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Keep shit simple

Tired out.

if i see one more mom's spaghetti meme on my timeline i stg the line/lyric is from 2002 yall need to get over it its not funny anymore ITS TIME TO STOP OK

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Katy tweeted about this video back in 2014 and she is right bout this video
and can you guess which music video this is?😹

With great power comes absolutely no responsibility, for content
Completely, despondent, and condescending
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Keep shit simple


Everyone know who is the king #eminem

Around this month 6 years ago I got into two artists that got me into hip hop, Kanye and Eminem.

It may seem cliche to say Eminem has gotten me to hip hop but Eminem's the Marshall Mathers LP made me such a fan. The first thing I noticed was his rhyme scheme. The way he would not just make words but whole sentences rhyme was amazing to me. His clever lines and the way he flowed was mind blowing to me at the time.He also had a lot of personality and emotion. He was REALLY funny and at the time I haven't heard any artists that were funny. It's not like when rappers rap about shooting people when I know they wouldn't. When Eminem rapped about killing his girlfriend, I believed him. And I'm not gonna say I condone what he was rapping about. It was how he rapped about it. Plus, on the surface it seemed all he talked about was killing people and dissing celebrities when his subject matter was more in depth.

He's so relatable in the sense of feeling like shit, depressed, or not feeling like you belong. On the Slim Shady LP, Eminem was poor. By MMLP, he was rich but was still dealing with personal problems. In fact the album seemed as though he was even angrier than the album prior. He's dealt with a lot of topics in his career than some give him credit for, he's so relatable to not just a white demographic but with people in general. He didn't seem like a celebrity, but a guy that loved to rap.

Now many people say Eminem sucks now and can't rap like he uses to. In my opinion, Eminem is still a good rapper and I will always look forward to what he has to say for being the guy that made me take rapping more serious and viewed it as an art in itself.

as I promised yesterday this video is a rap god vocal cover from me.enjoy.I am not a rap god. I am just a rap boy. whatever. thank you for hearing my video.
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