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Can you see it in my eyes? My health!! It is retuning to me! For those who weren't aware, I have been removing 1 pint of blood out of me every week for over 20 weeks in order to bring my iron levels from 'critical' to 'normal'. More than 20 (24 I think) pints of blood in total. This was an incredibly challenging winter – a dark winter of my soul – as I was rendered feeble, mentally scattered, and an emotional rollercoaster. Timely, with the turn of the season, I have come out of this dark winter, emerging into the spring with health – bright and iron-free – with newly gained empathy and compassion for people who struggle with health complications 🙏🏻. I had no idea how hard some people must have it, and how hard they must fight to keep hope and will to live. Just remember, THERE IS HOPE! Know the battles of health you may wage are worth their weight in gold. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and you will heal if you will it so ❤I'm grateful for this miracle we call LIFE, and wish everyone one full of health and joy 🙌🏼

Fresh color and cut giving me new life for #modernmysteryschool spring programs in Toronto... Hair by @hair_xconnor at @joseluissalonboutique #sofresh

A special #celebration of 20 years of the #modernmysteryschool being open to the public, 40 years of #gudnigudnason, the founder of this open mystery school, teaching; and an evening of joy and love with those we hold in highest esteem. This crazy, powerful, amazing family of #magicians embodies true #Magick -- this school has helped me transform from the nothingness of my personality to the somethingness of my true self, and then into something beyond even that! Something which is not about me anymore -- something of higher service to humanity. Much love and gratitude to everyone who is walking this path with me and to all of the teachers and reminders who have held the flame and made this path possible.

We're here in Toronto, celebrating 20 years of our mystery school lineage being open to the public and the 40 year teaching anniversary of our Founder Gudni! #modernmysteryschool

Hanging out with my Seattle family. By the looks of it, we are in some creepy ally.
#spiritualfamily #spiritualwarrior #spirituality #knowthyself #modernmysteryschool #
@osirisindriya @artemisbast @alexander.musgrave

I always love coming home. 💖#modernmysteryschool #spiritualfamily #shamballah

Being a Healer with a rock sold traceable lineage means everything! This is true for my Professional Life Activation Practitioner Certification, and my Okuden Level Jikiden Reiki Training. My Healer Lineages are clean and I work damn hard to stay worthy of that. #Healer #ModernMysterySchool #AncientTools #JikidenReiki #LifeActivation

Hoje foi dia de participar e acompanhar a iniciação dessas 4 novas deusas que entraram para a nossa família de luz! Bem vinda amadas! Que a luz e poder que adquiriram sejam tão plenos e transformadores quanto foram para mim! #empowerthyself #modernmysteryschool #saopaulo #escolamodernademisterios

The photo on the left was taken 7 years ago at my first ever #modernmysteryschool international program. I had the 1st Galactic Activation. And here I am again (photo on the right), for a few other events and Galactic Activation # 3 next week *notice the constellations on my dress? 😉 Funny thing, it's all being held in the same hotel too. Live long and prosper!


It's been truly a life changing past few days at The Modern Mystery School international trainings. Before I found this lineage 6 years ago, I always had a pull in my heart; a knowing that I was meant for so much more than an "ordinary" life. The healings and tools this path has allowed me to experience has reminded me why I am here and what my mission is. I am getting back on a plane to the states today with new understandings that have forever changed me. I am so honored to walk this path of progression for myself, and for all of my brothers and sisters of the planet 🙏💗💫 If you are searching to know and remember who you truly are, please reach out to me and I will be happy to help you find a Life Activation Practitioner in your area to help start you on your journey. 💛 May I always be of the highest service to the Light🔥⚝ #modernmysteryschool #brotherhoodandsisterhoodoflight #mmstoronto #integrativehealingartscenterPDX #sanctumregnumPDX #progression #selfempowerment #selfmastery #iloveyou

Feeling so honored to know these beautiful souls as we begin the path of the warrior together. A truly amazing weekend! #healers #spiritualwarrior #modernmysteryschool #pathofinitiation #knowthyself #magick #mypeeps

I am so proud of this woman. A year ago she decided to walk a path of knowledge and knowing herself. Yesterday she stepped up and was initiated into a high path of service that only few choose to walk. To be a flame of light that stands up to evil.
#spiritualwarrior #knowthyself #magick #pathofinitiation #modernmysteryschool #lifeofawizard #meditation #chakras #exorcist #lovemylife #liveoflove #lifeofjoye #peaceonearth

I can't stop, won't stop climbing. Opening a unique opportunity for you. For those that have already been Life Activated, don't you worry! I've got something else special in mind for you also coming into Fruition... But first, let's get more of us Life Activated! All together now :
#regrann Repost @fruitful_health - Come into Fruition, my beloved seedlings! 🌱 A SACRED JOURNEY WITHIN: Come join in the heart of Mother Gaia for a unique Life Activation experience. This first-time
opportunity to connect with one’s Divine Self in an atmosphere that is closest to the essence
of the Great Spirit of Life.
Life Activations are often done indoors within the Life Activation Practitioner’s Temple space,
whether it be in a home or office space. All Life Activations conducted flow from the SAME
hierarchy of Light, so allow me to introduce a different atmosphere to those who feel a calling
to step forward into their Light and Power within. The Temple space remains the same as any
other Life Activation conducted, but the window view will be different for this journey.
I am presenting an opportunity for 3​ individuals to come join me in the woods for a 3-day,
2-night experience of Life Activation, Max Meditation, Yoga led by fellow Initiate @_freedinstincts, and an
adventure of exploration within one’s self as well as the surrounding forest of Mother Gaia. $150 deposits encouraged to anchor your energies and required to hold your space. DM for
deposit details. Further details and itinerary will be sent to secured deposits. COME FACE TO FACE WITH YOUR DIVINITY! YOUR LIFE ACTIVATION AWAITS! 👑@ChLandrogyn #regrann

Spacious buoyancy.
Spiritual cleansing.
Bathing in light,
All receptor sites vibrating with
Ancient wisdom and
The purity of ascension.
I remember who I Am.
I remember why I Am here.
I remember why we ALL chose to come here,
We have strength in numbers.
Do you remember?
How powerful you actually are?
How loved you are?
How supported you are by both known and unseen forces?
Do you know: that infinite potential lies
Within your cells just waiting
To be reclaimed?
Owned, as Godliness?
The blind spots shrink as we unite
Our light, our radiant wild gifts
In all their uniqueness and rarity.
The more we surrender to divine flow
The pieces continue falling together,
The waters becoming more crystal clear,
With each moment,
Shimmering with
The rainbow of Our Eternal essence.
#rainbowempress #reclaimyourcrown
#allthepowerthateverwas #oreverwillbe #isherenow
#ascension #healingwaters #purelight
#heartwideopen #cominghome #remembrance #ancientwisdom #modernmysteryschool #iam #eternal #youaredivine #lightbody #lifeactivation #initiation #togetherwerise #youaremorepowerfulthanyouthink #lightworkersunite #starseedawakening #strengthinnumbers #weareallinthistogether #purification #divineflow #keepgoing #rememberwhoyouare #reclaiming

Relaxing by the fire after finishing day 2 of 6 of Ensofic Ray Healing Modality Training, the most powerful and pure healing system on the planet, the true source of Reiki healing as it was originally intended to be. I'm excited to be able to wield this energy in my life and honored to share this learning experience and upgrade with light family from Austin and beyond... #ensoficray #ensoficreiki #modernmysteryschool #healing #lightworker #healer

Kether energy by the lake today 💙🙏 reminding me of my Divine nature. Reminding me that my connection with myself IS my connection to God and that no matter how tough and painful the path to Self-mastery is, it's always worth it. It always ends up someplace beautiful 💫 #universalkabbalah #kether #modernmysteryschool #selfmastery #accountable

The meditation techniques that have been handed down to me through the Modern Mystery School have illuminated my life in ways I never thought possible. Literally every question I could have can be answered through these practices.
But that's the trick for me: with so many questions I *could* ask, where do I begin? And too often the result is not beginning or blanking during conversations with my Higher Self or Masters of Light. 🙄

My solution? Writing my questions down before meditation. Anchoring them in the physical so I'm clear going in, and coming out, can truly ground the clarity I receive in my life's work!

It's Time for Change. And that Change begins with me.

#meditation #modernmysteryschool #lineageofkingsalomon #clarity #iam #readytoserve #knowthyself #thetimeisnow #letsdothis

The Life Activation opens new doorways through which you can pass, moving you into increased alignment with your unique purpose in life. Feeling the pressure to get moving in your life, and not certain where to start or how to go about it? This session assists in clearing up old negative patterns and bringing in an increased awareness of what brings you joy. Joy = Purpose! Ready? Msg me for details.
#LifeActivation #lifepurpose #modernmysteryschool #LineageofKingSalomon #healingtacoma #lovemylife #liveyourgreatness #letsdothis #tacomawa #pnw #pacnw #southsoundhealing

Half-way through day 1 of a 6 day training on a powerful healing modality called Ensofic Ray. Catching a little bit of sun before delving back into deep teachings on Ensof, Kabbalah, and the origins of this healing modality. Wow! Seriously blown away by what I've experienced just being in the class room. Cannot wait to learn the process!
#modernmysteryschool #LineageofKingSalomon #ensoficray #ensoficreiki #healing #healingtacoma #lovemylife

Can't get enough of them jewel tones! #👑 #💜 Photo by: @gaetzphoto
Flowers: @junebloomevents

Hanging out with my Seattle family. By the looks of it, we are in some creepy ally.
#spiritualfamily #spiritualwarrior #spirituality #knowthyself #modernmysteryschool #
@osirisindriya @artemisbast @alexander.musgrave

Being a Healer with a rock sold traceable lineage means everything! This is true for my Professional Life Activation Practitioner Certification, and my Okuden Level Jikiden Reiki Training. My Healer Lineages are clean and I work damn hard to stay worthy of that. #Healer #ModernMysterySchool #AncientTools #JikidenReiki #LifeActivation

Not tomorrow, not the day you finally attain that goal. This moment is magick.
Be present in it. All the power that ever was, or ever will be, is here NOW. #bepresent
#magicmoments #beherenow #rightnow #empressrising #liveinmagic #mms #modernmysteryschool #kabbalah #treeoflife #simpletruths

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