Trust the process.
Go through it.
Don't fight it.
Surrender & embrace the vulnerability as your floating in love♡ it's the only way to love.

There's nothing that's gonna take away from my purpose. I'm dying with the crown on my head, nobody can take nothing away from me. It is what it is, I am who I am....Bottom line.

🌟In my soul will always shine forever!🌌✨
#wlyg #modelcasting

Yeah, you stopped scrolling for a second 🔥
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The process will define you.....

Tomorrow! The first model casting was dope. Come out tomorrow and audition for @blyssproductions upcoming fashion show Saturday, December 1st from 6-11pm. Think you have what it takes? 👀👀👀 We’ll see tomorrow
#dmvphotographer #maryland #fashion #modelcasting #model #photosbyauri

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