Resiko scrolling feed sendiri terlalu jauh adalah menemukan tulisan tulisan lama yang bangkitkan rima.

One of ma fav circle, tak kan kutukar kalian dengan tas lufitong. Kalau apartemen bagus halal, mungkin... gadeng canda, tapi...

Still amazed with how cute these guys were. Got this @starbucks testers when visiting one of @starbucksindonesia booth located in MAP City, Happy Birthday Indonesia Festival held at JIExpo Kemayoran.

You should come guys, there are many discounts and promo as well. It's on till August 27th.

Hello Mokka.

Support local product.

One thing that already been a part of our sessions for years.

Why? Because fortunately we have many friends who choose to grow their own business, like these two business woman over here from @pannsa.studio and @tapitapi_id.


There is one activity that we love when doing a session:

Stopping by anything that looks promising for a set. Like this gorgeous squad of flowers.

xx📷: @5f___2i


Friday friyay!! Time to plan this weekend, guyss. Have you already ask your partner to spend the weekend with?

#bintangbumi #bintangbumibts #bintangbumicouples

We also have this couple. This two have been with us for some months.

Their wedding is getting closer, means, we also get to upload their pictures soon!

#bintangbumi #bintangbumibts #bintangbumicouples

So much hair do stuff going on for this @tapitapi_id session. Managing them to keep being neat and pretty is part of the job right there.

Anyway, weekend is gettin' closer, Guys!

We got some good news as our gear for editing needs were just getting stronger yesterday. Yay!


The girl is sneaking some pictures while we deciding on the look.

At the @tapitapi_id session.


Another It's A Wrap moment.

Working on projects like this is the time when we meet each other since we have different daily acitivities and job. Especially because one of us is working on the site at different island and can only go back home like every three months or so 😂. #WHPfriendship

Our main photographer today 👉 @darmawansofyan 👈 has a lot of ideas and crafts stuff for today's session, like this handmade reusable confetti!

Fortunately, we have our favourite fashion editor @5f___2i from @pannsa.studio and co-photographer @typicalmood to cope along with him. Happy weekend! #TheWeekOnInstagram

#bintangbumi #bintangbumibts #bintangbumicrew

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