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When I saw that today's #quirkywordlettering was kersplat, I thought it would be a great time to try this watercolor background on kraft paper technique I saw @letteringbymhel do a few weeks ago! I forgot to add some water droplets so the color is extra concentrated 🙌😬 @artsycraftsy @thelilaclane 💕 Also another entry of my favorite supplies - Dr Ph Martin's watercolors and bleedproof white and kraft paper - for #calligrabasics #cb_paperandinkarts @calligrabasics @paperandinkarts

What markers do I recommend for my awesome lettering worksheets? Crayola Markers! Any size will do! They have wonderful flexible tips and they come in so many colors! Link in my profile to download my lettering worksheets! 💕
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Had lots of fun with @michelesmalley doing the live broadcast!
Day 27/#30daysofbiblelettering
Call upon the name of the Lord.
Isaiah 55:6
Online iPad Lettering and Advance Lettering courses as well as a book are coming out.
Typoxphoto.com/learn (link in bio)
Email me for workshops in your city or speaking/events.

Comment as many flower names below (one per comment) and I'll check your IG! This is an old doodle page (you might have seen it on my stories) and haha, I actually used watercolor on this page (which was definitely NOT watercolor paper) when I was first getting started with painting! Rookie mistakes! So I thought I'd share some more doodling on it ✏️✏️✏️ - this time with water based markers! @mozartsupplies and steadtler fineliners
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Haters always have shit to say but nothing to show 🙃

I was inspired by Shelly's @lettersbyshells beautiful wreath yesterday 💕and here is my attempt to create one 😃
Also my entry for #letteringwithpositivity and #beautyandthebeastlettering
🖌 @tombowusa dual brush pen, @pentelofamerica fude touch sign pen, @kuretakezig_usa brush pen


Cute signs for the page boys for a wedding in April 🖌👰🏼💐 #dasscreative

Hello Instagram! This account was designed with the intent to spread uplifting messages while improving my hand lettering and calligraphy. My vision is to embrace the gifts I have been given and find creative ways to share them. I sincerely hope you find my posts encouraging.

My birthday party is featured on Style Me Pretty today! Thank you to all the friends and friendors (friend-vendors) who made the celebration possible. ❤🎉
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But we gotta make a living 😂😅

Ah, the sweet, sweet relief of writing the last line of a 250 word piece.
Can I get an amen? 🙌🏻

April is almost here (and I am still writing 2016 and scratching it out)! Join the fun and letter the daily prompts with us. You will learn a thing or two even if you re a native speaker - I know I did while putting this list together!
Abril casi llega, ¡y yo ún sigo escribiendo 2016 (y tachándolo)! Únete a la diversión escribiendo a mano la palabra del día. Les aseguro aprenderán algo de vocabulario aunque sea el español/castellano su lengua nativa - ¡yo aprendí mucho recopilando esta lista!
1. Elm
2. Sycamore
3. Balsam – Elm
4. Gum Arabic Tree / Wattle
5. Palm Tree
6. Cypress
7. Fir Tree
8. Birch Tree
9. Olive Tree
10. Poplar
11. Camphor Tree
12. Oak
13. Weeping Willow
14. Sequoia
15. Juniper
16. Jacaranda
17. Linden
18. Ficus
19. Cedar
20. Pine Tree
21. Magnolia
22. Apple Tree
23. Ash Tree
24. Rubber Tree
25. (Chinese) Banyan Tree
26. Silk Cotton Tree
27. Japanese Cherry Tree
28. Hawthorn
29. Maple
30. Chestnut
Don't forget to letter the daily prompt and tag #handwritteninspanish for a chance to be featured!
¡No olviden escribir a mano la palabra del día e incluir el hashtag #handwritteninspanish para la oportunidad de ser mencionado/publicado en esta página!
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