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I finally got around to seeing this powerful and heart wrenching documentary by @directher. It sheds an important light on the prison industrial complex and the insidious campaign to criminalize and dehumanize black bodies since the end of slavery. If you haven't already watched it(I know I'm late), please do when you have the time. 🙏🏽 #blackdirectors #womendirectors #the13th #prisonindustrialcomplex #modernslavery

Good turn out for today's North West Modern Slavery Conference. Starting to a see a real push forward for engaging all sectors in recognising their role in the fight to eradicate this horrendous crime. As an aside my highlight was being singled out as the "young man" on the front row!

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#humantrafficking #modernslavery #bestdealoftheyear

Missão cumprida! Agora o desafio é colocar em prática as ideias que surgiram a partir dos diálogos travados nesses dias aqui em Nova York.
Temos muito trabalho pela frente no Brasil. Mas saio daqui, a exemplo do sentimento que tive em 2013 quando elaborei a lei paulista de combate ao trabalho escravo, de que bons frutos virão e nos ajudarão nesta difícil tarefa de erradicar a escravidão moderna em nosso país. (vídeo completo em minha página no FB)
#trabalhoescravonão #direitoshumanos #modernslavery #humanrights

Kids colouring corner at our community awareness event hosted by the @erdington.welcome.centre where we're encouraging the community to look out for signs of #modernslavery #erdington #birmingham #awareness

SLAVE TO FASHION WEEK! I want to say a massive congratulations to @safia_minney and everyone involved in the book. Show support so we can eradicate modern slavery period! It's about time!!!!!! I've done a limited run of BOILER BOYZ T-shirts on Fair Share, fair trade cotton. If your interested in one please Dm me and show support to the cause! 📸 My G @mf_fuud @slavetofashion @fash_rev #whomademyclothes #ranaplaza #modernslavery

My first time directing&filming a video for a Human Trafficking PSA project (thank you to all who helped out @tylydic and dancer Leah Saleone) (full video on Vimeo) Music by Laura Mvula #humantrafficking #humantraffickingawareness #modernslavery

Har aldrig haft något konstintresse men när en riktig konstnär hör av sig och vill skapa utifrån något som jag skrivit känner man sig både hedrad och nyfiken. Idag var jag förbi bästa @sofiamariaw@nordiclighthotel och tittade på de fantastiska konstverk hon skapat utifrån min bok. Rekommenderar alla ett besök! Sofia står i lobbyn och skapar sina konstverk oftast mellan kl. 16-21.00. Otroligt intressant och enormt vackra målningar dessutom. Tack Sofia för att jag får vara en del av detta! #skugganslag #konst #modernslavery #sofiawernersson


This week I have been sharing some facts about modern slavery. It has been great to see so many of you discussing the issues. Please keep talking about the issue, it IS happening in the UK and we MUST keep talking it to continue to raise awareness.
@unseenuk are working hard to support those who have been victims of slavery and I would really like to take this opportunity to praise them for all the hard work they do.

One of "my" crows, washing a peanut I gave him (her? I wish I could tell which is the mommy and which is the daddy). I put the peanuts out when I knew they were watching me so they could learn that I'm one of the good humans. #Trust is earned, not freely given. .
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Порнография является одним из ключевых источников спроса и развития сексуального траффикинга. Между ними установлена абсолютно прямая связь: множество жертв торговли людьми принуждаются к съемкам в порнографии; затем отснятый материал распродается, после чего вырученные деньги торговцы людьми вкладывают в покупку новых похищенных и обманутых жертв, которые используются в проституции. Таким образом расширяется сфера секс-бизнеса, который разрушает миллионы жизней.
Когда человек смотрит порнографию, он делает вклад в развитие секс-траффикинга. Он создает больший спрос. Он сам становится торговцем людьми.

Использованный источник: http://www.crossmap.com/blogs/how-watching-porn-can-c...

Modern slavery is a complex, thriving crime that impacts every country - read our #ModernSlavery report on our website.

To commemorate World Day Against #Trafficking in Persons, join @WinrockIntl for a Twitter chat today! Join and follow the conversation by using #EndTIP⠀⠀
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Check out Sudara/PUNJAMMIES! A great company with a lot of great products and an even better mission! "Sudara is a benefit corporation that exists to advocate on behalf of and empower women who have escaped from, or at the highest risk of, human trafficking by providing dignified employment opportunities. We are a mission-driven lifestyle brand whose success is not just measured or defined in sales and revenue, but in our positive social impact and creating long-term, sustainable change." #FightHumanTrafficking #End #HumanTrafficking #ModernSlavery #Trafficking #Victims #Women #Girls #Donate #Proceeds #GoodCause #Slavery #Fight #FightTrafficking #HumanRights

ENOUGH EXCUSES. Speak up! 100% of proceeds from your purchase goes directly to supporting, funding and expanding our survivor rehabilitation services. #ShopGoodDoGood 👏

Pictured: The Dre Tank & Bowtie Shorts

To purchase an item, please call during business hours or shoot us an email at any time! *NEW website coming soon*

Massacre in America is out on iTunes
#media #modernslavery

#stopwar #modernslavery #gildedbloodshed #peace #conscientiousobjector
There is no such thing as a medal of honor. They give you pins like collars to make sure you stay obedient dogs. They sold you a theme of false glory so you could sell yourselves to the fat, ugly, pitiless, defenseless men that call themselves the USA, who ignore the needs of the many, who only wish to enslave and keep you on the brink of survival. Stop feeding their ranks. Stop allowing them to choose your path, and take time to seek for yourselves a larger picture of the world and where you fit in a plan of self liberation and mutual prosperity.

Namaste Everyone! Our Yoga Luau for Freedom was a blast until we were rained out! So @okieyogi is hosting a redo sponsored by @crownedcoffee and @jlillysboutique on Saturday, August 12 ! Doors open at 6:30p, class from 7-8p, at J. Lilly's Boutique in Nicoma Park. See The Dragonfly Home Events page for all the details [link in profile] #AFutureOfFreedom #humantrafficking #humantraffickingawareness #sextrafficking #modernslavery #EndIt #EndItMovement #OKC #OklahomaCity #Tulsa #Oklahoma #localoklahoma #luau4freedom #crownedcoffee #coffee4achange #okielove #okieyogi

Yesterday at the vigils for cows at FPL "Foods" LLC. There were 4 of us but one person had to leave at 9 so there were then only the 3 of us. The workers and truckers weren't hostile as they normally are, perhaps using @reb_paw 's great idea of throwing them the peace sign worked some magic! Thank you, Reb ✌️💚 One truck stopped-not for long at all, but he did actually stop. We were so surprised it took a few seconds to register and as I was running up to the truck, my phone fell in the dirt 😆😒 Luckily @hsu939 got to the truck. I managed to get 1 photo of that interaction, the 2nd photo here. I thought another was stopping but then when he didn't, I started running alongside it, which @hsu939 captured in his photos. Thank you @hsu939 for capturing that moment. Unfortunately the rest of my footage is video of the trucks driving by..and no one wants to see that. Hopefully next time they'll stop as we are not there to shame them we are only there for the animals! Ah, so much more I could say. Maybe I should start a blog....a huge thanks to @deespencer56 and @hsu939 for being so kind to me. There are some truly wonderful, selfless people in this movement that don't have egos the size of a country. 🐮💚🐮 #thesavemovement #AugustaGAanimalsave #compassionforall #openyourmind #earthlings #loveanimals #gocrueltyfree #friendsnotfood #vigil #cows #meatismurder #maketheconnection #notyourslave #modernslavery #vegansofig #vegan #veganism #veganactivist #veganactivism #fortheanimals #vegancommunity #untilallarefree #emptythecages #animalliberation #animalliberationnow #alf

Оценки показывают, что на каждого арестованного за попытку покупки секса приходится до 50 арестованных женщин, занимающихся проституцией.

Источник: https://stophumantraffickingny.wordpr...

In case you missed it @walesonline recently published a fantastic article about Manumit Coffee Roasters and what it is that we do. They focussed in on Eva's story which really is quite harrowing - prepare to be emotionally choked up! However, the piece also clearly articulates the hope that Eva has now found working with us as she seeks to rebuild her life. Please check it out and feel free to spread the word (the link is in our profile!)

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