Urdhva Dhanurasana - Inverted Bow Pose

Ebb & Flow

Come & Go

Highs & Lows

This world (Prakriti) is full of opposites

Sometimes these polarities can challenge our ability to see the opposite side of the coin

But without them, how would we really know when we’ve got the upside?

There’s two sides to every Schwartz (#spaceballs)

It’s the work of the Yogi to graciously live out both

With an internal state of contentment (Santosha) throughout the process

Whatever you are going through, good or bad, there is polar opposite waiting in the wings

It’s waiting to teach you something

You don’t need a mat to practice yoga 🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡🎡

@zuzusmooth is wearing @academybrand / @industrieclothing / @lacoste

@zuzusmooth is a walking polarity, chatterbox and child tv actor 😂 #truth

@lara.heimann’s “(not so) pec minor” flow on @oneoeight.tv#obsessed with her classes! Can’t wait to make my way to @yogastream this fall 😄🤸🏻‍♀️ #Repost @sagerainfitness
Flowing (& sweating profusely thanks to @lara.heimann) with @laurenchristine.fit 🧘🏻‍♀️😅

Занятие по работе с мышцами-антагонистами в Парке Горького сегодня прошло плодотворно. Не помешал даже дождь - практика плавно перетекла под покров парковой аллеи.

О расписании моих занятий в парках в рамках проекта "YogaJournal" "Йога в парках" можно узнать здесь: https://yogajournal.ru/parks/teachers/skokov-aleksei/

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What you choose to do and not to do Monday morning will set the tone for the rest of your week.
Do the things you told yourself on Sunday that you would do Monday.
Wake up and get to work.
Don’t give into comfort or fear.
Remember how good it feels to do the things you told yourself you were gonna do.
Focus on making yourself proud of yourself.
Are you proud of yourself?
📸: @cfrufio

I saw this hip hinge variation on @trinaaltman for entering into #utkatasana yogi squat variation and I knew it was a winner 👌!
I love discovering new ways in and out of all the different shapes, that help you really feel and understand the actions that help to create the patterns.

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I help people accept their bodies using education, yoga/movement, & Mindfulness for Stress Reduction! :
I want ppl to get out of their heads and into their bodies especially when it's comes to how they think they should look, or what size they think they need to be!
My classes are geared toward moving to FEEL GOOD! No weight loss promises, no changing or fixing your body just pure movement for joy, celebration of having an amazing body that gets us through this thing called life. :
Are you ready to start your journey toward bodily acceptance? :
Together we can resist cultural ideals and pressures that try to convince us to be anything other than ourselves!

Post operations feels 🤙🙌🕺🏼... health is wealth, amen 🙏 & glad to say the operation was supa successful, recovery is better than last time & thank you to everyone for so much love and best wishes. One month I’ll be back to teaching and 3 months it will be like nothing ever happened & hopefully getting pitted of my nut ! 🏄‍♂️ 😉 Good challenge to stay positive, do the rehab and take a nice break 🤕🙇🏼‍♂️😎🙏 can’t wait for that first practice 🧘‍♂️ & first surf ahhh 🏄‍♂️ @powerliving

When your #zensauce is so good after #yoga that the studio mascot asks you to take a #selfie with him on your way out... #cockatoosofinstagram #scottsdale #anniesauce #gypsysoul #modernyoga #modernyogascottsdale #cockatoolove

If you're at all interested in yoga, mobility, movement, or strength, you should DEFINITELY be checking this out. No one breaks this stuff down better than @yogadetour.

#Repost @yogadetour with @get_repost
The nerd is me honors the nerd in you. So let’s nerd-out together, IG Live style. Last week you sent me your requests for instructional videos, and now those topics will fuel our “summer school” sessions for the next few weeks!

We start tomorrow (Monday) at 11am EST. Catch it Live if you want to ask questions and interact with yours truly or keep an eye out for the replay which will hang around for 24 hrs.

Didn’t send in any requests? It’s not too late...DM your burning questions and they’ll be added to the cue.


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Authenticity speaks volumes

Observing your habitual tendencies (VASANA) is a pre-requisite to authenticity

Habits can come in the form of gifts

Like your ability to overly care take others

They can also come in the form of impediments

Like your habit to try and keep a safe distance between you and potential lovers

These habits all stem from subliminal activators deep in the sub-conscious mind (SAMSKARA)

Whatever your core beliefs have given you, it’s the expectation that we SHOULD be different than what we are that brings suffering

Definitely work on yourself, grow, improve

But in a way that celebrates your uniqueness

Show me your weird

I’ll show you mine

You don’t need a mat to practice yoga 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

Hey Guys (meaning men) and Gals (no matter what your age or size)! Don’t let this myth scare you off from the special Members Only Yoga Moves™ class @thecamptc_redlands on Saturday, July 28 at 10:30 a.m. !
The pictures you see of skinny women in tight pants in advertisements are just used to SELL something! And if you’ve gone to a yoga class and had this myth confirmed . . . then it wasn’t the right kind of yoga class for you anyways!!
In actuality, all genders, shapes and sizes do yoga. Whoever you are and wherever you come from, Yoga Moves™ is for you. 💪🏿
My Yoga Moves™ method is designed for “optimal body FUNCTION” not “optimal bodies”
While it may seem like young women who are already quite fit make up the majority of the yoga practicing population, the truth is that yoga is for everybody
Yoga Moves is about exploring new ways to move and engaging the original operating system preprogrammed into each of our nervous systems
The result is a healthier nervous system and a healthier you - no matter what age, gender, size, religion, or fitness level
Questions? visit www.lisaharrisyoga.com
Make Yoga Moves™ Your Next Move!
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I used to think slow, restorative, and mindful movements were a waist of time because they wouldn't get me "ripped" and burn calories! :
Fast forward to the present, I CANNOT go without them! This is a move from the Functional Range Conditioning program focusing on controlled articulated rotation (CARS) of the thoracic spine and rib cage. :
Not only does it feel sooo good, I find it so calming on my nervous system and I get to give myself a hug at the same time! 😉
In my "Add Fluidity to Your Flow" class on my online yoga & diverse movement library we do this move in a wider squat stance adding fluidity to strength. :
Want to give it a try? For $10/month you can practice with me unlimited with 2 new added classes each week! That's the price of 2 Starbucks coffees! (Link above 👆🏼 in profile).

The nerd is me honors the nerd in you. So let’s nerd-out together, IG Live style. Last week you sent me your requests for instructional videos, and now those topics will fuel our “summer school” sessions for the next few weeks!

We start tomorrow (Monday) at 11am EST. Catch it Live if you want to ask questions and interact with yours truly or keep an eye out for the replay which will hang around for 24 hrs.

Didn’t send in any requests? It’s not too late...DM your burning questions and they’ll be added to the cue.


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Hey Toronto, what are you up to next Sunday? Wanna do Pilates on the Beach? Our friends @loveyourshorelines and @thekerryhemingway are hosting an all levels class at Woodbine Beach with proceeds going to the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, a charity to sustain the Great Lakes. Why not start your Sunday with sunshine and some mindful movement by the water ☀️ .
You can register in advance to secure a spot. Link in bio for details ⬆️
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We all have the same 24 hrs every day. Most of us spend a great deal of it thinking about or worrying about our job and our relationship.
But what about you.
What about your health.
And not just your physical health.
What about your relationship with yourself?
The most important focus of life is usually the most forgotten.
At the end of the day, the more you work on yourself. The more you learn to be happy inside no matter what is going on outside of you, you will remain in a space of happiness and gratitude. Others actions will affect impact you less, you will stay confident in your truth and more likely to keep striving to reach your goals and chase your passions.
Shift a few more hours of your day towards you and away from the rest of the world and people around you.
This isn’t selfish.
They will thank you. You will be able to be more loving and grateful for the people you love. 📚☕️💙

Practice Ashtanga yoga Sunday morning it change the day in a positive way, and after you feel better the rest of the day !! Ph Simona Simoncini #summeryoga #ashtangavinyasa #modernyoga #yogacommunity #feelinggood #ashtangayogarimini #createyourreality

We tend to hear about “stability” quite often in the yoga & movement world these days, but did you know that this term is easily misinterpreted?
. . .
For example, it’s common for the word “stability” to be used in reference to keeping the shoulder blades held in a “back and down” position throughout a yoga practice. This is often referred to as “scapular stability”.
. . .
Stability is also often used when teachers talk about “engaging the core” - i.e. contracting one’s muscles tight around the spine to keep it still.
. .
In both of these examples, stability is being used to mean *preventing movement* of a body part - which is also known as rigidity.
. . .
However, rigidity or locking down movement is not actually what stability means. The correct definition of stability is the ability to *return to a position after a perturbation*. That’s the true definition of the term!
. . .
So if you were in a headstand, for example, and someone came up and bumped you from the side, you would have *stability* if you could regain your headstand position after the bump.
. . .
If you instead fell out of your headstand after being bumped, you would lack stability because you couldn’t return to the position after the perturbation. Does that make sense?
. . .
So when we’re talking about stability, we’re really talking about *control of movement* - not absence of movement or rigidity.
. . .
In fact, did you know that skyscrapers are built with some “give” in their structure so that they can sway with the wind a bit when it blows? They actually need movement in order to be stable 👍🏼
. . .
If we want to work on stability in our yoga practice, we should focus on control of our movements & ROMs - not on holding things rigid in “optimal” positions.
. . .
Clarifying the terms we use in yoga is a hugely beneficial practice. Once we know what we’re talking about 😜, we can be more clear on the best means to get there!
#stability #mobility #rangeofmotion #yogateacher

Let it go. We hear all the time that non-possessiveness is the pathway to happiness but the hardest thing is to let go when you want something so badly and think it will make you happy. So try to let go of things, of outcomes, of people. You can’t control any of them so stay on your own path, in your own lane. #myyamas #modernyoga #yogaeveryday #hardwork #stayinyourlane #nonattachment #aparigraha

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