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26 MAY: A BBC investigation has uncovered an underground trade in Kenyan women by the Somali militant group al-Shabab for sex and domestic slavery. Tens of women who have escaped captivity tell for the first time harrowing stories of their life in al-Shabab camps. One of them has spoken to the BBC without disclosing her identity. #Somalia #Kenya #ModernSlavery #Trafficking #WomenTrafficking #Africa #BBCShorts #BBCNews @BBCNews

Good turn out for today's North West Modern Slavery Conference. Starting to a see a real push forward for engaging all sectors in recognising their role in the fight to eradicate this horrendous crime. As an aside my highlight was being singled out as the "young man" on the front row!

Har aldrig haft något konstintresse men när en riktig konstnär hör av sig och vill skapa utifrån något som jag skrivit känner man sig både hedrad och nyfiken. Idag var jag förbi bästa @sofiamariaw@nordiclighthotel och tittade på de fantastiska konstverk hon skapat utifrån min bok. Rekommenderar alla ett besök! Sofia står i lobbyn och skapar sina konstverk oftast mellan kl. 16-21.00. Otroligt intressant och enormt vackra målningar dessutom. Tack Sofia för att jag får vara en del av detta! #skugganslag #konst #modernslavery #sofiawernersson

Using animals as resources in any way is cruel and unusual behavior .
#sorrynotsorry #modernslavery #maketheconnection #bekind

I've worn this @thegivingkeys necklace for four years. On it says 'love.' This past week I had the beautiful opportunity to give it to a woman who is currently enslaved in human sex trafficking. I watched this gorgeous woman, trapped in horrible conditions, believe in real love again. When I told her that I came from the USA just to tell her that I love her and that Jesus loves her, she brushed me off and basically said she only receives false love every day. I looked her in the eyes and told that the love I was talking about was real, true love. That God has not forgotten about her. I told her that I wore that necklace to remind me not to give up on love, even when we receive false, selfish love from others and we get hurt, God gives his love freely to her and he will never stop loving her, right where she was, and that his love is not selfish. She can be full of love even if what others give isn't fulfilling because God gives her real love. I placed the necklace around her and with tears in her eyes she understood. She realized that she isn't alone in being broken and that if I can be broken and have this love, she can too. Now she carries that necklace as a daily reminder that she is not forgotten. I'm so honored that I got to share my story and my necklace with her. Please keep her and all the other millions enslaved in sex trafficking in your prayers. Her body may be enslaved but her soul can be free.

I finally got around to seeing this powerful and heart wrenching documentary by @directher. It sheds an important light on the prison industrial complex and the insidious campaign to criminalize and dehumanize black bodies since the end of slavery. If you haven't already watched it(I know I'm late), please do when you have the time. 🙏🏽 #blackdirectors #womendirectors #the13th #prisonindustrialcomplex #modernslavery

#Repost ogodinife: A couple of months ago, I was priviledged to work on two "shortfilms" for the UK Home Office as part of a community led campaign to highlight domestic servitude in various UK households. I am proud to share with you guys these works. Here is the 60seconds version of SPOT THE SIGNS. Please share. It is a great cause
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@kirksworldfilms @m.bulman.film
#modernslavery #ukhomeoffice #stopmodernslavery

The obedient will be rewarded. If you study history you see that slavery and all systems evolve. We are now in a modern slavery Matrix; where if you dont have money you cant sleep on the street or build shelter you get arrested, you can't grow food, you can't have land. Tgis is because if you dont pay TAXES your possession will be taken from you Therefore, you do not own anything. Its called debt slavery. CAPITALISM is a genius system.... and you will kill me defending it #thematrix #modernslavery #debt

Today we arrested eight people following a series of early morning raids at addresses in Blackburn, Preston and Blackpool in Lancs as well as in Worcester and Northumbria. This was part of an on-going #humantrafficking investigation. If you have concerns about #modernslavery in your area, please contact us or alternatively you can call the Modern Slavery Helpline on 08000 121 700 #endmodernslavery #tacklingtrafficking #seeitshareit


I want to share with you one of the most poignant experiences of my life. Working in this film still resonates into my experiences today. We were given the impossible task of recreating one of the most important times in African American history. I burned the mid night oil for months on end. Brandt, the director and cinematographer became a expert in his own right in the battle of island mound. Tirelessly researching to capture the truth. The whole team worked tirelessly to give you the best historically accurate representation of this important event. The the first time african Americans stood up against their oppressors and fought for their God given rights. Their freedom. All the teenage boys we cast from Springfield Mo which has a African American population of 2% because just 100 years ago their were lynchings on the town square that drove them out. These boys trained day and night, learning the battle songs taught to them by the great, great, grandson of a soldier whom fought in the battle of island mound. RIP, he died before post production of the film was finished. I still remember him sitting on his little chair up on a hill in the prairie watching us film. His legacy lives on. It was hard and tiresome days. Their were tears shed. But everyone braved through it in the knowledge that this piece of history must be shared. Black lives do matter. They matter. Thank you for the experience. I will take it to my grave. # sthttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Gel_tRVkNTw

#blacklivesmatter#modernslavery#video #film #history #injustice #powerlifting #filmmakers

Defines modern society quite well... debt is just a form of modern slavery and minimum wage falls into same category too... welcome to modern day slave market called work life 😁 quit the rat race and say no thanks to slavery #awaken #wildchild #normbreaker #rebel #anarchist #freespirit #freethinker #fucktherules #fucksociety #criticalthinker #thanksbutnothanks #slavery #modernslavery #worklife #fuckyousociety

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