Anybody else? @tombillard2

Definitely remember those who were with you at the beginning @tombillard2

Our new design of the app is nearly finished- a couple of weeks of testing and we’ll be rolling it out 😊

Whats it going to be worker or boss? @tombillard2

🔑Biz building tip🔑 ➡➡➡Its better to educate people rather than convince them to join you biz. When you have to convince them they usually wind up doing nothing. Educating them instead can get them excited about building a biz and gets them started off right.😀😀😀

Whos movin towards being the boss this Sunday? @tombillard2

➡➡➡Branding tip

Make sure to fill out your about and bio info on your social media sites as people will go there to get a sense of who you are and what you do.☺☺☺

Thats always the question lots of people have the ability or knowledge to succeed they just dont want it bad enough to endure the bumps along the way.

Double tap if you agree @tombillard2

The only way to stay on top.

And make sure you have the right tools @tombillard2

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