I seriously have worked with the most beautiful seniors lately, inside and out! I love editing Katie’s gallery! Her smile and personality and eye connection and red hair just make me so happy!

Spring is officially here and I couldn’t be happier!!! I just LOVE the lighting we had tonight! More peeks tomorrow ❤️ #seniorinspire #seniorinsta #modernsenior #seniormagazine #seniorstyleguide #jenmadden4photography #photography @sophie_melton_

You can’t take senior pictures without your truck, right???? #SavedByGraceSeniors #MODERNsenior #seniorinspire #THEseniorcollective

Jumping into the future! #latech #louisiana

Goals are reached with action. 🌟Action steps are key 🔑 to making goals a reality. Class of 2019... it’s almost your turn. 👊🏻 #emseniors #ericamckimmeyphotography

Eric got these bracelets during his service trip to India where he taught English to children. What will you bring to your senior session? #classof2019

Class of 2019! More info coming soon...

You’d never know from this picture that in the background was a man playing a guitar and bellowing out an unrecognizable song, geese fighting and one angry cat... I’m serious, I can’t make this stuff up! Lucky for me, Kierstin is a rockstar and nothing phases her!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Hannah! It so carefree and bright that I almost forgot that I took it before 9:00 AM! 😂 I had so much fun with Hannah and her mom that day!

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