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Yesterday finally felt like fall was on its way! I'm in between projects so I finished up a few maple leaf blocks. πŸπŸ‚πŸƒ
#modernmaples #modernmaplesquilt #fallquilt #mapleleafquilt

Look what resurfaced after moving stuff around!! It's my unfinished #modernmaples quilt from a couple of years ago. Excited to rediscover it and finish it up. But first, I need a couple more maple leaves!!! Pattern by my friend @heyporkchop. I love these blocks so much Amanda!!! 😘

Mini modern maples. It's rather satisfying piecing these little blocks (4.5" mini blocks). #modernmaples

Now that my Pineapple blocks are all done I've given myself permission to start something new. #modernmaples for fall seemed the only logical choice. #nomorehoarding #allfrommystash #useallthegoodstuff #fallisintheair

Thinking it might be time to start a #modernmaples quilt.

Binding DONE!!! Now it's time to go for a walk in the woods to get a picture worthy of all of these awesome fabrics. πŸ‘πŸ’˜πŸŒ²πŸŒ³πŸπŸ‚πŸƒ #mynewfavoritequilt #modernmaples #hellobearfabrics

Finished my #modernmaples quilt a few nights ago. First time using grey for binding & I really like it. I now have 3 quilts ready to gift. Need to decide if I should wait & give them in person (might be a while) or start mailing. #quilting

Freshly washed sheets and my #modernmaples anniversary quilt. It's heating up so I might need a summer quilt. πŸπŸ‚πŸ

It's turning out to be a not so productive Monday, but on the bright side, I DID manage to get my Maple leaf quilt hung on the wall! β€’β€’β€’ I found those giant clothes pins on my trip to NYC and they're perfect for holding my quilts up. I used 3M Command Strips to attach the clothes pins to the wall. Worked great, and I can adjust if necessary. πŸ‘πŸ»
#modernmaples #fallquilt #confetticottons #iloverileyblake #rileyblakedesigns


Nothing like a bit of last minute #calmqgblocklotto sewing for tomorrow's #calmqg @calgarymqg meeting! #modernmaples #showusyourmqg

A half dozen #modernmaples for the #calmqgblocklotto . Mmmm, that sounds like donuts 🍩🍩🍩 #calgarymqg #quiltblocks #blocklotto

Working on #modernmaples for the #calmqgblocklotto while I wait to take hubby to the hospital for his appointment. I'm trying out my #tuckertrimmer AND my patchwork foot. So far so good!

I love that I get to plan block lotto for #calgarymqg, and this was the month that was screaming for something Canadian 🍁🍁🍁 Now that the new lotto is all ready for our meeting this week, I'm going to pop out a few more #modernmaples and yo my chances of winning! #calmqgblocklotto

Prepping squares for #calmqgblocklotto while I wait for the rodeo finals to start #calgarymqg #calmqg #blocklotto #modernmaples

Found 3 more blocks that I'd received for my #modernmaples quilt through #getyourquiltywishesgranted2 these will make a grand addition to my quilt 😊

Finally getting around to playing with the layout of my #modernmaples inspired quilt. All blocks made for me by my #threadbias bee mates or from the lovely people of #getyourquiltywishesgranted2 I think I need a fifth row so may sub in a few lv only blocks. Might even have it ready for fall/autumn this year!! (shall tag as many people as poss once it's finished)

Freshly washed sheets and my #modernmaples anniversary quilt. It's heating up so I might need a summer quilt. πŸπŸ‚πŸ

Tried to take a photo of my Canada150 quilt at the beach (Lake Ontario) this morning from a lifeguard stand but it was too windy! So the back yard and a ladder it is! Thanks to my hubby for his help. Now I can put it on our bed! Scroll to see our first try! Kite surfers were having a great morning! #canada150πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ #canadaquilt #canada150 #modernmaples #modernmaplesquilt #loriholt #quilting #quiltersofinstagram #dinkydoofabrics

Here is the #modernmaples pieced back. It was a little breezy.

Adding a few more old projects. I pieced this #modernmaples at #quiltbliss and quilted it at #ohcraft

Just got my Canada150 quilt back from Brenda and Nigel, the amazing husband and wife long-arm team. And in only one week! The quilt is done in a 'maple syrup' motif. Swipe to see the one maple leaf I was so worried about. It has has 2 maple leafs on it! Couldn't be better! Oh BTW it's 112" x112"! #canada150 #canadaquilt #modernmaples #beelori1 #dinkydoofabrics #quilting #quiltersofinstagram

Whew! Just finished a few seam re-alignments! And there's one big maple leaf I may replace now that I've seen this photo. (There's a washout in the top left.) I'm happy with the rotation of fabrics and stems though. Looks messy which was what I was going for. But now to figure out border. It's 90 x 90 and I think I'll aim for 108x108 so that I can use it on our king size bed. I'm thinking piano keys style border. I'll have lots of ideas though from the group at the retreat this weekend. The fabric is sold out in so many places so I'll have to see if I can find enough variety at Lens. #labouroflove #quilting #dinkydoofabrics #modernmaples #9patchquilt #bloclocruler #mapleleafquilt #modernmaplesquilt

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