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A Person Who Feels Appreciated Will Always Do MORE Than What Is Expected.
People will Work for Money, But DIE for Recognition!.

78% of full-time workers in the US live paycheck to paycheck and 71% of all US workers are in debt. Majority of these people feel like they are in over their heads and to make it harder, they are only able to save $100 or less each month.⠀

This is why I do what I do because working for myself is a life saver. This adventure that I'm on gives HOPE when the world says there is none. It saves homes, marriages, diminishes debt, brings people back from the brink of bankruptcy, gets people off govt assistance and back on their own two feet, saves cars from repossession, makes people believe in themselves again (or for the first time), shows people they are WORTHY of something better, that they are capable of anything, and that they don't have to live like they are. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS. One day, one decision, and your future will look completely different.⠀

If you're ready to make that change for your family, I'm ready to help 👄

They called me crazy...I didn't listen 🙉
They said it would never last...I kept seeing those deposits 💸💸
They said it was a pyramid scheme...I laughed because who is in a pyramid, not me I have no ceo and mangers and assisted managers above me at the top...sooooo 😂
They unfriended me...I didn't even notice. 😘

You see, I saw the vision with this company and knew what it could do for our family and I kept going.
I knew that it wasn't a get rich quick thing, because that doesn't exist.
However, hard work, dedication, consistency, positivity and believing in myself brought our family freedom of choices in life, so I kept going.
I will never look back and wish I had been there, because I WAS there. I will have lived and loved every precious moment doing exactly what I wanted to with my family💕.
When I look at my children's sweet faces, it's easy to see exactly why I keep going...

Do you have a budget for your mind? 💭💕 As someone who lives to empower and build up others, it makes me sad when people can’t experience the benefits of coaching or go to events they dream of due to time or budget constraints, so it was important for me to begin sharing the #personaldevelopment
content I use with others more, never know who's heart I may change. Me personally, I fill myself up daily because without self love and self development we will not grow.

If you are looking to supercharge your 2018 dreams and goals, then go check out cara leyba's workbook, Style Your Mind, on Amazon (and like all her others too because she is just amazing) It's less than $20 and packed with some of the most powerful questions, thought-provoking exercises, inspiring quotes, a 30-day journal with prompts, and her personal lifestyle tips which are priceless!
I am unapologetically in love with this I hope you love it too! 🦄👑

I believe in the power of vision & the power of the universe.⠀

If you know where you're going and what you want what is going to stand in YOUR way? NOTHING. Why? Because you are worthy and you are victorious.⠀

Years ago I was taught that at the beginning of the month you pick a number and you put it all over your walls, mirrors, kitchen etc and pray everyday "I don't know who you are, whether we have talked or not but whoever you are I'm welcoming you into my life." Repeat that multiple times a day with the number you chose! ⠀

I want you to CHALLENGE yourself. ⠀

The month of January I've chose the number 25! I believe I'll change that many lives whether it's as a customer or marketer. I am so excited!! ⠀

Post YOUR NUMBER in the comments!!!

When people tell me they don't want to become an entrepreneur because of what people might say or think....I am just like 😒

LADIES: Those people are exactly the toxic 😷 people you need to remove from your life immediately. If you are surrounded by people who do not want to see you grow and be happy and sucessful...RUN! Run and do not look back! 🏃

IF years ago I said no to this opportunity or never took action because I was scared of what other people might say or think, I wouldn't be able to stay home with my son. I wouldn't be home everyday when my older kiddos get home from school. I wouldn't have the freedom to be a full time family and control what our day/week/month/life looks like.

It baffles me that this stops MOST people from a life of freedom and flexibility. Being a mother it's even MORE CLEAR how silly this is... would you tell your kid not to do something that would help them grow and be happy because of what some kids in school were saying ? Nah, I'm raising mine to be a lion not a sheep 💋🔥👌🏻 #LionNotSheep

One day, I woke up and asked, "Is this what the rest of my life is supposed to be like?" Am I supposed to just work Monday-Friday, watch Netflix every night, try to clean my house on the weekends, live paycheck to paycheck and have to go without things, worry about money and wish I could actually get ahead in life. I tried everything I could think of to make the difference we needed in my paychecks and in my personal fulfillment. I knew my dreams were SO much bigger than this, but I couldn't see how we were ever going to get there.

We hit rock bottom after I became too sick to work outside the house. After multiple surgeries, unable to work full time we drained the little savings we had (not much since after child care and bills I had less than $20 a month to "save") Watching my mother in law pay for our utility bills, help with gas, pretty much keep us afloat and stressing over every tiny thing we had to buy, not being able to enjoy anything because most months we ended up so broke we were standing in the food line at salvation army to feed the kids.

That's when I finally decided to do the unthinkable. I did something I promised I’d never do, I started doing a home based business. I watched others be successful for wayyy too long, and I knew that if they were making $50,000 a MONTH with selling things online (yes it’s legit people!) then surely I could make $500. I had every excuse in the book, but I knew I would regret it if I didn't just TRY. It was worth the risk, the potential failure or embarrassment, anything to be able to live out my dreams with my little family.

Looking back now? All it took was 5 minutes of insane courage—even through my doubt—to just get online and sign up. And now my life is forever changed. ♥️ I know you’ve been watching my posts wondering, “What if I’m not successful” ... well I’m here to ask you, “What if you ARE!” 🙌🏼 message me and let’s chat, and we’ll do this TOGETHER!! 💋

Screaming happy birthday to my daughter Alyssa!! Happy 9th birthday! I had no idea how to do "unicorn hair" 😂 but not too bad for my first time! And of course she had to have @arianagrande playing, because "she is totally my favorite"
#unicorncake #birthday #arianagrande

When I started with this business, ALL I wanted was an extra few hundred dollars to help pay for groceries and maybe keep my credit card from maxing our after every purchase.
I was BLOWN AWAY 😱 by how many people wanted this opportunity ✨ I built my business entirely on Facebook and Instagram! 📱 We are the FIRST generation that’s able to run a global 🌎 business from the palm of our hands 🤳🏻how freaking cool is that?!?! 9 months into this business I built it has replaced the income I made outside the house 😍

This business enabled us to quit my job and focus on my health and my family, to no longer worry how we will pay for bills, groceries, household stuff, Christmas and birthdays and go on adventures wayyy more than ever before, and give back every single month 💓

I just look back and think “what if I never joined?” I was so nervous but I am so glad that I didn’t let that hold me back.

I am so grateful the universe steered me in this direction bringing this opportunity to me!! 🙏🏼 I would love to share this opportunity with anyone else who needs it!
Text “OPPORTUNITY” to 270.823.5027 and I’ll explain how you can start making $ right away with us ☺️

They said I couldn't do it. I laughed and did it anyway. 😂🙌💰⠀

Decide what you want, then go get it. 💁🔥and don't let ANYBODY put negative thoughts into your head because 🚨 SPOILER ALERT 🚨 they're NOT TRUE!⠀

Also? REMEMBER --- the biggest risk you can take is not taking any risk at all. You deserve everything you want, and if you're willing to work, you'll have it. its THAT simple ✈️🌴🏡 ⠀


They said I couldn't do it. I laughed and did it anyway. 😂🙌💰⠀

Decide what you want, then go get it. 💁🔥and don't let ANYBODY put negative thoughts into your head because 🚨 SPOILER ALERT 🚨 they're NOT TRUE!⠀

Also? REMEMBER --- the biggest risk you can take is not taking any risk at all. You deserve everything you want, and if you're willing to work, you'll have it. its THAT simple ✈️🌴🏡 ⠀


🤔 When you're already robbing Peter to pay Paul....HOW do you come up with extra money to start your business?!? THIS is the question I get EVERY 👏 single👏 day when I talk to women about GETTING AHEAD! ➡Clean houses
➡Sell, or resell, used electronics on Craigslist
➡Do gigs on Fivver
➡Baby sit
➡Do tasks with TaskRabbit
➡Walk dogs
➡Deliver for PostMates
➡Put it on a credit card
➡Donate plasma
➡Sell old books on Amazon
➡Drive for Uber or Lyft
➡Rob Peter again ONE more time

I mean let's be serious! Paying your cable bill each month isn't allowing you to make an extra $500, $1000, $6000, etc every single month, so I think a one-month sacrifice is a no-brainer!

You cannot sit here and tell me that you don't have time, you don't have money, you're sick and tired of struggling, but you're obviously not sick and tired enough or else you would do anything that you can to get out of the situation that you are in!

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Listen 97% of the people you grew up with will always see you as that same person to this day. No matter what accomplishments, success, goals or dreams you have achieved or are in the process of achieving, its just the way it is unfortunately. 😔

It's because those people aren't willing to look at you as the person you are becoming and growing into. 💯 Those people are small minded in their views of you because they knew you in only a specific amount of time in your lives. That is how they "know you". Truth is, that many don't like seeing you grow and do bigger, better things for yourself because it starts changing their views of you, and that makes them question ➡themselves and if what they're doing is the best THEY can do. That's when their views feel threatened. That's when they try to bring you back down to their level, so that they don't have to feel uncomfortable about where they are in this stage of their life. #SorryNotSorry

It's okay not to want to grow.
It's okay to be comfortable.
It's okay not to try new things, or be stubborn to new ideas, but don't throw shade on those who are the opposite, changing for the better and making the most of this life.
IT'S OKAY to let people go who can't see you as the person you are TODAY.

We're all not the same people we were growing up, in our late teens or twenties, or even 6 months ago that's whats so beautiful about life. We ALL change, some change for the better and some change for the worse, it's just the degree of change that the ones who "know you" have trouble dealing with. 😘

We are so conditioned from childhood that we have to work hard...
✅ To get good grades
✅ To get into college
✅ To continue to get good grades
✅ To build a career
The reality is that most of the people I know aren’t using their college degree. .
Or have gone back to school to pursue a different degree later in life. .
For those that have used their college degree (like me) many end up unhappy and resenting the career they worked so hard to build. .
If we had just focused all of that same energy on pure joy, self-love and happiness...
We would have discovered that...
Success and Abundance was with us the entire time ♥️. .
#lawofattraction #raiseyourvibes

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