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I was thinking
about how you look
with the moon
lighting up
your eyes.

You're in my head,
in my heart
and I know
it's right.✨🖇️ @marcusandmartinus ♥️🍃
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/Den 21.3.2018/ Den kdy jsem si uvědomila jaké mám štěstí, že můžu Marcuse a Martinuse vidět naživo a ke všemu v Praze - coooo?! Na tenhle den nikdy v životě nezapomenu ❤️ M&M jsem bohůžel nepotkala z očí do očí, ale věřím že se mi to jednou splní 🔒❤️ Díky nim jsem poznala tolik nových a úžasných lidí ❤️ Ve den koncertu jsem byla neskutečně nervózní, bála jsem se, že nic neuvidím, že se to celé pokazí, že budu zase vzadu... Ale v moment, kdy Martinus zamával na naši část balkónu, tak mi to vyrazilo dech 😍 A vy, kteří jste na koncertě nebyli, tak nezoufejte, protože i vy tam jednou půjdete a potkáte je, stačí věřit a něco pro to udělat ❤️ Budu ráda, když tu označíte @marcusandmartinus 👑 (happy birthday @theofficial_emma_ #eMMa10 🦄❤️🎉) #mmbacktoczechrepublic #mactinus #mmfamily #itsourturnslovakia #2132018 #marcusandmartinus

Part 10 Y/N POV:
After much deliberation, I decided to wear my only dress that my mother took a while. I've never felt comfortable in this kind of clothes, I don't think I have one of the most perfect figure, but that was my only option, and the other was to be with my plain black clothes. I drew my hair and just put mascara and lip gloss and my trademark-my sneakers .I got my bag and went out and I got in the car on the impatient my cousin.
The road was not long and we arrived quickly.
-We're here and I'm asking you to calm down there's nothing to worry about, it's gonna be okay and now tp get some cotton candy-we both got off the car and my first impression was that there were really a lot of people, attractions and pavilions with all the tasty stuff -you like that place, right?
-I hate when you're right but I really like it , and I really want to go to some of this -I pointed it out and he nodded in enthusiasm, I kept looking and I felt that he came nearer to me and he whispered to me.
-You remember that I told you that there is nothing to worry about, but now is the moment to not freak out, because a familiar group is coming to us....... Comment and like for more (please be active in the comments ❤️) #marcusandmartinus #mmstory #mmimagine #mmfanfictions #mmstory #mmfamily #bgmmersdream

As hot as Hell🔥🔥🔥💍🌍
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Part 9 Y/N POV:
The next day:
-Nathan ,I don’t want to go!-I groaned,trowing a pillow at my very annoying cousin from where I was positioned on my messy bed- I told you I decided to stay at home, my mom wants me to help with something and couldn't say no to her!
- Liiiiiaaarrrr , your father even offered to drive us and the simple fact is that they are very excited that you're going, so come on get up lazy butt and get dressed!
- Oohhhhh well let's just say that I don't have anything suitable to wear, so ... –I shrugged and he sighs ,hurling the pillow back at me.Not surprisingly it collides with my face,I gave him a sour look ,placing the white pillow behind me.I exhaled and then turned to my pleading best friend
- Oh my God, you know that I hate you? Get out of my room to dress, I'm coming after 10 minutes-he looked at me smugly and shut the door, I don't understand why it’s so important for him to be with him, the only thing I can do like people is to expose, I'm a professional in this endeavor, which means that he will once again be ashamed of me, but he asked for it.The truth is, I've been thinking all night long about having to talk to them again, and that horrifies me,I hope there will be too many people that we can’t meet but with my luck.... #marcusandmartinus #mmimagine #mmstory #mmfanfictions #mmimage #mmfamily #bgmmersdream

Part 8 Y/N POV:
- I just didn’t expect that they already triggered it ... but it doesn’t matter ,go to bath and come down to us when you're ready!
-I don't understand what you mean, did something happen?-this time he looked at me more sad and came close to me, held my hands and gently squeezed.
- I think Nathan will tell you when he is ready,! But I can tell you that you don't have to worry about, right?-nodded even though it was too late because I'm already worried I should ask him tomorrow.
-Um, I forgot to tell you something-he looked at me curiously – you know what Nathan is ...and generally makes me tomorrow to go with him to the fair and doesn’t accept the answert no..... so I will go with him-he smiled widely and nodded, I wasn't expecting that it would react like that
- Then I need to thank him for taking you out! I want you to have fun and maybe make new friends - I rolled my eyes but I kissed him on the cheek and I went up to take this so desired shower.I didn't expect that this day will be so interesting and I wouldn’t stop thinking about what Marcus wanted to say to me , and if it was a mistake on my part to escape, maybe that was my last chance with him and I wasted it. With what kind of eyes I will look at the whole group of the fair after this day.

#marcusandmartinus #mmstory #mmimagine #mmimage #mmfanfictions #mmfamily #bgmmersdream

Part 7 Y/N POV:
-As much as I am tempted by the good offer, tonight I promised my parents that I would go home early ,they want to discuss something important-he rolled his eyes, and I laughed at his expression-well, bye bunny, see ya tomorrow and don’t forget I want to see you in a dress and something else .... -he went back as he talked to me, the last one screamed-WASH YOUR HAIR -he started walking fast before I could kill him because of the nickname.So my dad called me like that when I was little , because I was a petite comparison with the other children. He knows very well that he annoys me like when he calls me so , but so it keeps doing it, a typical Nathan.
- Owy Y/N what happened to your hair?-I turned and the door was my father, who was trying not to laugh at my look, which seemed to be quite difficult and I don't blame him for that.
-We can say that the shakes don’t like me as well as the floor and the tables and can we not discuss it? - I raised my shoulders and he gave me a place to come in, the smell of cooking hit me from the door, I love that smell.
- Okay, let's say I understand you ... with your mother we're fixing the table and after a while it's ready, sooooo you can take a shower if you want- my typical father, joking about everything and to say that I give and occasions for it-where's Nathan, I put a plate for him , I thought he was going to eat with us?
- He said that aunt and uncle want to talk about something, so it can't stay-from his smiling face, he got serious and looked at me thoughtfully-dad, what's wrong?

#marcusandmartinus #mmfanfictions #mmimagine #mmimage #mmstory #mmfamily #bgmmersdream

MMer's family is the best family❤💍 #MMfamily

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