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“I’m not everything I want to be, but I’m more than I was, and I’m still learning.” 🕊

everyone: be careful in the sun to avoid heatstroke
me: 🙃
*wears wool coat in 40 degree weather*

Thanks to @lwilderauthor for choosing my head for its cover

My obsession ❣️

Couldn’t think of a caption 😂 #YoungQueen *

#ANDRESTORYTIME 📸:@gmvaughan
* After reading , COMMENT! I wanna know do you think American Culture  is bringing this IG to a whole other level?*
So I think I can speak for a majority of entertainers when I say I Instagram can suck a dick😂😂. I got Instagram back in 2011, scroll deep enough my pics go back way way far, to my high school days. When I first got on Instagram, I thought it was a photo editing app. There was nothing on here but pictures of cats, dogs and the outside world; like a Microsoft XP background (that reference my 90s babies will get that) Now personally as a model I HAVE TOO constantly promote myself on this platform. Don't get me wrong, I feel as this has change the  way in giving entertainers a huge advantage to show off their talents but the other side of the coin is; you need to have a certain amount of followers (now activity) in your page to be considered for anything. When I was in London there were fashion agencies asking how many followers I have..WAAAA?!? And CASTINGS 😒 I went to a casting and if you didn't have 50K , kick rocks and go home (not lying). In that regard I get annoyed by it and the constant stunting. Ohhhhh the stunting😩😩😩. I do know models who buy followers or have programs running their IG page ( THIS COSTS MONEY PEOPLE) But nonetheless it's the world I live in and I gotta adapt to survive. Don't let this platform make you crazy. Keep striving, and grinding ,💪🏼💪🏼Happy Monday yall thanks for reading! .
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