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Я остаюсь таким же, как и был.
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Taking on this Monday with my camera in hand and a cup o' joe. What a lovely surprise this weather was after a long week of cold, cold, rain- on the agenda today: a few appointments, a mother daughter date and maybe a few more cups of coffee along the way. What's your favorite way to spend a Monday?

It's time for me to say goodbye to Minnesota and all the rad people I've met over the last two and a half years. I'm moving back to southern Wisconsin to start my first big league job at the Waukesha Freeman! All are welcome to visit, my apartment has a spare bedroom. You'd just have to deal with my piece of shit cat for a few nights ;)
Photo is from my first whitewater rapid kayak venture on the lower snake river in northern Minnesota. It was a wild solo ride and tested my problem solving abilities and scared the shit outta me, but I made it to the end with a huge smile on my face! .
And finally, a special thanks to the Minnesota Daily fam and my lovely roommates, past and present, who have added a whole lot of spunk to life. #peaceandblessinsyall #seeyaaroundthebend #mnlife #wiscompton

1 week till Freedom

Happy Camper 🚣🏼‍♀️🏕🎣 #thefortshop #mnlife #happycamper

Open wifi network and a wide array of street parking!! Off to a good start.
Birchwood has been open now for 30 years and has climbed the ladder of success that once started as a small local cafe has prided itself on being an all organic Farm-to-table restaurant. They serve a phenomenal 3 meals but their breakfast is set apart. Their foods are colorful and full of nutrition! I've been here for breaky and once for dinner and the only complaint I have about dinner is that all of their sauces have harsh, bitter tastes to them. A lot of vinaigrette similarities. That's not wrong or weird at all, it's just a personal opinion.
The staff can reiterate the quality of what they serve along with their variety of beer, wine and soothing peace coffee with perfect latte art!
The atmosphere has the farmhouse feel to it with plenty of outdoor seating and low cello background music welcoming group conversations without having to shout.
Take more photos here, friends, make it look pretty and send them my way. If you stay for a full meal with coffee be prepared to spend roughly $17-20 per person as you are paying for a superior condition!

When the weekend is cold and rainy, what does cozy look like to you? To me, cozy always includes a nice fireplace. 🏡

Lunchtime entertainment. #norain #sunshine #mnlife

@queenannaliving, a pretty dangerous client because we want everything always 😍 // photo by #bandofbN @macyhly (her 1st day on the job! 👏🏼) #projectsbyniche


Don't let people scare you. Don't live your whole life trying to please others. Don't worry about what others think. Whether it's your hair, clothes, what you say, how you feel, or what you believe in, don't let the judgment of others, stop you from being YOU. Because, if you do, you are no longer you. You become someone that others wanted you to be.

In case you're wondering how we make money:
Here are four ways:
1. You can sell wraps for 💲25 a piece.
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It's THAT simple. Want more information? Message me ASAP! You won't regret it. 💚💪

👉 I see posts, every once in a while, about "hey join my company instead of that company" or "leave your company for mine" and where I have had people switch to it works from their company, I never specifically encouraged people to do that. That's not my style. I'm more of a "congrats on your business, I hope you're successful" kind of person. 💪
👉Here's the thing, it doesn't matter what company you are with. It's YOU. You have to work or no business will. ✌ That's not to say that people who have left a company they are with I have ever looked down upon - everyone does what is right for them in that moment of their life.😘
I love it works and am proud to work for a company of their morals and ethics. And being #33 in all of the thousands of DS companies, they are clearly doing something right. I am more than dedicated. This is a part of my life, it's not a little side gig and it's more than just making money- I put a lot  of time into pouring into my team and doing everything possible to help them be successful. Their success is just as important to me as my own. 😘 💖
So I am here to tell you, I am a leader and a mentor you can count on. To continue to help you get results with the products and to continue to help you be successful with your own business if you are a part of it. ❤️

Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.
- Truman Capote

👯Business women are changing. The way we make money is changing! 📱Wifi + social media + 💭a dream is all it takes to earn an income! Let's do this together! ✨Are you ready to change the world and change your life!? What are you going to do with your 💰💰💰$10,000 bonus??!! 📲 651-703-5428

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This river and Minneapolis in the distance gets me every time. I can't jog Mississippi River Trail without stopping here to take it in. #mysaintpaul #onlyinmn #mississippiriver #mnrunning #mystpaul #stpaulmn #mnlife

Roaring waters of Vermillion falls

When Elijah was 2, we found an amazing hat at Target. And Elijah has been wearing it ever since. But recently he outgrew it and we've been on the hunt for a new one. It's been a huge deal because every hat Elijah has tried ondidn't feel right. But finally @target had the right hat. I'm so glad! Now he has a hat for our vacation in June. 😍

Cute manicure done...victim of fixing the bike and kid trailer. #momlife #mnlife #bikeride #sunshine #spring

Я остаюсь таким же, как и был.
#mnlife #adventureswithmikey

We have a broody hen on our hands! Our Susy is quite grumpy! Since she doesn't leave the nest box at all...I pick her up and bring her outside a few times during the day so that she gets fresh air and will eat. It doesn't last long and before I know it she runs right back to the coop and sits in her nest box...she wants chicks, but she isn't getting any so for the next 20+ days she will be like this until she breaks her broody stage! When a hen gets broody they also stop laying eggs, so we are down an egg layer for a while!
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Lunchtime entertainment. #norain #sunshine #mnlife

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