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It is true there will never be another Michael Jackson #moonwalkernation #mjlive #mjfamily #mjlover #mjxscape

Por fin ❤️ Done with this era ✔️✌️#mjxscape #xscape #michaeljackson

Watch the official teaser for XSCAPE,featuring the album artwork and an audio clip from the title track! #MJXSCAPE


Today at Work, I was talking to one of My worker friends, Daniel about what I like to do, and I found out, we both like, Michael Jackson's Music, as he asked me what my favorite song is and I told him, it was this song, "A Place Without No Name", and now it is kinda stuck in my head now.
"A Place With No Name" by Michael Jackson @michaeljackson was released on the Xscape Album on May 14, 2014, as it was one of his Unreleased Songs, and his Version of "A Horse With No Name" by America.
I really do like this song and somewhat or sometime I want to travel around and find "A Place Without No Name" or even sing this song too. As "A Place With No Name" gives you a Story about a person, who's Jeep is broken down on the side of the Interstate and their is no one to helped them with their flat, but an Angel or a Woman/Girl appears to take them to a "Place Without No Name". This Place is A Beautiful City, where Love is out, where People have no Pain, but Love and Happiness. But the song ends with the Person wanting to return home back to his Family and Girl, even though he doesn't want to leave.
I really do like this Song, which is why it is my All-Time favorite, MJ Song and if you haven't listened to it, since it came out, I highly recommend it.
I hope you All have a Beautiful and Safe Week. You are All in my Heart, my Mind, and my Prayers. I Love You All from the Bottom of My Heart! #APlaceWithNoName #MichaelJackson #Xscape #TakeMeToAPlaceWithOutNoName #TakeMeToAPlaceWithOutNoNameMJ #AHorseWithNoName #America #MJXscape

🎶 Give it to me, give me some time
(The way you make me feel)
Come on be my girl, I want to
Be with mine
(You really turn me on)
Ain't nobody's business
(You knock me off of my feet)
Ain't nobody's business but
Mine and my baby's
Go on girl! Aaow!
(My lonely days are gone) 🎶

@michaeljackson ❤️

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