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Thankful for friends who make my quarter-life a lot less crisis-y #bestof75 #mmmbop #vietnam #vroom #anita

Look who stopped by today? Yup, @hanson! 😍 We chat about their iconic hair, 90s trivia and of course, the success of #MMMbop!

#MMMBop 📷: 🙋🏻‍♀️
Photoshop: @loriannna

Total #fangirl action tonight! Seeing my teenage crush after 20 years!! So excited lol get ready boys, we're coming for you! 😆😆😆#sorrynotsorry #notashamed #hanson #mmmbop

#HansonNoBrasilByGloss é uma promoção que foi lançada pelo @hugogloss que acabou ontem. 😪

Em ritmo de viagens e eventos não conseguimos postar antes, mas, dps de tanto lutar pra realizar meus sonhos, eu queria conseguir realizar esse da minha mãe.

Leva a minha mãe @fabifonsecaff pra conhecer os #Hanson @hugogloss
Ae gente, vai lá no perfil do @hugogloss e marca onde puder pra ele levar eu e minha mãe ❤️ marca a genteee.
A esperança é a última que morre, e até o fim, não vamos desistir 🙏🏻😘 #Mmmbop #HansonMusic @taylorhansonmusic

the morning i left on my road trip or otherwise the morning i looked like an honorary member of Hanson #mmmbop #35mm #searsks1000 #staybrokeshootfilm #filmisnotdead

Conquista desbloqueada! Um pedaço do meu infinito. Minha vida cantada em uma noite.
And thank you @cisaachanson for the guitar pick, I'll always remember this concert. ♥️🤘🏻 #Hanson #mmmbop #middleofeverywhere

@tove_84 got the design from my Mmmbop pin tattooed on her! I'm so honored! I made these as a way to fund my trip to my first Hanson Day and I am so happy other fans love them!
#hanson #hanson25 #mmmbop


@jackfmdfw @jteespeak is rocking the 9 at 9 with crazy songs that no one really knows what they mean. Lol #mmmbop fits that 100% lol but I still love #Hanson

#MMMBop 📷: 🙋🏻‍♀️
Photoshop: @loriannna

When your 12 year old self always knew you’d grow up to marry #isaachanson 😂😂 love you @torendude #mmmbop #gottalovethe90s

Sorry @missamerica you know I 💖you but I do believe that the boys of @hanson @taylorhanson @zachanson @isaachanson have the Wave down the best 😂
#hanson #MissAmerica #wave #fanson #obsessed #loveyou

Thankful for friends who make my quarter-life a lot less crisis-y #bestof75 #mmmbop #vietnam #vroom #anita

HEY FRIENDS! 👋🏼 I wanted to take a moment and thank you all for being part of my #teachertribe. 💕 I was tagged (a million years ago) by @doccopteaching, @writeonwithmissg, @readitwriteitlearnit, @maniacsinthemiddle, & @sweetestteacher to share #10randomfacts about me, but never got around to posting. Since there have been lots of new faces here lately (thanks in part to the fabulous #stopteacherguilt movement — keep those posts coming because they’re amazing!), I figure it’s time to introduce myself again. Here I go:

1️⃣ Procrastination is my tragic flaw.
2️⃣ I think it’s super neat that my generation bridged both the analog and digital eras. 📺 📼 👉🏼 🖥 📱
3️⃣ The first website I ever created was a Hanson fan page. #mmmbop #90skidforlife
4️⃣ Political satire is my jam.
5️⃣ I’m an only child.
6️⃣ I worked as an actor at a haunted house throughout my teens and early 20s. It was SO MUCH FUN. 👻 #chainsawsstillscaremethough
7️⃣ Personification is my favorite literary device. #englishteachernerd
9️⃣ My husband and I frequently communicate in nothing but It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia quotes. ☘️ 🔟 I’m obsessed with fonts, fall weather attire & warm beverages.

Last Night they wanted to hear some @hanson #Mmmbop it was a private reception

Dying 😂 @Hanson

Skippy hates Hanson and I need to work on my pep talks. #mmmbop #thatsahellnofromskippy #mmmno

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