Okay, last one for today.
I'm pretty sure I went to this concert with my friend Jeff Mettlewsky. I was in my first year of music school, and had somehow discovered Philip Glass' music and fallen in LOVE.
I don't know how we decided to go together (could be a nerdy music student thing 😉), but I'm glad we did. I can still recall how much I loved it.

I didn't keep this record up during my whole 5 years of uni, but I'll never forget being floored by these marks. My first semester at Capilano College was tough, and at the time I couldn't see this as the kind of affirmation that would result in a release of anxiety.
I can now. I still expect perfection from some deep place in my heart, but I'm learning to root that out because it's far too heavy a burden.
Still proud of my 4.22 GPA though. I definitely "found my calling" to some degree in music school.

Well before any of us came along. 😍🌬🌨
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Circa the early 1990s. Knee deep in ministry, children, complicated church politics, adjusting to life on the coast (away from prairie home) - two young adventurers living life with grace, faith, hope, and love.

Written on the back of this photo: "Jean & Leon Appenheimer (pictured here) were married in this house, Dec 21, 1938.
A Kiss to build a dream on!

Will Vance built it, son John Vance took it apart.
Remnants of Tom Vance home, Bethune farm. "

Finding the sweetness of my grandparents' love for each other.

Newsboys circa 1996, anyone?? #mjsayshellofromYVR

Theatre camp. Age 14. Boom.

These cards and notes are seriously blowing me away. Super encouraging to read these things in this season!

Hello, from Richmond.
I had a friend in elementary school who was craaaazy talented at drawing, especially Disney characters.
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Sometimes a decent americano at a little bakery on the river is all you need. Or rather, all I need.

Hiding behind a pillar to surprise mom. #mjsayshellofromYVR #fredsarebest

I feel like more people need to know about this. It's in #Steveston, go get donuts.

My heart skips a beat.

Out for a walk with @lizzy_apples and we stumbled across a mini donuts store. So. Of course we came in. #mjsayshellofromYVR

A morning with these two is always good for my soul. #kissesfrombabyB #mjsayshellofromYVR

Oh hey, we'll just casually be here, chillin like we have for all of time. Love, the mountains.

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