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Italian gems. This image was shot in the middle of a storm, the fog just cleared enough to get sight of the peaks 🇮🇹

If it looks like a Led Zeppelin song, it's good.

There is a great quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that says, “Nothing can bring you happiness but yourself.” We have all heard it before, “Happiness comes from within.” These words are true, but reality is most people endeavor to seek happiness outside of .
We can only find true happiness and contentment if we look within ourselves and we learn how to be our self’s best friend.
رالف والدو امرسون فیلسوف آمریکایی میگه:
هیچ کس و هیچ چیزی نمیتونه خوشحالی واقعی رو برای ما بسازه به غیر از خودمون.
من کاملا به این حرف ایمان دارم خوشحالی از درون آدم میاد ولی خیلیا بیرون دنبالش میگردن.
واقعیت اینه که ما باید خودمون رو خوب بشناسیم، به خودمون اعتماد کنیم نگاه نکنیم دیگرون چی میگن راجع به ما!!!!. دیگرون چیکار میکنن ما هم همون کارو کنیم!!!!!! خوشحالی رو تو درون خودمون پیدا کنیم نه بیرون.
باید یاد بگیریم چطوری بهترین دوست خودمون باشیم.
من بهترین دوست خودمم همه جا پر از یادداشت هایی دارم که منو یادآوری میکنه برای بهتر و شادتر زندگی کردن. ‌شما هم دوست خودتون هستین؟

В детстве даже представить не мог, что Milky Way буду любить в сто раз больше, чем одноимённую шоколадку ✨

Вот так сидишь в любимом салоне, болтаешь с подружкой и неожиданно приезжает он ❤️ курьер с большой коробкой, перевязанной красным бантом 🎀 В коробке оказалась пицца от @Dr.Oetker_russia, да не простая, а з̶о̶л̶о̶т̶а̶я̶ шоколадная 😍 Это их новинка осеннего сезона!! Что-то невероятное!! Вы когда-нибудь пробовали такую? Я нет, поэтому когда приехала домой, первым делом отправила десерт в духовку и уже через 13 минут запах шоколада разносился по всей квартире. Это было очень вкусно, даже Тошенька пытался утащить кусочек 🍫 Спасибо @Dr.Oetker_russia, давайте побольше таких сюрпризов 😍

A new gnarly day is about to start in the Lofoten Islands.

Woke up this morning, almost didn't get up to go shoot. I'm so glad I did. Starting to take out my ND filter and tripod more often. I really needed to use it this morning cause the waves and shores were crazy. Got so many good shots to share with you all so stay tuned. 🤘🏽😃.
. .
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I always enjoy hanging with the locals, this one happened to spit a lot. #peru


• A little stride by to end the day. Bona nit! Bonne soirée ! •

Along on our drive to Olympic National Park in June. Edited with our Adventure Pack.

📸 @sara.lou


From our very last GoodTuesdayz meet. Missing it already. But this Friday the Crest Theatre will be hosting photography and short motion pictures by some extremely creative locals (I will show a few photos, too!) Join us - it's free! 100% of the proceeds from tickets online and at the door will go to Shriners Children's Hospital! Details in my link ... which is in my bio. I hope to see you there! ❤️
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I miss the comfort of being sad.

Classic Tirol📸


@modestmira_ 🌻 Okay this orange is a bit daring for my Instagram feed but this is one of my fave shots

Немного Европы в ленту:)

Sounds of Louisiana.
New Orleans has a pulse and is by far my favorite city 🌃

Wherever you go, you take you w/ you.

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