Happy Saturday! The sun is shining, so we’re heading out for an adventure (and by adventure, I mean grocery shopping and free sample hopping at Sam’s 😜). Hope your weekend is the best ♥️♥️

Today is restock day!!! Headed down to Amaze & Grace to load our shop with tons of new designs and vintage goodies!!! Yes I've already started on Halloween...because why not!! Make sure you check out all of our new stock and new markdowns will be added! .
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Happy dancing into Friday like 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 because Eleanor slept in her big girl bed all by herself last night! [She stayed all night too] Saying a little prayer that sleeping in her own bed sticks as easily as potty training did for her 🤞🏼 — In other news, my junk room is so freaking clean right now! I realized that I was holding onto old decor and such *just in case* I needed it someday. What I didn’t realize was that the just-in-case-decor owned me, when I should’ve been owning it. I mean, would I let some random person live in my house rent free?? Because my decor was taking up an entire bedroom, and it wasn’t bringing me anything except aggravation when I needed to get into that bedroom for something. Essentially living rent free in that bedroom!! Now all I’ve got to say is buh-byeeee 👋🏼 [disclaimer: I did keep some of my decor, but I downsized it to a closet instead of a room. Things like fall decor and cotton wreaths are safely tucked away for when I need to take them out 😉] When inspecting each item, I just asked myself “do I want to pay to store this when we move?” and “do I want to pack this up and move it when we move?” The answer was consistently no. To be honest, I’d sell every bit of furniture in my house if it meant I didn’t have to move it! I’m not attached to any of my things like that. Perks of not being sentimental 🤷🏼‍♀️ — Whew, that got lengthy 🙈😂 Happy Friday, y’all ♥️

I can’t say enough good things about Monday’s! I love them. The start of a new week. Monday’s feel like when you wake up really early, it’s still dark outside and you feel like you have the world to yourself for a little while. To me, at least. The hustle and bustle of the weekend is gone, and it’s just a slower pace that allows me to recenter and just get things done. So happy Monday to you! ♥️

Happy Sunday, y’all ♥️

It’s been such a lazy day, and the last full day of my husband’s vacation. Eleanor and I have enjoyed having him home with us 24/7 for the past week, but we’ve also neglected chores and such in favor of fun and just being together; so my house will thank me next week when I get back into my regular cleaning routine 😜 — Happy Friday the 13th! [I’m totally not superstitious! Are you??] ♥️

Summertime is in full swing y'all. Be sure to enjoy it for all it's worth. Go outside, sip some lemonade and catch lightning bugs like when you were a kid. After all doesn't summer seem to bring out the kid in all of us 🤗

I moved these stadium seats into the dining room weeks ago, and didn’t quite love it, so I planned on moving them out the next day. Update on that situation: they’re still in the dining room 🤷🏼‍♀️🙈 #lazybones

It’s been a rough week, and it’s only Monday. The silver lining is that I’m hugging my people a little tighter right now — Always try to find the good, y’all; if you don’t, your bad day will become a bad life, and it’s not a bad life ♥️ — Also, check out those oils in action right there. If @younglivingeo is your jam, try equal parts Stress Away + Lavender + Peppermint + Orange. It’s good stuff 🙌🏼

I planned on cleaning my house today, but as I was still working on my second cup of coffee around noon, I realized that plan was out the window. So I tidied and did laundry instead. It’s not nearly as rewarding as cleaning the entire house, but I’m exhausted just the same, so it’s gotta count for something 🤷🏼‍♀️ The silver lining in all of that is the fact that this stay-at-home-mom gig allows me to still be drinking my second cup of coffee at noon sometimes 😂

On the ride home tonight, I felt a big drop of rain fall on my leg. One drop. Then I realized I was in the passenger seat of my car, and there should be no rain there 🤔 So I looked down and there was a little green frog RIGHT BY MY LEG, just hanging on to the lower part of my door 😱😱😱 [Y’all, he was on my leg for a split second!] I didn’t even have time to think, I put my ridiculous fears aside, screamed, scooped him up (he was so slimy 🤢) and threw him out the window. Then I felt nauseated the rest of the way home, and like his family was waiting to jump out from under my seat at any moment 🙈 — Let me just add to this that my husband’s only fear is frogs ...and heights, but mostly frogs. So I mean, the silver lining is that the frog was near me and not him, because he would’ve wrecked us 🤷🏼‍♀️ ...still so gross. Do y’all have any weird fears? Please tell me I’m not the only one who hates critters and crawly things 🙈😂

Happy Thursday! — It’s overcast here, but according to my weather app, the rain is supposed to hold off until this evening sometime. I’m halfway through my first cup of coffee. The oils are going. Eleanor is still asleep. It’s a good morning so far ♥️

Not a lot going on in this photo, just had to bring some white back to this feed of mine; and the way that these curtains look from this angle makes my heart all kinds of decor-happy ♥️ Give me white, bright, flowy, airy, neutral-ish, cozy spaces and I’m set! What’s making you happy today??

Eleanor’s bathroom rug deserves a close up ♥️

Happy Thursday!! ..which is really my Friday, (if stay-at-home-moms even get a weekend), because my husband is off for the long weekend 💃🏼💃🏼 I can’t even tell you how excited I am! I don’t even care that it’s gonna rain when [in the words of my sister-in-law] “we should be day drinking by a large body of water” 😂 Cheers to porch-sitting, letting our littles splash in muddy puddles and most importantly, not having to shave my legs since I won’t be wearing a bathing suit 😜🍻☔️💦 — Now that you know what my plans AREN’T, I’d love to know what you have planned for the long weekend!? — [and also, here’s a totally unrelated photo of the calmest, simplest wall in Eleanor’s bathroom]

Happy Thursday! — We’ve been driving around scoping out land for sale [and some that we wish was for sale] all day. Eleanor slept half the time, and it rained the other half. We went down backroads, dirt roads and to every edge of our desired county. Even though we didn’t exactly find the perfect piece of property, it was still a fun day dreaming about our future ♥️

Happy Wednesday! — Have you heard the Yanny/Laurel thing going around? At first I only heard Yanny, but now I’m hearing Laurel. It’s screwing with my mind, y’all 😱 — I really came here today to talk about pet peeves. Not in a let’s-all-get-mad-and-rant-about-it kind of way. I’m just interested in what makes other people tick. The good, the bad, the funny 😜 So for me, I have a serious pet peeve and a weird pet peeve. My serious one is when someone “baby-talks” to my child. (It doesn’t happen so much anymore, but back when she was smaller, it happened ALL THE TIME) now, don’t get me wrong, I say things like “feetsies” instead of feet, (apparently my pet peeve allows certain baby talk, but not all baby talk 🙈😂), but when someone comes at her with “hers so cute!” it really stresses me out! Whyyyyy, y’all?! I don’t get it! Anyway, my weird pet peeve is when someone leaves time on the microwave after using it! It doesn’t make me mad or anything, but my body will make its way to that microwave (no matter where we are/who’s house we’re at) and I will clear the time off of it 🤷🏼‍♀️ it’s not something I can control at this point, it literally just happens 😂 — Now that you know how to get under my skin in more than one way, I’d love to know your pet peeve! Is yours serious or is it silly?

Got sucked in at @tjmaxx today, as usual. I hadn’t been in over a week (which is a long time for me not to stroll those aisles 🙈) and I left with two pairs of Levi’s jeans (only $20 each!), dry shampoo, a toy for Eleanor and eyeliner. Y’all, I don’t even wear eyeliner! 🤷🏼‍♀️ — Anyway, as soon as I get a new phone, I go through and delete the apps on my iPhone that I don’t use, and I guess when I got this phone I deleted the podcasts app. Well I just re-downloaded it because I keep hearing good things about podcasts; but I can’t decide if I’m on board or not. I used to hate hearing morning talk shows on the radio, and I feel like this is similar to that? I don’t know y’all, I’d love to know your take on this. And if you’re into podcasts, let me know your faves so I can give this thing a real chance! ♥️

My weather app shows thunderstorms for the next week and a half, and normally I’d be irritated because rainy weather sucks, BUT this is exactly what my hydrangeas need. I predict they’ll be blooming colorful blooms by next week, if it the weather man is right! (Never mind the fact that we have an irrigation system and could give them as much water as they’d want 🤷🏼‍♀️😂) ...also, I feel of a certain age after supporting unfavorable weather because “my flowers need it” 😂😂😂 — Happy Monday!

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