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Einen wundervollen guten Morgen - nach dem workout freue ich mich auf zwei geile Tage als Moderatorin auf dem Festival @tankmitfrank
Also vorbeikommen und mit mir feiern !!!!! Kiss patti ..., #tankmitfrank
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moderation & balance me: "just one more spoonful and i'm done"
savage me: "you didn't specify the size of the spoonful"

After hosting a beauty press conference with so many lovely ladies (see my insta stories 😂) - I am now off to my next business meeting and soooo excited 🤗🙏🏼😍 Good Morning everyone from munich☀️ | 👗 @escadaofficial 💄 @mariatavridou

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Ein Highlight heute beim CHIO! Gold-Michi ist mit mir den ersten Wasserkomplex abgegangen und das kurze Video ist schon auf YouTube (Link ➡️ Bio), inklusive Outtake hinten dran. Ich hab den Moment auf jeden Fall voll genossen 🤗
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Mein Mann @kristofkuhn hat mir DAS heute während der Sendung geschickt 😂 Danke Schatz 💓😁 #jlo#samesamebutdifferent#rtl#explosiv#moderation

Week 1 (April 1st) ⏩ Week 14 (July 14th)
Three and half months of work is finally starting to show 👀
At the end of my "bulk" I weighed 162lbs, the heaviest I've ever been. Now, just five weeks out from my show, I'm down to 147lbs. Kinda crazy that this is the only 15lbs difference!
What I really wanted to show with this picture was this: my diet hasn't changed much in quality, but only in quantity. 🍕 🥒
So often I hear people say "I can't eat that, I'm trying to be good" or "that food is so bad for me" or "I only eat clean"
Here's the problem with labeling foods like that. When it comes to body composition, what matters is the quantity of what you're eating. 💡 Moderating the amount of protein, carbs and fat that you're consuming is absolutely key 🔑 to obtaining a physique goal, whether that's losing fat or gaining muscle.
I have not cut any foods out to lose this body fat - I still eat sweets, Oreos, ice cream, cheese, pasta, and anything else I want in moderation! I simply make sure it fits within the context of my day and my macros. I don't label them as "good" or "bad." That doesn't mean I give myself a free pass to eat just junk because I'd feel pretty damn crappy. But what I DONT do is deprive myself of foods I enjoy in moderation. Balance is the name of the game. 💯
With this transformation I really just wanted to highlight that weight loss does not have to be this excruciatingly depriving and limited diet. The way that you eat should work for your lifestyle and include the foods you love. This is what will make your diet sustainable.
Sorry for the rant but I hope this helps those of you who have been asking me about flexible dieting! 😊 always happy to answer any questions. #6weeksout 👙
PS just 2 spots left for nutritional coaching! After that prices go back to normal. They are still 50% off until all spots are full! Shop the link in bio to sign up or email me with inquiries. 😊

Swipe ⬅️ for yesterday's full day of eating 😋 It's pretty representative of a typical day for me, but my dinner and dessert were what I would consider a "treat" meal. I absolutely believe in taking at least one meal a week to eat something that you just genuinely want, and not worrying about whether it "fits your macros."
Anyway, back to what a typical day looks like for me➡️ I will always be someone who makes time for breakfast because it's my favorite meal of the day🍳 Lately it's been an egg white omelette with mushrooms, spinach, & feta + a cinnamon raisin English muffin with pb & banana + cantaloupe + a cup (or two) of coffee. Then I head to school for 4-5 hours for lecture, lab, or just to study.
When I come home for lunch, I want to make something relatively quick, and be sure that it's enough to get me through my lift in the early afternoon. I make 1-2 wraps with deli turkey, feta, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, and tzatziki ranch dressing. I also have about half a serving of some form of baked chips (my fav rn are either the white cheddar good thins or the ritz salt and vinegar ones). Then because I always need a sweet component (and more carbs for my workout) I'll have oatmeal with pb & banana.
Once I come home from the gym, I have Greek yogurt (2% fage is the absolute best) with chocolate protein powder or vanilla extract/stevia mixed in, and topped with blueberries/raspberries.
Dinner is usually either pasta and a salad, a baked burrito, salmon/potatoes/salad, zucchini fritters I always make + crab cakes or salmon patties, some form of turkey or beef burger. I will try to post more recipes since I get a lot of questions about my meals, but I'm usually just way too hungry to takes aesthetic pictures I'm sorry guys 😂 Then after dinner I make my dessert which lately has either been carrot cake pancakes, or halo top (trying to kick my addiction cuz it's breaking the bank), or sometimes the Greek yogurt I described earlier.
Continued in comments ⬇️

guilty 🙆🏻
stálo to za to? tomuwer, že stálo 😂👌🏻 na spojenie @purenutsfoods a @petite.creperie čakám už veľmi dlho a nemohla som sa dočkať😇 síce som ešte ten týždeň a niečo diétky mohla vydržať.. 😅
10/10 , odporúčam!


Veiller à sa santé, préserver sa situation matérielle, se débarrasser des ses complexes, attendre les vacances: Vivre sans idéal sans but transcendant (moral ou religieux) est devenu possible. Vivre au présent, rien qu' au présent "eclatez vous" lit on en grafitti. Aujourd'hui nous vivons pour nous mêmes, sans se soucier de nos traditions et de nos valeurs. Le sens de ces mots se trouvent déserté. C'est le matérialisme exacerbé des sociétés d'abondance qui a rendu l'éclosion d'une culture de l'Ego. Nous sommes captés par tout et rien, excités et indifférents à la fois, sursaturé s d'informations... l ère de l' indifférence sans grandes ambitions et sans grands buts pour lesquels la vie mérite d être sacrifiée.

Day 1: Breakfast: omelette with ham and this new high protein low fat cheese I found in Tescos.. and quite nice when melted👍🏻 Snack: porridge oats and protein powder. Lunch: Tuna sandwich & yogurt & raspberries Snack: rest of my porridge & corn thins with peanut butter & an apple Dinner: rice & peas with turkey steak & chilli mince. TREAT: a snickers 😍 I had to have a veg a fruit juice drink as the headache from cutting out sugars after drinking so much white wine on holiday was horrendous 😭 On the upside I'm feeling a lot better today! #detox #thestruggleisreal #iifym #moderation #balanceiskey #planningiskey

Banana and peanut butter bites this morning. Tasted soooo good! 💜💪

Auf Wiedersehen, München... Den roten Teppich hättet ihr aber nicht ausrollen brauchen, liebe @lufthansa 😂🙈 #danke #lufthansa #flughafen #münchen #aljoschahöhn #moderation #redcarpet

Survived 168hrs with this charmer #1weekold #elkafrankie #only1secondintime

I CHOOSE: 🙌 To live by choice, not by chance.
💚 To be motivated, not manipulated.
💛 To be useful, not used.
💥 To make changes, not excuses.
💪🏻 To excel, not compete. 💜 I choose self-esteem, not self-pity.
❤️ I chose to listen to my inner voice, not the random options of others.
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Where's the sunshine? Oh here it is.. ☀️#melbourneweather🌨

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