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Here's a fun little challenge I came up with! Full range step ups - they're harder than they look! These require a great deal of strength (hellooo quads), balance, + mobility and stability in the hips/knees/ankles. Can't wait to work on them and get them smoother! 😁
PS (before someone asks) no this is not bad for my knees. If you have sufficient mobility, then there should be NO pain or discomfort at all in any of your joints. Obviously if something puts strain on your joints to the point of pain then you shouldn't do it! Movements that push you through a full range of motion are not inherently harmful or dangerous (they're actually quite the opposite)! But remember to respect your limits and do only as much as YOUR body can handle! 💚
🎶 "toes" @lights
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The side plank is a great core stability drill and can help you strengthen your obliques and resist lateral shear forces through the lumbar spine. But how you do it, really changes which muscles you bias.
🔹️This variation has your weight supported on the bottom leg. In this position we use our outer hip muscles largely to hold the position in addition to the obliques.
🔹️For this one, we switch the feet so that our top leg holds the weight. Here, we eliminate the outer hip from the equation and will hit our obliques a lot harder. Much better for those looking for more of a core/ab workout.
🔹️This one uses both feet but eliminates the balance component of the exercise. This variation is actually how Dr. Stuart McGill originally developed the exercise. It's my go to for when I use side planks in low back rehab.
So try out whichever variation you like best and use the one that works best for you.
Tag a friend who needs to train their core and share the wealth!

It's after you've practiced and practiced and practiced the basics that you can now try the fun stuff. Why balance like this on a bar you ask? Do you know how much #core engagement, how many stabilizing #muscles and how much #mobility is needed just to maintain your form properly on a bar like this?? Pretty much ALL OF THEM! plus, it's super fun 🙌🏼🤗 "Practice and dynamic #repetition is the footwork of mastery". - carmel

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The daughter of @alex_shchukin is going beastmode💪👅😍! How is this even possible?

Weighted shoulder extension with weight plates are an awesome exercise. If you're working on your manna this will be very helpful to develop the shoulder extension!!😎 First video; 5kg (wide)
Last video; 10kg (narrow)

The first part of successful barbell squats at the rack. The bar should be set around chest height. Setting the bar too high or too low can force a lifter to put themselves in a dangerous position in order to un-rack and re-rack the weighted barbell. ✅
The next step is to get the bar into the correct position on your back. Pull yourself under the bar and trap it tight against your tops of your shoulders and back of your neck. By pulling your shoulder blades together a ‘shelf’ will appear through the contraction of the upper back muscles. The bar should be positioned on top of this shelf.✅
It’s now time to un-rack the bar. Position yourself under the bar with your feet evenly spaced around shoulder width. Take a big breath while bracing your core. Extend your hips and knees at the same time (with even pressure between both legs) and stand up with the bar.✅✅
Often athletes try to un-rack the bar with their feet staggered. With lighter weight on the barbell it is easy to get away with this move. However, as soon as the weight increases to high levels, un-racking the barbell in this manner can be dangerous.❌
It is also common to see athletes try un-rack the bar without a braced core. Without bracing your core, it’s difficult to organize and create appropriate stability needed to complete the lift. Case in point, you don’t see many 900 lb squats where the athlete un-racks the weight in a casual manner. The tremendous weight of the bar would instantly crush the athlete.😩
Thank you to @anna_wtcoach for being today's model! 🙌🏼 ________________________________
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WANT A PERKIER BUTT ? || Mobilise those hips! How are you supposed to work the booty properly if you can't get full hip extension and drive? With great difficulty. Ladies and Gents - strengthen that butt by stretching those hips. No time? If you have time to scroll, you have time to stretch... try this cheeky hip opening sequence - it's quick but effective. If it's too intense, check the link in my stories for the even better, guided, full length yoga sequence that I made for @thebodycoach YouTube channel. Ice cube was right - you've got to Stretch yo'self before you wreck yo'self.
#vertuemethod .
Song: Stakes is High - De La Soul
Outfit: @newbalanceuk 🙏🏽💦💪🏾 #newbalanceambassador

For the joy of it....😁 After the post from two days ago of Mandalasana/Parvrttanasana 🌀I felt like doing some QDR circles - which is how I learnt to do the handstand and headstand variations comfortably. I learnt this more or less from watching YouTube videos. This is the world we live in today. There used to be a time, not that long ago, where you had to travel far and wide, or be fortunate enough to have a teacher nearby, to learn everything from languages, to music, to movement, to cooking and everything in between. But, I've said it before and I'll say it again, nothing can ever replace one on one teaching. There are just too many things that as a student you cannot pick up without the help of a teacher. There will always be the self taught virtuosos who don't need that process, but for the most part, the majority of us need that guidance. But, with the help of modern technology the speed at which we are learning is rapidly increasing and in every field the level seems to be going through the roof right now. It's a very interesting time in the evolution of our species to be living. We complain about many things, but in reality most of us have never had it so good.

300lb Snatch at the @crossfitinvictus Athlete Camp today (In slowmo also)! Had such a great time coaching the athletes today. Excited for another day of coaching at @crossfitwilsonville tmrw. Do what you love & never work a day in your life!
Invictus Weightlifting has 3day/wk & 5day/wk programming. Technical coaching of your lifts & structured programming. Come see what we’re all about! Link in bio.


DM #490: Practice can’t be forever.

@fasciadoc and @dr.kreiswirth shared this little gem with us at RockStock this weekend, and it’s a concept that can and should be applied to everything. We practice to acquire skill. That practice should allow things to become automatic, reflexive, and better than they looked before. And then, we practice something else. —
Use whatever practice-related quote that you love best, “Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent,” or “Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong,” but realize that whatever you do, you can’t practice forever. At some point that practice must become performance and utilized in real life.

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” Practice. Acquire. Use.

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It was such a pleasure having some of the best junior water polo players train with us over the last 10 weeks @bar_in_waterpolo . I was blown away with their dedication and professionalism. @coach_baird says that he can already see noticeable improvements in performance since the guys started their periodised strength program. Enjoy your holidays! #trainlikeapro #strengthandconditioning #juniorstrengthandconditioning #juniorsport #juniorathlete #waterpolo #juniorwaterpolo #longtermathleticdevelopment #strength #power #speed #mobility #sportspsychology

Dagens (måndag) schema: #rygg, #biceps#gymet. Dagens tips: värm upp den del ni ska träna med nått som värmer upp den del ni ska träna... Värm upp i kläder så ni blir varma... #BTBTGYM goes #fitness24seven

I saw @mirajfindingbalance showing one of his students doing this on his story the other day so I thought tonight was a good time to try it since I was really just trying to move a little bit. It was tough, my compression isn't as good as hers was but I got it. Have a good week, ya'll be blessed 🙏🏾

Not much space here!
I'm away from home this week so finding my space.
Yes the elephant towel is with me!
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Nicoflex är ett långtidsverkande & mycket djupgående linement. Fungerar extremt bra i samband med fysisk aktivitet. ❇️WWW.ATLETBUTIKEN.COM❇️ #atletbutiken #nicoflex #linement #muskelvärk #mobility #massage #powerlifter #styrkelyft #tyngdlyftning #strongman #weightlifting

Emma ist bereit für die kommende Woche. Seid ihr es auch? Immer schön die App starten, wenn ihr aufs Rad steigt. 🐶🚲

Taking it all in! 🌇☀️🤘🏽
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📸 credit @monsieurpicot 🙌🏽

Got splits??

Movement today at 4 is going to be hitting their splits work, don't miss out!


@iamnotagni working on some glute stability and control. So often the glutes play a massive role in many lower limb and hip conditions. Neglecting them would mean a sub par result from your rehab program

Deadlifts just don't get any easier 😅
Hips on the mend, mobility drills started, we're not perfect but we're on our way 💪#sweatbox #deadlifts #mobility

Yesss!! I am one of the first 13 Qubo instructors in India!!
Thank you Gurnit Sir and Ankita Ma'am for the fabulous training.

Qubo is a Special Light Resistance Training accessory which is different, innovative and effective! Don't go by the size and the shape of Qubo, it is just not molded plastic or 3kgs pillow, but is much more than that.
Qubo is a device that can provide you with comprehensive results, right from enhancing flexibility, building stamina, stability, mobility to upper & lower body strength, core strength, balance and a killer cardio workout!

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