #supernervous

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