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Checking off my book about a sport for #popsugarreadingchallenge2018 and my translated book for #mmdchallenge2018 and book set in another country for #winterpunderland . #beartown , aka #thescandal , is set in a small town in Sweden, and there is so much to marvel at and digest in this book. It would make for a great book club discussion! Fredrick Backman is awesome! #fredrickbackman #sportsbooks #sportsbook #bookstagram #novel #2018reads #translatedbooks #simonandschuster #mmdreading #mmdchallenge @annebogel #idratherbereading

The White Witch is visiting the northeast this morning! #theardentbiblioreads photo challenge today is a favorite author. I am one of those people who tends to prefer variety over favorites however I was blown away when I got the #Narnia series by #cslewis on my 10th birthday in 1978. I fell in love with Lewis's writing and reading books and never looked back. Lewis is my first favorite author.😍
Does any remember this Narnia set from the 70's? Groovy​ cover designs and only $1.95 per paperback. This is one of my original books from 40 years ago! All but 3 have disintegrated from repeated reading
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Day 16: Exercise Your Mind ~ Small reading challenge this year, more than positive that I’ll read more than what’s listed. #ReconstructionChallenge #Bibliophile

Who else loves the feel of a huge, thick book in your lap? 🙋🏻
I am reading Les Miserables with a group in the Modern Mrs. Darcy Book Club. We started in June and at a chapter a day are half way through! I got more than a month behind in December and just spent a bunch of time catching up last week. Due to Hugo's love of historical and philosophical tangents, I usually like the slow place of a chapter a day because it doesn't feel too demanding, but the section I got behind on turned out to be action-packed and extremely suspenseful, so I was so glad I got to read it in big chunks--I didn't want to put it down!
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I'm going to share what I read this year on social media because book discussion makes me happy. 🙂
The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon // audiobook // ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This has been my least favorite book in the Outlander series but I still loved the book overall and love the series very very much. Some might say too much. Some don't really understand love at all.
A couple story lines felt redundant (abandoned newborns in the woods, I rolled my eyes at The Frenchman's Gold chapter title because haven't we established 90 times that Louis never sent the gold?!?, and murderous revenge against evil rapists), plus there were some story lines that seemed to end kind of flat. But looking back on the work as a whole, nothing was unnecessary (okay, maybe we could have cut out one of Claire's 20 explanations about how genetics works.) and plots that felt repetitive were resolved in new and interesting ways. (Maybe Louis DID send the gold! 🤭)
One scene made me think of the episode of Friends where Rachel Finds Out and everyone marvels at what a nice, expensive gift Ross got Rachel for his birthday and Chandler says, "Remember back in college, when he fell in love with Carol and bought her that ridiculously expensive crystal duck?" Only I was the one yelling at the room about the crystal duck. 😂
Deep thought: Just about all of the adult males in this series are physically maimed somehow. Is this just the ways of the rough 18th century? Is this justice for the dangers of childbirth that Gabaldon reminds us about every 100 pages? When this book's maiming happened I thought it represented a very severe, Victorian sense of justice which isn't Gabaldon's thing. Then I remembered that ALL the guys have this. Why? 🧐
This was my book over 500 pages (It was 1400+ 😯) for the #MMDchallenge.
Book 1 of 50. #kmereads2018 #booklove #mmdreading #outlander #thefierycross

What I'm reading now. 1- on audio "Lilac Girls" I like it so far. I ordered it on based a brief review so I was not that sure what I was getting in to. I'm just at the point of getting to know the characters. 2- in print "David Copperfield" I've tried Charles Dickens before but could never get into his books (usually abandoned about 1/2 through). But at my nieces urging, I am tackling this one. I'm finally just past the halfway point and picking up steam! I think I like it. :) 3- on kindle "The Book of Joy" I'm not far enough into it to know what I think but hoping for good things! #bookstagram #mmdchallenge #mmdreading

Although I’m not eligible for a BOTM subscription, I love their selections and dedicated a couple of pages to those in my book journal. All the ones I have read in the past, I have throughly enjoyed! The Mothers has been a past selection as well and after being out all day for our road trip yesterday, I’m looking forward to some reading time today. I’m not looking forward to cleaning the apartment or running errands but 🤷🏻‍♀️

Tell me about your Sunday plans and what are you currently reading?

Book by someone from a different religion or ethnicity for #mmdchallenge2018 #mmdreading #idratherbereading

I’m not a sci-fi reader typically. However, this got a lot of attention last year. My choice for a book I’ve been meaning to read for the 2018 MMD Reading Challenge. I liked it, but I’m still not a sci-fi reader. 😂
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Book review •
Talking about BOTM selections, this was another fabulous one I finished two days ago. Killers of the Flower Moon investigates the terror and death brought upon members of the Osage Indian nation in northern Oklahoma. They had previously been forcefully relocated there and after oil was discovered beneath their land, they had become the richest people per capita in the United States in the 1920s. However, in more than a 16-year period their death rate was more than 1.5 times higher than that of America’s whites. •
This book is a non-fiction read based on historical facts and reveals the inequity and corruption in how these shocking killings were dealt with (or rather not dealt with), including the birth of the FBI. This book is so well written and includes many photographs that aid the story perfectly. It left me angry and heartbroken and half of the time I was sitting here, shaking my head and calling out in surprise at how unfair the Osage Indian has been treated and is still suffering from this era nowadays. Only the best books will lead to strong emotional reactions and I would recommend this one without a doubt (even if you usually don’t read much non-fiction, like me)!

5/5 ⭐️ A non-fiction read for #mmdchallenge2018 #mmdreading #idratherbereading

When your #currentread matches the weather description perfectly, you cozy up in your neighborhood café to study.

One of my other reading resolutions was to read more Louise Penny this year because many of you’re raving about the series. If I read one book of hers per months I should be done by the end of the year! 😏

Happy Friday everyone!

A book recommended by someone with great taste for #mmdchallenge2018 #mmdreading #idratherbereading

First book of the new year and I’m gonna be honest...didn’t love it. 🙊 I was trying to step out of my comfort zone - I love crime shows, but haven’t done a lot of crime novels. About halfway through this one, I was already set for it to be over. The ending was exciting and the writing wasn’t bad, just not my cup of tea. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #52booksin52weeks #bookstagram #idratherbereading #mmdreading

Finally finished the #mmdbookclub book for December. I loved it but I was slow reading it. #mmdreading #mmdbookclub #modernmrsdarcy #idratherbereading

Deep Work by Cal Newport. Borrowed through inter-library loan, hence the aqua colored sticker over the cover. 😊 I believe I’ll be looking for a copy of this to buy and keep. #stickynotebookreview
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😊This was a fun read, and I do get to check it off of The List #mmdreadingchallenge2018 #mmdreading #idratherbereading

Starting Book 4 of my 2018 Reading Challenge. I don’t have a specific number that I’m trying to reach this year but I am following along over at #mmdchallenge. I mostly read in the evenings instead of watching tv. But, no school today since Daddy has the day off so I’m still weekending! 😜

My CURRENT reads! Instead of finishing anything I keep adding new books. Ironically the Kindle on the top has my newest book, 168 Hours by Vanderkam. It is a time management book, I picked it up after listening to the author on the #whatshouldireadnext podcast with #modernmrsdarcy. I am determined to finish a couple of books this week and resist starting anything new. Anybody else struggle with reading too many books at once? I like to have 4 books going at once but 7 is a little much. 😃
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Book 4 of 2018. The Pencil Perfect by Caroline Weaver Of @cwpencilenterprise . Very interesting! Thoroughly enjoyed this one! #Fig #bestreadingbuddy #sheenjoyspencilstoo #whitneyreads2018 #theunreadshelfproject2018 #mmdreading #mmdchallenge #idratherbereading

Starting a new book in the border lineup! #decisive #bookstagram #bookish #readinglife #mmdreading

📝 It’s been a busy day here! 😊 I also posted this 👆🏼on the blog this morning after finishing another chapter in DEEP WORK ~ it’s the January pick for the @annebogel #mmdbookclub and it is provoking a LOT of thought for me! Link is in my profile if you are interested 💛

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We are getting so close to launching the next season of Books and Tea! Be on the lookout for an announcement of the start date. In the mean time, here's something new we are adding. We will be doing the Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge! Visit her site to learn more and participate too!

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