Forgot to post our other workout buddy! Bob the kickboxing partner 😂😂😂 @cpt11wife
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Me and my workout partner @cpt11wife today! Killed another MMA style workout that had us drenched in sweat and heart rates through the roof! #coredeforce #mmashred #shredded #kickass #keto #ketotransformation #ketodiet

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Day 10/30 #coredeforce
#mmashred #corekinetics
Yesterday’s post was actually day 9, my mixup. So I am officially a third of the way now! I had a BUSY day, and even got in a 35 min power walk... but just squeezed in my 53min workout. And I feel good! #nostoppingmenow💯

My face when I leave work, rush home, walk in the door, slam my #energize, change clothes, push play, crush today’s #CoreDeForce workout, shower, get dressed, and head out the door again!
It’s not always easy, but it is always worth it!
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Speed work and #mmashred plus the two miles I knocked out with my Addie. All in all a good day considering I worked. #runitfast #beachbodyondemand #coredeforce #getitdone #runlouisville #noexcuses #workoutwednesday

Putting on my full armor ..............
Life seems like an uphill battle
Like more than you can handle
But we have a hope that it's real
And there's power that lives inside us
We were made with hearts like lions
We're not given a spirit of fear
His strength inside us, we are fighters
Made to rise, with faith alive
We're standing ten feet high ..............
We're not giving up, when struggles come, they're not big enough
There's no stopping us, we're fearless inside, we're walking like giants
We're not giving up, with every step He's still here with us
Whatever comes our way
We'll be walking like giants ................
It might seem like the biggest mountains
Got you surrounded
But there's a God above it all
No fear, we keep moving forward
Yeah, we're marching on like soldiers
No such thing as impossible ❤️ .
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MMA Shred has to be one of my favorite workouts.

When I used to live in east Texas, I was introduced to KRAV MAGA. Self defense techniques for every life situation. They focused on teaching technique. They focused on completely exhausting you physically and then asking you to defend yourself. Did you know that in a real life situation... you only remember 10% of what you did while you were training?
One of my best friends and I would go and beat each other up. Literally, her knees and kicks were fierce and i started calling her “Fiest”. I finally learned how to properly throw an elbow, how to punch without hurting myself, and absolutely fell in love with the ground and pound. We had training courses on the weekend with home invasion and what to do, how to respond, and to fight for your life and never quit until the threat has been neutralized. 🥊
My nickname went from”athlete” 🏀 to “killer” 😠 that weekend, when I opened up a can of ______ on the poor guy wearing a blue padded suit. I didn’t know that was inside, but when given the option to fight or flight, I found out that this mama bear will fight tooth and nail. 🥊

This workout reminds me of Nate yelling commands. As I throw punches and knees, I image a faceless person who might try to cause me or my family harm. I imagine fighting to protect my babies from child trafficking since we live so close to the border. I imagine fighting for my purse as I’m loading up my groceries in the parking lot. I imagine protecting my family, my life, and those I love and care for.

I am not a woman who gives up. I am not a woman who will melt away. I am a woman who was given a life to bless others, to inspire, to encourage, to empower. I will fight. I will battle. I will succeed.
I absolutely love core de force for this reason. I forgot how much it made me stronger mentally. When I tried it after I had my daughter, I was able to only do the standing work and the ground work was something way too advanced for me. That was a year ago. After making the decision to pick up my workouts, I have finally built up the strength to be able to do all the ground work 👊🏻 You ready to fight for your health? I got you!

Después de 8 meses, 30 sesiones de fisioterapia, una resonancia magnética, dos doctores, una visita al hospital, más de cien kilómetros de trote continuo, ejercicios de fortalecimiento en casa y después de leer cuanto artículo de rehabilitación de rodilla había acá estamos! Primera clase de Muay Thai y en Barranquilla mi ciudad.Los límites están en la mente, somos capaces de lograr todo lo que deseamos con todas nuestras fuerzas. Imagínalo, suéñalo, visualízalo, trabaja por ello incansablemente y el universo hará hasta lo imposible para que sea realidad. Gracias a @starteam_mma por la clase, a mis doctores, a mis fisioterapeutas a @kmg_colombia a @richardkbx a mi maestro @gonzaloypao y todos mis profes por mi primer grado, a @openfighttraining y a todos los que de una u otra forma estuvieron ahí para mí todos estos meses. Este no es el destino es solo el comienzo de un largo camino para estar en condiciones de competir. 🥊🥋💪🏾 Vamos por más!

Sweat in my eyeballs!! It burrrns!! #coredeforce #mmashred #lovemesomekickboxing

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So, today I got a message that very much broke my heart. All I wanted to do was come home and crawl into a bottle of Jameson, but then I reminded myself that I made a commitment to some good people who are counting on me to keep them going. So I swallowed the pain, drank some Energize, and pressed PLAY. The pain is still there, and will no doubt be there for a while, but it is out of my control and life must go on. I will still have that Jameson tonight, but I will limit myself to a glass, and move on.
Decide. Commit. Succeed.
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