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Capital G is kind of my favorite letter. What's yours?
I'm using @midnightscribblings' flourishing guide to step up my lettering game 💪🏻. He has tons of information on the anatomy of a flourish and examples of how to flourish each letter. The guide goes over how to beautifully enhance your lettering with all the loops, swoops, and turns of a flourish. If you didn't know, he was featured on InsiderArt and Buzzfeed for his flourishing. Jarrin's currently doing a 20K giveaway. Check out his page to see how you can win one of these amazing workbooks.
Our books are bundled together for sale at a discounted rate or you can get just his book by checking out the link in his bio 😊.

Limitless possibilities with the iPad Pro and procreate! Lettering names was fun! Back to work and making youtube tutorials ans videos! Subscribe to my channel ➡️link in my bio!

Rose gold Sunday mornings. Pretty good way to start the day. 💗 (left the sound on so you can hear just how scratchy capiz shells can be!)

finally cleared my drafts, zig brushables swatches! 🌟 the names of some of the colours are cool, what's your favourite colour?

Practicing a new font with a new nib! 🐑🖤
Black cardstock from @papersource + Nikko G nib + Dr. Ph Martin's Bleedproof White ink

T h a n k y o u 💕 writing a couple of cards, but also need to extend my thanks to YOU.

So overjoyed with the response to my workshop tickets going on sale yesterday 😍 I absolutely cannot wait for them! Melbourne and Sydney classes are 50% sold out already so if you're thinking about coming along, don't think for too long!

But in addition to that, combined with the support given to my online course, my skillshare class, the Artline Stix and my worksheets... I'm able to do some pretty cool things.

I've just committed to something pretty damn exciting today (like once in a lifetime, other side of the WORLD exciting) and I can't wait to tell you more. And it's all thanks to you!

So for anyone who has invested in Black Chalk Co either financially or just with your TIME by using your eyeballs to look at the things I post, thank you.

I appreciate every like, comment, follow and message. It's so easy to overlook these things compared to if ONE bad thing is said or happens to you, but the positive outweighs all that 100 to 1! A 1000 to 1! Maybe even a jillion to 1, I dunno I'm not a mathematician. But LOTS! And it's such a nice feeling to have this awesome community, especially when not-so-good things are happening in your offline life.


And if you ever have suggestions of things you'd like me to do / make / write about / rant about - get at me! I'd love to hear it and do what I can to help you all become better creatives. You've all grown me as a person, so it's the least I can do! Xx
#thankyou #thanks #gratitude #card #kraftpaper #ink #calligraphy #moderncalligraphy #BlackChalkCo #Melbourne

Three classes down, one to go here in in NYC with @starbrightnyc's beautiful blooms to keep us all motivated! If you missed us this weekend we will be back for more beginner pointed-pen calligraphy workshops here in SoHo in July. Visit lhcalligraphy.com/workshops for details and to register...the first session is almost sold out already! #lhcworkshops


Been reading a book about marbles recently and was enthralled by all the different kinds — swirls, colours, size and all. And so I decided to paint my own kind of a marble. I love it! 💜💙🦄

Spotted my "this is good shit" journal at a friend's house in its new habitat and had to snap a pic. 📓✏️

Boa noite galera! Bora recarregar as energias para semana que está começando! 🙌🏻
#drcowboy #sonhecolorido #dream

Watched Old School the other day with Will Ferrell. Forgot how funny that movie is! #imbackwooyouknowit #progressnotperfection #moderncalligraphy #calligraphy #learnlettering #sharpie #oldschoolmovie

Board shorts! Fun fact: I love board shorts. I own some that I bought when I was in Germany. That's how much I love them. 😂 #socalletters with @thediyday @cre8tivesun @the_lemonade_store .
#thezscript #pentelsignpenbrush #boardshorts #californialove #moderncalligraphy #calligraphy #calligralove

Throwback to this pointed pen verse. Love it! 💗💗💗💗 #renmadecalligraphy #theletterlovelies

Summer is on the way and I'm officially done Year 2! ✨

My house is filled with leftover worksheets from last week's class! Check back soon for more class times this summer. 🖋

Sometimes life feels like a bit of a juggling act but having some time out does not make you a quitter. It means you're smart.

#aprilfoolerychallenge day 23. I had this idea of doing water colour champagne bubbles for this, which ended up being waaay too ambitious! 😂 So I went with a simple design and just played around with some water droplets and W+N gold gouache. The gold shimmers are sooo pretty 😍✨✨✨ (don't mind the drilling in the background... my boyfriend is making picture frames!)
Nib: Hunt 22 with oblique holder
Ink: Dr. Ph. Martin bleed proof white and Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache in gold
Paper: Vellum
• • •
#rubywrites #hunt22 #dippen #dippencalligraphy #pointedpencalligraphy #postyourpractice #practicemakesperfect #learncalligraphy #copperplate #handlettering #lettering #calligraphy #moderncalligraphy #handfont #handmadefont #type #goodtype #learnlettering #letteringleague #togetherweletter #diy #handmade #art #pointedpen #creativity #penmanship #handletteredabcs #flourishing #beautiful

Aisle Signs. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. ❤ 8 piece set . These will be Available for rent soon! They can also be purchased. Stay tuned, these will be posted on my site soon! #aislesigns #handmade #handmadesigns #woodsigns #1corinthians13 #loveisPATIENT #moderncalligraphy #calligraphy #handlettering #weddings #sandiegoweddingrentals

📚Did you know it's #worldbookday today? 👉🏻 @danielwellington is featuring my writing of this #JKRowling quote in their Stories today! Go check it out 🤓

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